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Snap Judgment (Storytelling, with a BEAT) mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, dramatic, kick-ass radio. Snap’s raw, musical brand of storytelling dares listeners to see the world through the eyes of another.


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Snap Judgment (Storytelling, with a BEAT) mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, dramatic, kick-ass radio. Snap’s raw, musical brand of storytelling dares listeners to see the world through the eyes of another.





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Chaotic Good - Snap Classic

Today on Snap, we join a notorious anarchist organization in the midst of chaos and travel to the Syrian desert to meet a monk. STORIES Chaotic Good Malaclypse was part of a dangerous anarchist group. They stole, they killed, they escaped, until one day when Malaclypse could run no further... Original score by Renzo Gorrio, produced by Jazmin Aguilera Modern Love When Stephanie Saldana was 27 years old, she thought her calling was to become a nun. But at a monastery in the Syrian desert, she met a monk who made her rethink everything. This story comes to us from Modern Love: The Podcast. It’s a collaboration between The New York Times and WBUR in Boston, where they take pieces from the Modern Love column, and ask actors to perform them. This story is read by Linda Cardellini. Sound design by John Perotti, produced by Caitlin O’Keefe Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 23 - Snap Classic


Duality - Snap Classic

When Tameer gets hit in the head as a kid, he inherits an entire new lifetime of memories. Original score by Renzo Gorrio, producer by Shaina Shealy, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 22


The Lion, The Lamb, And The Fox - Snap Classic

Amaryllis was fast on track to become an established journalist when her mentor was kidnapped and killed by a terrorist group. She decided she had to give up the transparency of journalism if she wanted to truly help curb terror, and instead joined the shadow world of the CIA. But the shadow world had its own cost. A big thanks to Amaryllis Fox for sharing her story with us. You can buy her book on Knopf, Amazon, or anywhere books are sold. Produced by Nikka Singh, original score by Leon Morimoto, artwork by Teo Ducot Snap Classic – Season 10, Episode 31


Dirty Work - Snap Classic

This week on Snap Judgment… it's the tough jobs, the rough jobs, the roll up your sleeves and get it done jobs. When the oddest man in town is arrested for murder, only one lawyer steps up to represent him. Plus misadventures under the Not-So-Big Top. STORIES The Writing Is On The Wall When the scariest man in town is arrested for murder, only one lawyer volunteers to represent him... Produced by Joe Rosenberg, sound design by Renzo Gorrio Corrections: In a previous version, McCracken Poston is referred to as both a state senator and state representative. He was a state representative, not a state senator. Also, Virginia Ridley is described as having last been seen in public in 1980, 17 years before the events described in this story. In fact it was in 1970, 27 years before. The Indiana Bust-Out How does a well-mannered math kid become a first-class hustler? Through the ancient carnie tradition of "The Indiana Bust-Out." Check out Pete’s book -- Eyeing the Flash: The Making of a Carnival Con Artist Produced by Davey Kim, sound design by Leon Morimoto and Davey Kim Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 20


Road to Boito

Two sisters, Magi and Memo, track down an American man accused of sexual abuse at a children's home in Kenya. It’s a story spanning two continents… following those who give everything to make things right. This story, while not graphic, does involve child abuse, including sexual abuse, and the death of a child. Sensitive listeners, please be advised. Thank you so much to everyone in this story. To Magi and Memo, for sharing your lives with us over the past two years. Magi has started a GoFundMe to raise money for the survivors of the Dow Children's Home. To Janice and especially to Joy — Kongoi for your courage and your strength. Kongoi as well to Geoffrey Ng’tich, Beatrice Korir, and Joshua Abudoh. Translation by Caroline Chebet Recording engineers: Josh Wilcox, Ryan Geesaman, and Coconut Original score by Renzo Gorrio Produced and reported by Halima Gikandi and John Fecile Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 19


Lost In Vegas

The first time someone says I love you could be the same moment you never see them again… Liz and John are lost in the chaos and struggling to find their way to safety when a country music concert in Vegas becomes the site of a senseless tragedy. This story references an incidence of mass gun violence. Know that while this story does contain trauma it is not only a story of trauma… it’s a story of love, community, caring, and hope. A tremendous thank you to Liz Heaton for sharing her story with us. This story was produced by Dave Nadelberg, creator of the global stage show and podcast Mortified, now celebrating its 20th anniversary. Additional production support from Joey Fischground and Zahra Noorbakhsh The original score for this story was by Dirk Schwarzhoff Special thanks to Neil Katcher and Jessica Lawrence Season 14 - Episode 18


Fortress of Solitude - Snap Classic

Jay J. Armes was a real life superhero... until real life intruded. And after living in darkness for decades, a man’s life changes forever when someone suddenly switches the lights on. STORIES Jay J. Armes, Private Eye Jay J. Armes was a real life superhero... until real life intruded. Produced by Vanessa Rancano, sound design by Leon Morimoto Switched On Imagine spending the first four decades of your life in darkness. Then imagine that someone suddenly switches the lights on. John Elder Robison is a writer, speaker and advocate for people with autism. Be sure to check out his Neurodiversity work at the College of William and Mary as well as his car restoration work at Robison Services. Produced and scored by Davey Kim Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 17


Girl Scout Cookies - Snap Classic

As a littler girl, Jen Kober discovered the allure of being a Brownie Scout… the Girl Scout Cookie. Holding out for Girl Scout Cookie release day was another struggle all together. Performed Live by Jen Kober at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Music written by Alex Mandel and performed by the Snap Players Alex Mandel, Tim Frick and David Brand Season 14 - Episode 17


Tongue Tied - Snap Classic

Sometimes what you want to say, what you mean, and what comes out of your mouth are entirely different things. STORIES I Love You Dadbot James Vlahos wanted to keep his dad around for as long as possible, so he saved the best part about him in the best way he knew how. Vlahos is also working on a book, Talk To Me, about Silicon’s Valley’s quest to create conversation-making A.I.s. Check out his article about Dadbot in Wired Magazine. Follow James on Twitter. Original Score by Renzo Gorrio, produced Jazmin Aguilera Date With The Devil When he was younger, Greg Stone was always a good boyfriend. Or, he tried to be. Greg Stone is a comedian living in New York. You can also hear him on his podcast, The Rad Dude Cast. Check out Greg’s website. Original Score by Leon Morimoto, produced by Liz Mak My Big Pee Break Actress Diona Reasonover was on the brink of her big break. But she never expected it to happen while she was on her vacation. Diona Reasonover is an actress who lives in LA, you can check out her writing on “I Love You America” with Sarah Silverman on Hulu. Produced by Adizah Eghan Sherlock Hound Kirby Verret’s grandpa was a Houma who just wanted to hunt and be free on the Louisiana bayou. He couldn’t be bothered by anyone...except for his best friend, Brown the dog. Produced by Stephanie Foo Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 16


Cat Bone Curse from Spooked

Todd’s uncle was one mean son of a biscuit. But long after he’s dead and gone, his descendants worry that his meanness might rub off on them. Master storyteller Todd Narron is our tour guide as we explore the mysterious, spooky American South. This story comes to us from our evil twin podcast, Spooked. Episodes drop weekly on Friday! Featuring brand new stories - along with episodes previously available only by subscription. Listen for free on any podcast platform. Thank you, Todd Narron, for sharing your stories with us! If you want more stories from Todd, check out his incredible books: Country Stories of Ghosts and Bad Men & Country Stories of Ghosts and Bad Men: Series 2 - The Dead Ones. Season 14 - Episode 15


The Haunting of Radio Centro from Spooked

Everyone who works at Radio Centro knows it’s haunted. But Guillermo, the host on the station’s paranormal show “Tell it Tonight,” is about to discover that he has psychic powers that make him susceptible to the station’s haunts. This story comes to us from our evil twin podcast, Spooked. A show full of true supernatural tales that will keep you up at night. Spooked episodes now drop every week on Friday! Featuring brand new stories -- along with episodes previously available only by subscription. Listen for free on any podcast platform. Be afraid… Big, big love to Guillermo, thank you for sharing your story with the Spooked. The original score for that story was by Renzo Gorrio, it was produced by Fernando Hernandez Translation for that piece is by Fernando Hernandez, Renzo Gorrio, and Nestor Gomez Artwork by Sanaa Khan Season 14 - Episode 15


Whip Law from The Wind

The supersonic crack of a whip echoes through downtown Reno. It’s an art form to some, a concern to others, and for one person it’s the start of their search for Nando, the master whip-maker. This episode was produced by Fil Corbitt for their podcast THE WIND. The Wind is made at a handmade desk in the Sierra Nevada. Search for The Wind wherever you listen to podcasts. The music in this episode was written specifically for this story. The original score was composed and performed by Emily Pratt who makes music under the name Howls Road. This final song was by Yclept Insan. You can hear Emily Pratt’s full soundtrack, plus photos of the whips, and much more at TheWind.ORG/SNAP Thank you to Emily Pratt, Mike Corbitt, and Anjeanette Damon for advice and support on this piece. Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 13


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Watching Over Mountain Village - Snap Classic

Mountain Village is an Alaska Native town in the middle of nowhere. One woman is the town’s only police officer and she alone is responsible for the safety of everyone there. Her track record is perfect until one day when she responds to a call that changes everything. This story discusses suicide, violence, and contains strong language. Sensitive listeners, please be advised. We can’t thank Anna Bill and Jim and Eunice Bryan enough for sharing their stories with us. We also want to thank Cathy Moses and the Mountain Village Tribal Council for their time and patience. Additional thanks to Francine Chiklak, Johanna Eurich, Steve Hiemel, Shane Iverson, Anna Rose MacArthur, Lori Townsend, and Anna Walters. In addition to Anna Bill’s work, Mountain Village is tackling its suicide and public safety crises with grassroots community programs, as well as a tribal court system that focuses on restorative justice. You can learn more about them here and here. A version of this story was first reported for NPR affiliate KYUK in Bethel, Alaska in 2018. If you’re interested in learning more about rural Alaska and its public safety crisis, we recommend following KYUK and KNBA’s coverage, as well as ProPublica’s Lawless series. Produced by Teresa Cotsirilos, original score by Renzo Gorrio If you or a loved one is struggling with suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Snap Classic - Season 14 - Episode 12


Winning Colors

She’s stunning grey, sleek as a race car, and stronger than all the boys. Her name is Winning Colors and for Dino and Miami she’s the long shot of a lifetime. This story contains strong language and includes descriptions of gambling, sensitive listeners please be advised. If gambling has become a problem for you or for someone you know, you can call 1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537) to seek free, confidential, 24/7 problem gambling assistance. A huge thank you to Mark “Miami” Paul for sharing his story with Snap! Wondering what happened to Winning Colors? After her 1988 Kentucky Derby crown the big grey filly retired the following year with eight career wins. In 2000, she was inducted into the U.S. National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. In 2008, at the age of 23 Winning Colors was laid to rest in Lexington, Kentucky. To find out more about Miami and Winning Colors’ story - check out Miami’s book, “The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told” Original score by Renzo Gorrio, produced by Bo Walsh, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 11


Boricua en la Luna from WNYC Studios & Futuro Studios

“Boricua En La Luna” is a classic anthem about a young man born outside Puerto Rico, who dreams of going back to his parents’ home but never does. Based on a poem written by Juan Antonio Corretjer, the song vividly evokes themes of displacement and connection. And it asserts that Puertoricanness exists no matter where one lives, declaring, “yo seria borincano aunque naciera en la luna” – “I would be Puerto Rican even if I were born on the moon.” But… what would happen if someone Puerto Rican were actually born on the moon? This week on Snap, we bring you an amazing story from “La Brega” a co-production of WNYC Studios and Futuro Studios. They asked the acclaimed Puerto Rican writer Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón to answer this question in a short fictional story. Kelvin is the first human born on the moon, and finds himself growing up there alone. By listening to recordings sent by his grandmother, he learns to love the island he’s never seen. But when he finally meets someone else on the lunar surface, Kelvin is faced with a dilemma about his attachment to both the moon and to Puerto Rico, and how much he can hold onto his two identities. Performances by Keren Lugo (Jessica), Nancy Ticotin (Marielena) and Jesús del Orden (Kelvin). Sound design by Joe Plourde. Listen to the Spotify playlist, featuring music from this episode – and this season of La Brega. They add to it each week as new episodes come out. Special thanks to Kelly Gillespie, Ana María Dîaz Burgos, Orlando Javier Torres, Juanluis Ramos, and Olga Casanova-Burgess. And thank you to the other voices who brought this episode to life: Brian Lehrer, Melissa Harris Perry, Nancy Solomon, Stephen Nessen, Jeff Spurgeon, Kerry Nolan, Terrance McKnight, Brigid Bergin, Natalia Ramirez and Elliott Forrest. Fact checking by Istra Pacheco and Maria Soledad. This season of La Brega is made possible by the Mellon Foundation. Artwork by Fernando Norat Season 14 - Episode 10


The Border Hacker - Snap Classic

A computer hacker tries to make his way home through two countries, dense jungle, and a seemingly endless string of technical challenges. Produced by Adizah Eghan + Levi Vonk, original score by Renzo Gorrio Artwork by Teo Ducot Snap Classic – Season 10 Episode 4


Not So Tiny Dancer

On the frozen tundra, a polar bear guide wakes up to a loud THUMP on the side of his ice buggy. It’s his 1,000 pound buddy, Dancer. And he wants a cup of coffee. Thank you, Dennis Comparye, for sharing your story with us! To learn more about his work to help the Polar Bears, email Dennis: Produced by Anna Sussman, original score by Dirk Schwarzhoff, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 8


The Baton

When a tsunami wipes out everything Rizal’s ever known, he has to find a way to survive on his own. Thanks so much to, Rizal Sahputra, who spoke with us over the course of several years for this story! Learn more about Rizal’s story or email him: Produced by Liz Mak, original score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 7


The Turning: Room of Mirrors

In every ballet studio, there is a wall of mirrors. It reflects the people within. They’re part of a closed, elite group that asks for sacrifice and devotion from its members. This insular community produces iconic artists. It’s founded on a strict power structure, often with one man at the top. By tracing the origins of this unusual lifestyle, starting with the legacy of choreographer George Balanchine and the intimate stories of young dancers, we expose the beauty of an art form and the complexity of ballet culture. This episode contains sexual misconduct. Sensitive listeners, please be advised. This story came to us from the podcast The Turning from creators Rococo Punch and iHeartPodcasts. It was produced by Erika “Once a Snappa always a Snappa” Lantz and Alin Lantz Lesser. Editing by Emily Forman. Sound Design by James Trout. Assistant Producer is Jessica Kariisa. Digital production by Andrea Asuaje. Fact checking by Andrea López-Cruzado. Executive producers Jessica Alpert, John Perotti, Katrina Norvell, and Nikki Ettore. There are more episodes of The Turning, exploring the world of ballet, you can find wherever you get your podcasts. Find more information and pictures on Instagram @RococoPunch. Season 14 - Episode 6