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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.


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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.




Explosive New Revelations Destroy Another Fake News Narrative (Ep 1503)

Absolutely incredible! The media blew it again. All of their lies about the death of Officer Sicknick are now being exposed. In this episode, I discuss this story and other major stories they screwed up. News Picks: The Judge in the Chauvin trial calls out Maxine Waters. Fraud Maxine Waters asked for police protection while calling for “confrontation” in Minneapolis. Julie Kelly called out the media lies about the death of Officer Sicknick back in February. A Washington Post piece about my...


Caught on Tape, Maxine Waters Is Inciting Violence (Ep 1502)

Maxine Waters MUST be expelled from congress. She was caught on tape inciting violence again! In this episode, I discuss this, and the must-see video clip of this prominent liberal calling out ignorance on the left. News Picks: The Manhattan Institute study discussed in the show today. Major League Baseball is getting crushed after becoming social justice warriors. Democrats want to subsidize the wealthy and make you pay for it. The Twitter frauds are at it again. A troubling story about...


The Bongino Brief - Apr 17, 2021

The dirty little secret about government debt.


What They’re Not Telling You About The Recent Police Shootings (Ep 1501)

Don’t believe the media hype about the latest police shooting. In this episode, I break down the video and show why the media is gaslighting you. I also cover the latest effort by members of the intelligence community to destroy Donald Trump. News Picks: CBS News accused of cropping bodycam video footage of the Adam Toledo shooting. An informative article about why police officers sometimes mistake their firearm for a taser. Major League Baseball’s favorability has collapsed with...


Court Packing and Round 2 With Geraldo (Ep 1500)

Tensions boiled over last night on the Fox set as Geraldo and I sparred over police tactics. In this episode, I discuss the fireworks, and I address the latest radical move by the Democrats to pack the courts and destroy the country. News Picks: A recap of the fireworks with Geraldo last night. Radical democrats move to pack the Supreme Courts. Senate Republicans call for a national commission to balance the budget. Coca Cola is panicking because conservatives are turning their backs on...


CNN Caught On Tape In An Epic Takedown (Ep 1499)

Explosive new video emerges that lays out in detail the media’s plan to take down Trump, and advance environmental propaganda. In this episode, I discuss the video and the evidence that we’re all being lied to. News Picks: Project Veritas strikes again. CNN gets caught on tape. More than 35 conservative organizations sign a pledge to reject big tech money. A school teacher speaks out about the radical indoctrination going on in our schools. Liberal news networks pledge to call “climate...


About That Blowup With Geraldo Last Night (Ep 1498)

I blew up at Geraldo last night. I’m tired and frustrated with the constant use of race as a weapon in America, and I unleashed on Geraldo last night for doing it. In this episode, I discuss the fireworks and I address another fake media controversy surrounding Tucker Carlson. News Picks: City Manager outrageously fired after calling for due process. This piece thoroughly debunks Biden’s gun control arguments. It’s not okay for corporations to take away our freedom just because they’re not...


BLM Gets Busted (Ep 1497)

We all know the radical Democrats are looking to destroy America. But what if we had their battleplan for doing it? Would we be able to better respond? In this episode, I discuss an incredibly informative article that lays out the liberal plan to ruin the country. News Picks: The radical new “rules” that are changing America. Top aide to the radical leftist governor gets caught red-handed in Florida. Marxist BLM leader buys 1.4 million dollar home in ritzy LA enclave. The Manhattan Institute...


The Bongino Brief - Apr 10, 2021

The so-called "gun show loophole" doesn't exist.


You’ve Been Warned, The Second Amendment Under Attack (Ep 1496)

Joe Biden is either really dopey, or he’s an unrepentant liar. In this episode, I break down the lies behind his outrageous gun confiscation proposals, pitched during his Rose Garden speech. News Picks: Here’s the link to my full 60 Minutes interview on the Second Amendment. You have to produce an ID to board a plane, but not so for some illegal immigrants. Hiring managers are discriminating against Trump supporters. Biden is lying about gun shows. Again. What are “ghost guns,” and why is...


60 Minutes Gets Wrecked Again? ((Ep 1495)

Biden is making a massive push to confiscate your guns and your money. In this episode, I expose the hypocrisy of the left on gun control. I also address the coming tax hikes and the hypocrisy of leftists who refuse to pay taxes themselves. News Picks: Why won’t the liberal media pursue answers regarding the death of Brian Sicknick. Murder rates jump back to levels not seen since the 1990s. Election fraud prosecutions are at an all-time high. Biden is planning to move on gun control. “Gun...


Tucker Carlson Strikes Again (Ep 1494)

Tucker Carlson destroyed this Republican Governor last night for caving to the liberal pressure mob. The video is priceless. In this episode, I discuss the clip. I also address the growing problem of cowardly corporations selling out conservatives. News Picks: Tucker absolutely wrecks another RINO. Whenever Democrats lose a policy debate they accuse their opponents of racism. DHS deleted the press release announcing the arrest of a suspected terrorist at the border. Trump was right again!...


A Three Point Plan To Defeat The Liberal Spin Machine (Ep 1493)

Tactics matter. In this episode, I discuss a three-point plan to take the fight to the liberal spin machine on the election law changes. I also address the video of the Biden White House desperately trying to backtrack from a controversy they started. News Picks: Marco Rubio slams the hypocritical MLB commissioner asking him if he plans to keep his membership at a Georgia club. The hypocritical MLB picks Denver for the All-Star Game. 72% of Americans favor requiring photo ID to vote. Terror...


MLB Strikes Out And Ron DeSantis Hits a Homerun (Ep 1492)

Every American needs to hear this message from a prominent sports star about the race baiting going on in the country. In this episode, I discuss the explosive video and I shred liberal misinformation about the Georgia voting law. I also address the latest media attack on a prominent GOP Governor. News Picks: Watch: Pastor orders police to get out of his house of worship. Major League Baseball boycotts Georgia a day after expanding a deal with communist China. Trump saw a historic jump in...


The Bongino Brief - Apr 03, 2021

The reason liberals don't believe in objective truths.


The Most “Honest” Thing Ever Said On CNN (Ep 1491)

Did this CNN guest slip, and accidentally speak the truth? In this episode, I discuss the explosive segment where a CNN guest addresses the real reason behind the shutdowns and the push for vaccine passports. News Picks: CNN analyst urged Biden to tie vaccinations to American freedoms. The hypocritical CEO of Apple calls out Georgia, but stays quiet about China. NPR promoted a flat out falsehood regarding the Hunter Biden scandal. Georgia lawmakers cancel a tax break for Delta after they...


The Biggest “I Told You So” in American History (Ep 1490)

In this episode, I discuss the most troubling video I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a frightening explanation of how to destroy the United States from the inside. News Picks: The Russian defector (Yuri Bezmenov) video every American must see. Is Biden already granting amnesty to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants? Biden’s vaccine passports sounds like a precursor to China’s social credit score. Details emerge about the alleged extortion plot against Matt Gaetz. Biden is proposing the...


The Latest Images From The Exploding Crisis At The Border (Ep 1489)

The illegal immigration crisis at the border continues to explode. New pictures emerge which show the devastation at the border. In this episode, I discuss the crisis, and the growing scandal about the origins of the coronavirus. News Picks: WHO investigator admits he took China’s word for it on the lab-leak theory. Governor Kristi Noem kills ban to ensure only women compete in women’s sports. Unsealed recordings capture the plot to ensnare Papa John’s CEO. The “Equality” Act is another...


Tucker Wrecks Juan Williams in Must-See Video (Ep 1488)

Tucker Carlson absolutely destroyed Juan Williams in this must-see video. In this episode, I discuss the fireworks. I also address the outrageous push for “vaccine passports,” and the pushback by this conservative Governor. News Picks: Liberal media networks go all-in on gun confiscation messaging. Governor Ron DeSantis fights back against vaccine passports. Why are liberals going all-in on racism? Nancy Pelosi is still trying to steal an election. Red States are leading in economic growth,...


Mind Blowing Video Captured At The Border (Ep 1487)

In this episode, I compare the very real chaos of the Biden administration, with the media-driven fake chaos of the Trump administration. I use video and media reports to prove the case and debunk the rhetoric. I also address the Hunter Biden/Secret Service story using information I received from a source. News Picks: Two teen girls charged with murder in carjacking death of Uber Eats driver. A must-read explanation of the coming debt crisis. Yes, your taxes are going up. Thank Joe Biden....