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One driver's insights and sometimes humorous views of truck driving and the trucking industry… and anything else he feels like dumpin' on ya


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One driver's insights and sometimes humorous views of truck driving and the trucking industry… and anything else he feels like dumpin' on ya






TD188: A Trucker's Breakdown Saga, Tax Credits For Truckers, New Roundabout Rules, Bird Poop Vs. Autonomous Truck, & More

Well, the news is light this week, so we’re trying something different again. We’ve been teasing a mega breakdown saga from listener Wunuvakind in recent weeks and it turned out to be far too long for the listener feedback segment. So, I’m sure much to her surprise, Wunuvakind’s story is featured on the show. I enjoyed it immensely and I hope you do to. As for the news, we talk about a new bill pushing tax credits for most truckers, new roundabout rules, CARB is slowing it’s electric truck...


TD187: Worst Traffic In The World, The Legality of Trucker Marijuana, Pay-By-The-Mile Criticized, Ammonia-Powered Truck, & More

In today’s show, California’s AB5 just won’t go away; getting paid-by-the-mile is coming under fire; truckers, drugs, and drug testing is always a hot topic; and I’ll tell you where is the worst traffic in the world and the US is (the answer might surprise you). Also, how likely is the US going to be ready for electric trucks by 2045?; I’ll tell you about the new type of eco-friendly fuel; we’ll discuss new ways to avoid low-clearance accidents; and one source says the worst of this...


TD186: Teamsters Vs. UPS, California’s Massive Truck Shutdown, FMCSA Busy Rejecting Stuff, & More

Well, we’re back to our normal news-focused show this week. We’ve got lots of news to catch up on, including how California shutting down a crapload of trucks is going. Is the new Tesla semi already having problems? The FMCSA is staying super busy with both denying and accepting requests. I’ll catch you up on that. What else? Trucking jobs are slowing down, there’s a new tax guide for owner-operators, young truckers and truck parking are both back in the limelight, I’ll tell you about the...


TD185: Scoot Over And Fix It Now!

Well, you asked and I listened. In today’s show, we go back to a time when there was nothing on the show but this dorky trucker telling a story and a reading a couple of emails from listeners. This time around we’ve got a rant called “Scoot Over And Fix It Now!” We’ll also hear a bathroom story from Driver Dave and Wunuvakind sent in an audio clip about harassment and urban parking. Introduction Links: TD100: What Makes The Evil Overlord… Evil? from Get the Trucking...


TD184: Accidents Won't Ruin Your Career, Public's View Of Truckers, CB Lingo, Trucker Movies, & More

In this week's show, guest host Steven Gorman talks about the difference between accidents and incidents, and how neither should keep you from succeeding in your trucking career. And he backs that up by telling you about his roads mishaps and where he is now. In the news segment, Steven talks about the top 10 largest private trucking companies, he’ll provide some further evidence to disprove the “truck driver shortage” myth, and he’ll site a survey telling how the public views truckers in...


TD183: Harassement In Trucking, Bad Weather Driving, Electric Truck Snafus, Legislating Bathrooms, & More

In this week’s trucking news, you’ll get winter driving tips from experienced drivers and you’ll learn if your employer can retaliate if you refuse to drive in bad weather. We’ll hear about the Department of Labor getting an earful about the newly-proposed rules on who qualifies as an independent contractor. California emissions Nazis are reeking havoc again, and we discover yet another chink in the electric truck armor. Canada is finally getting ready for electronic logging devices, the...


TD182: Railroad Strike Avoided, Facebook Discriminates Against Female Truckers, Good/Bad Changes By States & FMCSA, & More

This week, we’re going to discuss Congress’ controversial intercession in the pending railroad strike, also, both the FMCSA and individual states are making it harder for truckers in some aspects, and easier in others, Facebook seems to be discriminating against female truckers when it comes to trucking jobs, I’ll tell you about a government funded research grant that might actually yield something useful for a change of pace, and to keep you out of trouble, we’ll also talk about what you...


TD181: Struggling LTL Industry, Eco-Friendly Truck Solutions And Problems, Healthcare For Truckers, European HOS Explained, & More

In today’s show, we’re going to talk about the struggling LTL industry and what makes it so finicky. We’ll discuss new ways to make trucks more eco-friendly and the problems that come with trying to charge all these proposed electric trucks. I’ll also give you an update on the potential railroad strike, a new healthcare option for truckers, and for a change of pace, some good results from the Brake Safety Week blitz. But that’s not all! We’ve also got another Trucker Grub segment and two...


TD180: Weather Apps For Truckers, Women In Trucking Group Gets Busy, Electric Truck Video, & More

In this week’s show, we’ve two cool weather apps for truckers, an HOS exemption denial, new ELD rules for California, a new product from the Jake Brake people, the FMCSA’s new Women In Trucking initiative gets to work, a video showing the cab of an electric truck, free food for some truckers, self-driving trucks in Australia, and much more. Also, my world has now been restored since we finally got a new Trucker Grub submission and a bit of Listener feedback. This episode of Trucker Dump is...


TD179: Diesel Fuel Shortages, Crash Data Before/After ELD Mandate, Double Brokering Explained, & More

In today’s mega-episode, we talk about the looming diesel shortage, how autonomous vehicles are still moving forward, what crash data shows before and after the ELD mandate, how the FMCSA has been keeping really really busy, and Jeremy from our sponsor Porter Freight Funding explains double-brokering to us. We’ve also got free meals for veterans, how union contract negotiations work, a unique approach to electric vehicle charging, and a massive truck recall for what seems like the least...


TD178: Driver Shortage Remains, Railroad Strike Update, Major I-40 TN/NC Road Construction, Free Lunches, & More

In this week’s show, host Todd McCann’s voice is occupied training a new guy at work. So this week, long-time listener Steven Gorman volunteered to fill in. Steven talks about the alleged truck driver shortage, how the railroad strike is still pending, some major road construction to avoid, free lunches from an unlikely source, and believe it or not, Halloween candy. He even comes through with a Trucker Grub segment! Steven has a TikTok channel where he likes to make stuff. This episode of...


TD177: Faster Delivery Tech, Yellow Transformation, Automatic Emergency Braking Proposal, Trucker Perdiem, & More

In this week’s show, we’ve got updates on the whole independent contractor mess and the railroad contract negotiations. We’ll also talk about the FMCSA’s automatic emergency braking proposal, trucker taxes, and some new technologies, including a trailer load sensor and a new way to make home deliveries easier for the driver. All that, plus a major LTL company continues it’s transformation and I’ll tell you about OOIDA’s Truckers For Troops campaign. This episode of Trucker Dump is sponsored...


TD176: Railroad Strike Back In Play, Speed Limiter Proposal Date, 4 Things That Increase Your Chance Of Future Wrecks, & More

In today’s show, the possibility of railroad strike is back on the table, the FMCSA gives us a date on it’s speed limiter proposal, and we’ll give you an update on the California AB5 fiasco. Also, the personal conveyance rule was being challenged again, plus four things that will increase your chances of a future wreck. All that, plus more, including surprise safety blitzes, road closures, Wreaths Across America, and of course, listener feedback from you! This episode of Trucker Dump is...


TD175: Teamsters Striking, New Truck Parking Problems, Pepsi Goes Tesla, & More

In today’s show, we we’ve got lots of info on electric trucks, including Tesla’s version finally hitting the road, and maintenance and parking problems associated with EV’s. Got a crap-ton on autonomous trucks too. Also, electronic ID tags on trucks and Teamsters striking. In listener feedback, we talk about flatbed companies, driving school grants, and then an old friend touches base. This episode of Trucker Dump is sponsored by: Porter Freight Funding - So many services to offer,...


TD174: Hurricane HOS Exemptions And Hauling FEMA Loads, Deregulation And CA EPA Standards Explained, EV Adoption, & More

In this week’s show, I first clear up some goofs from last week. Then we talk about ID tags on trucks, Hurricane Ian HOS exemptions and tips on hauling FEMA loads, a cool video explaining deregulation, what makes a professional driver, and finally we discuss electric vehicle adoption and I finally learned how California got so much clout when it comes to emissions standards. All that, plus more news stories, and of course, listener feedback involving Mario Kart, trucker spy cameras, HOS...

TD173: New Electric Truck Tech, FMCSA ELD Commenting Period, Autonomous Truck Studies, Training Exemptions Pursued, & More

In today’s show we’ve got lots of info on electric stuff, including Kenworth’s new electric truck, new battery technology, and whether our power grid can handle it. We’ll also get an update on the AB5 mess in California, the FMCSA is looking for your comments on ELDs, a new bill for driver training exemptions, a new autonomous truck study focused on drivers and new autonomous business partnerships, toll-reversals, new speed cameras, a hazmat endorsement exemption, and what do you know, we’ve...

TD172: Railroad Strike Averted, Safety Blitz Results, Automatic Emergency Braking Failures, Pony Express-Style Trucking, & More

In today’s show, we’ll be talking about averting a major railroad strike, absentee voter info by state, trucker blitz results and automatic emergency braking testing, a Pony Express-style trucking startup, new healthy eating options, truckers and overtime, some really weird recalls, and much more. As for listener feedback, Trailrider shares his thoughts on drivers not having any hours-of-service rules, while Shy Guy gives me an opportunity to recommend some of the podcasts I’m currently...


TD171: The Future Of LTL, New AB5 Rulings, Overwhelmed Driver Training Programs, Understanding Fuel Surcharges, & More

In today’s show, we talk about new autonomous partnerships and electric truck pilot programs, overwhelmed driver training programs, Amazon’s newest thing, the future of LTL, new AB5 rulings, trucker diversity, understanding fuel surcharges, more waiver extensions, deals for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and more. We’ve got a Trucker Grub segment too, and I give a listener some advice on finding a good-paying driving job. This episode of Trucker Dump is sponsored by: Porter...


TD170: Heartland Express Acquisition, 6 Pre-/Post-Trip Myths, Supreme Court Shuns Trucking, & More

In this week’s show, we discuss Heartland Express buying CFI, 6 pre- and post-trip inspection myths, another case the Supreme Court ignored, preparing for automated trucks, new services for truckers, and much, much, more. In the listener feedback segment, we’ve got some follow-up on that AB5 video from the OOIDA Foundation, and I have another idiot commenting on my tailgating article. In the intro, I share stories of The Evil Overlord's wreck and a musical hotel. This episode of Trucker...


TD169: COVID Exemption Wrecks, New Engines, Wacky HOS Exemption Requests, & More

In today’s show, we discuss new engines, a new driving skills test, autonomous boo-boos, COVID exemption wrecks, electric vehicle rebates, lots of reminders on lots of different things, and some wacky HOS exemption requests. Oh, and you may want to get your shot glass out of the cupboard. This episode of Trucker Dump is sponsored by: Porter Freight Funding - So many services to offer, including Factoring, Dispatching, Freight Brokering, Fuel Cards, Insurance, and Compliance. Call...