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5 Tips on How to Plan a Truly Epic RV Trip

This week on Episode 484 of the RV Podcast​: How to plan a truly epic RV trip - 5 tips from a couple who have road trip planning down to an art form. The Buc-ee’s mega gas station chain is rapidly expanding… if only they were more RV-friendly! Looking for a good excuse to get outside this month? The Great Backyard Bird Count is almost here, and it needs your help. All this, plus the RV News of the Week and your questions coming up in Episode #484 of the RV Podcast ​WATCH and LISTEN here: 5 Tips on How to Plan a Truly Epic RV Trip


What happens when you combine a Tiny Home and an RV?

What happens when you combine a Tiny Home and an RV? We’ll take you on a tour of one. Also this week on the RV Podcast: Famed Football Coach Jim Harbaugh wants to drive his RV out to California and live in it for a few months so he can be close to his team as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. Why the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta has become a must-attend RV bucket list event All this plus the Social Media Buzz, the RV News of the Week, and your RV questions coming up in Episode #483 of the RV Podcast.


The company that started the Van Life Movement 50 years ago!

Greetings from sunny Florida for Episode 482, where we're spending a couple of weeks decompressing from the Florida RV Supershow and editing the videos we shot of all the new RVs. This week in the RV Podcast: Inside info on a new development in the Southwest where RVers can buy their own multi-acre RV property. A look at the RV company that started the whole van life movement – half a century ago! News about an RV company that instituted a very successful 4-day work week for its employees with no change in productivity or their pay. All this, plus the Social Media Buzz, the RV News of the Week, and your questions coming up in Episode #482 of the RV Podcast.


Best Innovation at the 2024 RV Supershow in Tampa

Best Innovation at the 2024 RV Supershow in Tampa - all three of them. PLUS our regular Social Media Buzz, RV News of the Week, and answering your questions.


RV Internet Trends for 2024

This week on the podcast, we look at the Top RV Internet Trends for 2024. Our expert guests are Chris and Cherie from the Mobile Internet Resource Center and Erik McCauley, the CEO and founder of MobileMustHave, a leading provider of RV accessories and mobile internet. Erik is an IT Infrastructure Engineer by trade. Plus our Social Media Buzz, News of the Week, and we answer a question about a particular RV fireplace.


The Best Weather App for RV Travel – Drive Weather

We have found the best weather app for RV travel. It takes the National Weather Service's weather forecast, showing RVers the weather along their route at the time they reach each point. It allows comparison of different routes, creating stops, interactively changing departure times, and other features that help RVers plan trips around the weather. The Drive Weather app is all about decision-making in regard to the weather. Like a pilot before taking off in an airplane and checking the expected weather en route, the app takes just a few seconds to get “briefed” on the safest route and safest time to leave.


Unexpected Scares: Real Tales of RV Dangers

The RV Lifestyle is filled with adventures. But most of us also experience some unexpected RV Dangers. In Episode 479 of the RV Podcast, we hear from 10 real RVers about the unsuspected scares they have encountered. And in each one, there's a valuable lesson learned. The idea for this topic came from our new RV Lifestyle Community, where a post asks readers to share the most scary things that have happened to them on RV trips. PLUS we have the Social Media Buzz, News of the Week, and answering your questions.


Our 2024 RV Predictions

Our 2024 RV Predictions have some good news and bad for those who love the RV Lifestyle. That's what we talk about this week in Episode 478 of the RV Podcast. Every year, we devote our first podcast of the year to what we think will be the trends and events that most influence the RV Lifestyle in the coming year. Our Top 5 2024 RV Predictions are...


Camp Hosts Turn Their Dog’s RV Adventures into a Book!

On Episode 477 of the RV Podcast - Our friends, Camp Hosts Erik and Jeanne Anderson have written a children's book on their famous dog - Hershey Pup's RV Adventures. They also have some great tips for those interested in becoming camp hosts. Plus the latest Community News, Social Media Buzz, App of the Week, the RV News, and answering your questions!


The 2024 Tampa RV Show: Florida Supershow Details

The 2024 Tampa RV Show, officially known as the Florida RV Supershow, runs January 17-21, 2024 at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa and is always one of the top RV shows in America. Many think it is the best. This week in Episode 476 of The RV Podcast, in the Interview of the Week, we talk to Dave Kelly, the show's executive director. We also have our meetup list, all the Social Media Buzz, RV News of the Week, and more.


Affordable RV Interior Makeover Ideas

Call it a Rolling RV Renovation but we have some very affordable RV Interior Makeover Ideas to share that can really revitalize your camper's interior vibe. Our guest on Episode 475 of the RV Podcast is Cortni Armstrong, otherwise known as "The Flipping Nomad." Cortney is an RV makeover expert and our conversation is all about remodeling your RV interior on a budget. Now's the time to upgrade the look while waiting for the spring travel season. Plus our regular spots on The Social Media Buzz, App of the Week, and answering your questions. And as with all our podcasts, you can WATCH it, or LISTEN to it, or READ it --


Lost and Found: Peace of Mind with a RV GPS Tracker

RV thefts are on the rise. An RV GPS tracker will help recover your investment if thieves decide to steal it. Here's what to look for in choosing a tracker and how to install it. This week on Episode 474 of the RV Podcast: Why your RV needs a GPS tracker Why you may want not to take your RV on the Pennsylvania Turnpike! Apps to help RVers easily send out their holiday greetings All this, plus the RV News of the Week and your questions coming up in Episode #474 of the RV Podcast


Thanksgiving in an RV

Lots of RVers are spending Thanksgiving in an RV. It takes planning to pull it off successfully but provides lots of great memories for families and friends.


RV Storage Theft: One Camper’s Shockingly True Story

RV Storage theft happens a lot more than many people realize. We have an unbelievable tale from an RVing couple who learned this the hard way. That's the story we share in the interview of the week in Episode 472 of the RV Podcast. Also in this episode: The best day of the week for RV travel How to find the best RV and camping gadgets and gear Campground etiquette for outside-the-RV lights


RV Storage: What You Need to Know this Winter

There's more to safe and secure RV storage than just winterizing it and putting it away. Among other things, you need to pay attention to the roof, tires and electrical system. Our guest in the Interview of the week segment in Episode 471 of the RV podcast is our friend Todd “The Beard” Henson, of the National RV Training Academy.


Wandering Wheels: A Woman’s Experience of Solo RV Life

Solo RV Life can seem scary and lonely to some. But for the woman we meet in Episode 470 of the RV Podcast, it has been anything but. It has brought new friends, a strong sense of community and the joy of discovery.


RV Upgrades: Enhance Your Journey with these 5 DIY Mods

We love visiting with other RVers to see the RV Upgrades they have made to enhance their enjoyment of the RV Lifestyle. This week we share 5 DIY mods that anyone can do.


Stressed? Try the “Nature Pill”

This week on the RV Podcast we talk about the so-called "Nature Pill," explaining how even 20 minutes if time surrounded by nature can measurably reduce stress and bring about better health. Plus there's a lot coming up in this episode… We talk with the organizer of the big Quartzsite RV show in January and learn why every RVer needs to make at least one trip to Quartzsite, the desert mecca that draws thousands upon thousands of RVers each winter. If you are a solo traveler who wants to visit the area but is concerned about being alone, we’ll hear from a woman who runs a popular group for solo RVers who is inviting solo travelers to camp together in Quartzsite. Plus, the RV news this week, tips, travel ideas, and your RV Lifestyle questions…all coming up on Episode 468 of the RV Podcast.


RV Podcast: Finding RV Community on the Road

Finding RV Community on the road can be a challenge. But joining a club or attending a rally or a meetup can bring you lifelong friends. Our interview guests are Travis Carr, president and co-CEO, and Melanie Carr, vice president and co-CEO, of the Escapees RV Club and the topic is finding community on the road. And that is what we are doing this week as we’re coming to you from the KOA Resort and Campground in Nashville, TN where we’ll be all week with 65 or so of our followers at our annual fall campout.


2023 Elkhart RV Dealer Open House

This is the week for the annual Elkhart RV Dealer Open House, the annual wining and dining soiree the RV industry puts on every year to introduce their new models to the RV dealers across North America. That's where we come to you for Episode 466 of the RV Podcast, which features an in-depth interview with Jeff Runels, the President and CEO of Keystone RV, North America's largest manufacturer of towable recreation vehicles. Plus our Social Media Buzz, and the RV News of the week, and answering your RV Lifestyle questions.