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Kick off your afternoon with two-time Super Bowl champion Brandon Stokley. Stokley earned his two NFL titles with the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts and spent two stints with the Denver Broncos.

Kick off your afternoon with two-time Super Bowl champion Brandon Stokley. Stokley earned his two NFL titles with the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts and spent two stints with the Denver Broncos.


Longmont, CO


Kick off your afternoon with two-time Super Bowl champion Brandon Stokley. Stokley earned his two NFL titles with the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts and spent two stints with the Denver Broncos.








Stokley and Zach | Hour 1 | 10.06.22

Its game day Stokley has played for both teams what are his feeling going into a game day with 2 of his former teams. Stoke reflects on his time in Indy and what it was like to break through. Brock Huard joins the guys and tells us why he thinks that the offense is like a jar of pickles. Brock thinks Russ is going to deal tonight. Brock wants to see some big plays from Wilson and the Offense tonight. Brock thinks the Broncos might be missing some of the playmakers that Russ had in Seattle. A...

Stokley and Zach | Hour 2 | 10.06.22

In hour 2 Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica joins the guys ahead of the game tonight vs Indy. The guys dive into CU football. Looking at Kansas football today is there a way for CU to do the same thing? The Bear goes over some of his favorite picks for this week and tonight. The guys fill in the blank for tonight’s game. Wilson could have some extra motivation for tonight’s game as Former teammate Richard Sherman will be in house for the broadcast. As Lindsay returns and Gordon could be playing for...

Stokley and Zach | Hour 3 | 10.06.22

In hour 3 fill in the blank D edition kicks things off. How do the guys think the replacements for Randy Gregory will do? Mike Klis of 9 news joins the guys to ask all the pertinent questions leading up to kick off. Will Albert o play? Does the O finally get on track tonight? What’s going on with the RB position? The guys get into their favorite primetime props. Can you believe Lindsay has been added check out how the guys feel. The guys wrap it up with their predictions. See...

Stokley and Zach | Hour 1 | 10.05.22

On today’s Stokley and Zach there is something going on with McManus on twitter. Zach isn’t quite sure what is happening. Game day is 1 day away Stoke goes into what it’s like playing on Thursday. The news breaks that Jonathan Taylor will not suiting up vs the Broncos Thursday night? After getting run on by Vegas how does this help the Broncos? Stoke doesn’t think the Colts are even a good team. Has Hamler built up trust with Wilson? While others are saying to trade Jeudy away for another RB...

Stokley and Zach | Hour 2 | 10.05.22

In hour 2 of the Stokley and Zach show Stock Watch is in full effect. The guys let you know who’s trending up and who’s trending down for the Broncos this week. Can the D take advantage of Matt Ryan and his turnovers this season? Will the D be able to create pressure on one of the most sacked QBs in the league? Stokley thinks the offense needs to take more shots and be more aggressive in order to keep competing. See for privacy information.

Stokley and Zach | Hour 3 | 10.05.22

In hour 3 Zach ponders if the Broncos can continue to get a spark from an unfamiliar place this Thursday? Zach has proof from the past that Gordon is a better RB when he is the lone bell cow. From this draft class who is going to make the biggest impact? Stoke and Zach can’t agree on who that player is. Finally it all comes down to tonight as stoke and Zach discuss their season long interest in the Rockies. Zach goes into a bit more depth about what is going on with Brandon McManus with D...

Stokley and Zach | Hour 1 | 10.04.22

In hour 1 Stokley and Zach jump into how the Broncos are preparing for a Thursday night game against the Colts. What does the RB room look like? The Broncos brought in some reinforcements today. Could there be more on the horizon or is this it? Does 1 fumble mean the end for Gordon? Some breaking news around the NFL surrounding Tom Brady. Last night something happened we haven’t seen in almost two years. Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. both took the court for the Denver Nuggets. Zach is...


Stokley and Zach | Hour 2 | 10.04.22

In hour 2 Zach ponders if the shine is coming off George Paton. James Merilatt joins the guys to go over some of the decisions that have been made since Paton came in. Is the Wilson trade a loss for Paton right now? Where does the decision to bring Melvin Gordon back factor into these rankings? Stokley sticks up for Wilson. Coach Hackett speaks to the press. Wilson had something pretty basic to say about what progress looks like. See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 3 | 10.04.22

In hour 3 the guys react to the press conferences is there miscommunication between the coaching staff? Outten said one thing while Hackett said another. Coach Evero talks about what happened against the Raiders. Cecil Lammey is looking ahead to Thursdays game vs the Colts. What does he see happening if Gordon puts one on the ground? There’s no room for mediocrity with this new ownership group and Cecil lays it all out. One player has seen his usage decline game after game. Zach has 4 names...


Stokley and Zach | Hour 1 | 10.03.22

On today's Stokley and Zach the guys have breaking news on Javonte Williams. The guys react to his injury and what this means going forward to the backfield. Gordon will be the main man going forward. How do the guys feel about about this. Stokley warned us all about the Raiders run game. Where are we on the Russ-O-Meter? Did Hacket take a step back this week? See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 2 | 10.03.22

In hour 2 the guys react to the news of the day as Javonte WIlliams has a torn ACL and LCL. Meaning Melvin Gordon and will now be the lead back in the offense. The guys discuss what the biggest gut punch was from the game yesterday. Is it the drops, fumble, penalties, play calling? Russ spoke after the game listen to his feeling on the teams production. Jerry Jeudy continues to have drops. Is this ever going to change? See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 3 | 10.03.22

In hour 3 the guys discuss the changes in Boulder as the buffs are looking for their 5th coach in 12 seasons. Does Zach have the guy for the job? Senior Broncos writer at Andrew Mason joins the show to discuss Melvin Gordons new role on the team. Gordon didn't seem to like Masons question after the game. Where are the Broncos after week 4? Its a short week heading into Thursday night vs the Colts. See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 1 | 09.30.22

James Merilatt filled in for Zach today. Stoke and James reacted to last night's Dolphins and Bengals game. Should Tua Tagovailoa have been playing last night? The fellas gave their thoughts on Dwayne Stukes not acknowledging Jerry Rosburg. James gives his opinion on Justin Outten talking about how the team focused getting in and out of the huddles. What are Stokley's thoughts on his playing time under Josh McDaniels. See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 2 | 09.30.22

In the 2nd hour, Stokley and James have the discussion on who should get more carries between Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon. How much of an issue is it with Gordon's fumbles. Andrew Mason joined the show to preview Sunday's game against the Raiders. Why won't Nathaniel Hackett embrace the rivalry? See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 3 | 09.30.22

In the final hour, Stokley and James picked some of the top NFL games for the weekend. Why is this offense not clicking as fast as it should be? Stoke explained how hard it is learning new offenses. The fellas then heard from Nathaniel Hackett's presser and the guys closed out the show with their keys to the game and Broncos predictions. See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 1 | 09.29.22

Stokley and Zach kicked off the show previewing tonight's matchup between the Bengals and Dolphins. Brock Huard joined the show and talked about how much Broncos Country should be panicked this season. What are Brock's thoughts on Russell Wilson's "State of the Union" meetings that he holds every Tuesday? Did Nathaniel Hackett make a bad decision against last game? See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 2 | 09.29.22

In the 2nd hour, Stokley and Zach heard from Nathaniel Hackett and the rest of the Broncos coordinators. The fellas then reacted to the press conferences. How do the Raiders' personnel compare to the Broncos' so far this season? See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 3 | 09.29.22

In the final hour, Stokley and Zach discussed the headlines surrounding Josh McDaniels coaching against the Broncos. How big of a rivalry is there between the Broncos and the Raiders? Our 9News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joined the show to give an update on D.J. Jones and the rest of the injured players. Are the Broncos overlooking this game? See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 1 | 09.28.22

Stokley and Zach kicked off the show getting ready for the Broncos-Raiders game. The fellas gave their thoughts on Aaron Judge chasing HR #61. What are the Broncos missing on offense? Th guys discussed how good the Denver defense has been through three games. Is there one category that Stokley is concerned about? See for privacy information.


Stokley and Zach | Hour 2 | 09.28.22

In the 2nd hour, Stokley and Zach reacted to Russell Wilson's Subway video that has resurfaced last night. The fellas then played, "Stock Watch." How is Randy Gregory trending? The guys gave their thoughts on ESPN taking shots at the college football issues in the state of Colorado. Stoke and Zach then hear from Hackett and Wilson's pressers. See for privacy information.