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Making sense of technology by breaking down “geek speak into street speak."

Making sense of technology by breaking down “geek speak into street speak."


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Radio America


Making sense of technology by breaking down “geek speak into street speak."




Your kids delete internet history before you see where they go online – and other findings from the McAfee’s first-ever Connected Family Stu

Cybersecurity experts McAfee shares with us the results of its inaugural Global Connected Family Study, with some surprising (and potentially disturbing) findings. Your monthly utility bills keep on climbing. We talk with Sense about its home energy monitor and companion app, and how it can save you money. LG stops by to chat TVs for 2022. What’s new? They’re getting bigger, thinner, sharper, faster, and smarter (unlike me). The program is powered by ASUS, for those in search of...


Airbnb’s founder talks new features, get the 4-1-1 on Microsoft Viva, and learn how ‘data recovery’ services work

Be the first to learn about new Airbnb features with its cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer, Nathan Blecharczyk What to do if you laptop won’t boot up or you’ve got a damaged hard drive? We catch up with Justin McClelland, General Manager of Microsoft Viva is a popular new “employee experience” platform. Learn about it with Seth Patton, GM in the Modern Work organization within Microsoft. The program is powered by ASUS, for those in search of incredible. Check out the...


Q&A with the CEO of uBreakiFix on the ‘right to repair’ debate + plus Prodigy’s latest education game, ‘Small Business Week’ tech & more

Are you up on the ‘right to repair’ debate? We sit down with Dave Barbuto, CEO of the UBreakiFix chain of more than 700 stores, owned by Asurion After a massive success with its Prodigy Math educational game for kids, Prodigy Education is back with Prodigy English. Be the first to learn about it, with co-CEO Alex Peters Living on the edge? Find out what the ‘edge computing’ hype is all about, when I catch up with Dave Cooper, SVP at Lumen Technologies National ‘Small Business Week’ just...


Visa’s Head of Fraud talks online shopping tips; the first NFL-licensed VR game simulation; plus Anker’s most powerful portable generator.

Visa VP Michael Jabbara, Head of Global Fraud Services, shares how Visa protects its customers against fraudulent attacks Need some serious back-up power? Anker’s Senior PR Manager Adam Weissman takes the wraps off the Anker 757 PowerHouse Football fans, rejoice! The world’s first NFL and NFLPA-licensed VR game simulation is coming soon. We’re joined by Troy Jones, co-founder and CEO of StatusPRO to get our hands (virtually) on NFL PRO ERA, coming this fall. The program is powered by...


Tech out the Cadillac V-Series Blackwing! Also: How to find missing stuff, the gear you need to start a podcast + more

We start with Jon Shelness with My Property ID Registry, a low-tech but affordable and effective way to find your lost stuff Then, tech expert Amber Mac joins us to celebrate Earth Day and chat about sustainable tech for your smart home Cadillac gives us a peek under the hood of the V-Series Blackwing performance vehicle Ever thought of starting a podcast? Here’s the gear you need, when we chat with Steve Fisher, host of the Lifeslices podcast The program is powered by ASUS, for those in...


National Scrabble Day celebrations, shopping for computer monitors with ViewSonic prez, and more!

Get to know the new (and free) ways to play at What to look for in a computer monitor? We speak to Jeff Volpe, President of ViewSonic Americas Speaking of displays, learn about a portable projector from Samsung, called the Freestyle Tech expert Carley Knobloch joins us to shares some cool tech for connected moms, including new smart home gear The program is powered by ASUS, for those in search of incredible. Check out the laptop lineup at Speaking of computers, be...


How to sell your stuff on Amazon, the BLK dating app, and the ‘metaverse’ with Liquid Avatar

Doing some spring cleaning? Did you know you can sell unwanted items on Amazon? Learn how with Bradley Sutton from Helium 10 Find out what’s new with BLK, the popular dating app for black singles. We catch up with Jonathan Kirkland What’s the ‘metaverse’ and why should you care? We chat with David Lucatch from Liquid Avatar Technologies The program is powered by ASUS, for those in search of incredible. Check out the laptop lineup at Speaking of computers, be sure to back-up your...


Jason Hervey (“Wayne” from The Wonder Years) talks WOWCube; Western Digital joins us for World Backup Day; and Dyson Zone is a wearable air

Are you protecting your files? In celebration of #WorldBackupDay, we’ve got Brian Pridgeon from Western Digital with tips It sounds like science-fiction, but Dyson joins us to chat about its first wearable air purifier for the outside, called Dyson Zone Actor Jason Hervey (The Wonder Years) tells us all about WOWCube, which may look like a Rubik’s Cube but has 24 screens!


Create your own ‘Action Face’ figure, Amazon’s eero talks new MESH Wi-Fi systems + spring tech with Mario Armstrong!

Design a custom action figure – with your own face! – with Action Face, and the 3-D model is shipped to your door Tech expert Mario Armstrong shares some recommended spring home office makeover gadgets I also share some springtime tech, including a robotic lawnmower, smart air purifier, portable projector, and much more The founder of eero, an Amazon company, joins us to share the news about all-new MESH Wi-Fi systems for the home The program is powered by ASUS, for those in search of...


The latest in ‘Theragun’ massagers (with its founder!), the NFT craze (with Bunny Buddies), and crafting with TheSoul Publishing

The NFT (non-fungible token) craze is here to stay. We catch up with Mitch Sibonney, President of Bunny Buddies Crafting goes high-tech: We’re joined by TheSoul Publishing, one of the biggest digital media publishing companies in the world Like those Theragun massage guns? We chat with Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody Want to donate to Ukraine but not sure if the charity is legit? I offer some advice near the end of the show The program is powered by...


You’re Doing This Wrong With Your Smartphone, says McAfee!

* No more useless CD-ROMs! Instead, PocketHealth is a modern medical imaging platform for your to see/share x-rays and scans on any device, securely * This is awesome: AptPay helps you get paid in minutes or hours instead of days, weeks or months. Here how it works. * Leading cybersecurity provider McAfee shares results from a recent report and how to stay safe in 2022, and beyond. * Wise (formerly TransferWise) is an easy alternative to a bank account abroad, and saves you money in the...


The Latest in Pet Tech, Free New Apps, and Handy Laptop Accessories

* Google Live Transcribe gets a major update. This free Android app is for the deaf and hearing impaired. * Be the first to learn about Hvr, an app that fuses a web browser with social media * Kensington stops by for a chat on its latest laptop and tablet accessories * The program is powered by ASUS, for those in search of incredible. Check out the laptop lineup at * Speaking of computers, be sure to back-up your files onto an external WD or SanDisk drive, on sale this week


Amazon’s New $35 ‘Blink’ Cameras; Get a Free Phone Number from TextNow: LG Talks TV Trends

* Learn all about the new line of indoor/outdoor Blink cameras with Mike Harris, Chief Operating Officer for Ring and Blink at Amazon * Want a free second phone number on your existing smartphone? How about cellphone service for only $1? We talk with TextNow * LG stops by to talk about the BIGGEST trend in TVs for 2022 (yes, they’re BIG) and beautiful The program is powered by ASUS, for those in search of incredible. Check out the laptop lineup at * Speaking of computers, be...


Get Well in '22 With Tech; and Fighting Back Against Ransomware

* Fight back against ransomware threats in 2022. We chat with Vanessa Jankowski, VP and GM of Third-Party Risk Management, at BitSight * Tech expert and content creator Amber Mac stops by with a few techy suggestions to boosting your wellness in 2022 – including apps, and wearables * Speaking of wellness, we’ll catch up with Peloton to hear all about its latest fitness offering, Lanebreak, that fuses exercise with gaming, music * Twitter’s Cam Gordon joins us on Tech It Out to talk about...


Verizon Drops BOGO Deal for Valentine’s Day, New ‘Angry Birds’ Game, and More!

* A car service company that sends a mechanic to YOU instead of you shlepping to a dealership or garage. Learn about RepairSmith. * Forget flowers and chocolates -- Verizon stops by to share deets on its new BOGO deal for Valentine’s Day. * What do you get when you combine a dashcam with a radar detector? The answer is the Escort MAXcam 360c. Learn all about it on the show. A new Angry Birds game has flown the coup. We talk with Rovio about the latest in the fowl franchise. * And don’t...


Learn about ‘Lewdle’ (a NSFW take on Wordle), Aura talks cybersecurity & a new WD_Black game drive

You’ve heard of Wordle, but Lewdle is for those with a bit of potty mouth (or dirty mind). We’re joined by its creator Gary Whitta Aura is a leader in cybersecurity protection. Learn why in our chat with Ramzan Zulfikar, CEO of Aura Labs WD_Black joins us to share what’s new in internal drives for PC gamers. We’ll sit down with WD_Black’s Luis Tenorio Calyxt uses plants and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to help develop new products. Very cool.


How to Beat ‘Wordle,’ plus Matty Benedetto (‘Unnecessary Inventions’) Talks Super Bowl Tech, & More!

* The word game has taken the Internet by storm: Get tips to beating ‘Wordle’ with CNET’s Dan Ackerman * Punch bowls go high tech with the help of Captain Morgan and inventor Matty Benedetto from ‘Unnecessary Inventions’ fame * IBM joins us to chat about the future of shopping – and sustainability is a big trend * We talk with Ben Sadeghipour (@NahamSec), an actual hacker – but an “ethical” one – on his work with HackerOne


Talking Tech with 49ers’ Performance Therapist! Plus, on Photo Gear, Nexit and Atmosphere!

* Learn about a new health device for the home, called BEMER, with Tom Zheng, the San Francisco 49ers' Functional Performance Therapist * Buy, sell and trade “previously enjoyed” camera and video gear with We talk with its founder, Matt Barker * Save time and money with the free NEXIT navigation app. We hear customer stories with its CEO, Randy Carpenter * ATMOSPHERE – the free TV service for businesses – now has TikTok content! We chat with Leo Resig, CEO * Don’t forget to...


Get Your Game On! and Pac-man Community; also 2022 Cyber Tips from Malwarebytes

Be sure to download, a fun casual game for iPhone and iPad, where you video chat at the same time Pac-Man Community is now available on Facebook, a free reimagining of the iconic ‘80s arcade game We also chat with Malwarebytes about how to protect yourself from cyber threats in 2022 Don’t forget to properly back-up your important computer files onto an external WD or SanDisk drive


Crazy Laptops, Huge TVs, Self-driving Cars & Robots: Hi from CES 2022!

This week, highlights from the just-wrapped Consumer Electronics Show, on the future of tech Digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong also joins me to share his favorite gadgets from CES 2022 Thinking of buying one of those trendy weighted blankets? We’ll chat with Hush about what makes them special