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Get caught up on the week without ruining your weekend. Host Brent Bambury delivers an energetic mix of must-hear stories carefully chosen to keep you in the loop and keep you guessing. Ready when you are on Saturday mornings. And heads up — there will be a quiz.


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Get caught up on the week without ruining your weekend. Host Brent Bambury delivers an energetic mix of must-hear stories carefully chosen to keep you in the loop and keep you guessing. Ready when you are on Saturday mornings. And heads up — there will be a quiz.






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Tackling the climate consequences of our food supply at COP28

How our food supply contributes to climate change; a Palestinian psychologist reckons with the trauma Gaza children face; the branding professionals who name nail polish and paint colours; Stuff You Should know podcast hosts revisit the gloriously awful 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special; Poor Things delivers a 'steampunk gender-flipped Frankenstein' story with a feminist bent; Ryan Reynolds finds comedy gold with a holiday fundraising video about sick kids behaving badly; and Riffed From The Headlines, our weekly musical news quiz.


It's OK to be skeptical about COP28 — just don't ignore it, says climate journalist

A climate journalist says it's OK to be skeptical about COP28; possible next steps for U.S. policymakers after a temporary ceasefire in Gaza; why London, Ont., is providing services to homeless encampments; younger soccer players look back on Christine Sinclair's legacy; and more.


How a pro-Palestinian student union policy at McGill University wound up in court

How a pro-Palestinian student union policy at McGill University wound up in court; Outkast founder André 3000's New Blue Sun; the wardrobe manager on KISS's final tour; A Christmas Story's improbable journey to beloved seasonal classic; the untold story of Beatles fixer Mal Evans; and more.


Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley talks about his new anime series and bringing the original movie cast back to voice it | Episode 677

As the conflict in Gaza grinds on, it's fueling tension and violence in the West Bank; Canada and the U.S. brace for AI in election campaigns; Scott Pilgrim returns in a new anime series; reviewing Dolly Parton's new memoir and Babra Streisand's new autobiography; and more.


Missing peace activist in Israel, WeWork bankruptcy and Arrested Development 20 years on | Episode 676

The son of a Canadian-Israeli activist believed to be held hostage in Gaza; how Calgary is transforming offices into apartments; the legacy of Arrested Development; Indigenous playwright Cliff Cardinal delivers a confrontational indictment of land acknowledgements; and more.


How black market AI chatbots are making it easier for criminals to scam you | Episode 675

A Palestinian aid worker focuses on saving his family after fleeing his home in the Jabalia refugee camp; how black market AI chatbots are making it easier for criminals to scam you; a BC nurse says the arrest of safe drug supply activists could make the overdose crisis worse; even Bluey isn't immune to the culture wars; Sportsnet’s Jamie Campbell offers advice on living with cancer and connecting with strangers; and more.


The emotional cost of casting doubt on Buffy Sainte-Marie's Indigenous heritage | Episode 674

The reverberations of questioning Buffy Sainte-Marie's Indigenous heritage; the consequences of Israel's Gaza blockade; the foley artists who made the sounds for Saw X; why so many Hallmark Christmas movies are filmed in Canada; the case for treating intimate partner violence as an epidemic; and more.


Ed Currie bred the world's hottest pepper and then ate one whole on Hot Ones | Episdoe 673

How the fighting between Israel and Hamas could spiral into a regional conflict; why Ed Currie bred the world's hottest pepper then ate it whole; Jonathan Ore reviews Super Mario Bros. Wonder; meet the writer-director of the Indigenous horror-comedy series Tales From The Rez; Vinay Shukla delivers a damning indictment of Indian media with While We Watched; and more.


Social media misinformation in the Israel-Hamas conflict is unlike anything they've ever seen, researchers say | Episode 672

Social media researchers say misinformation in the Israel-Hamas conflict will be more ubiquitous and more dangerous than past conflicts; an out gay hockey player says the NHL banning pride tape sends the wrong message; tensions rise as Ramona Didula, the self-described Queen of Canada, sets up residence in small-town Saskatchewan; how Bob’s Burgers has become a subtle ally of the neurodiverse community; a Trump-era play about young Christian conservatives wrestling with their own politics comes to Canada; and more.


SBF goes to trial over alleged fraud at FTX. Rent strikes growing across Canada | Episode 671

Sam Bankman-Fried goes on trial for alleged fraud at FTX; a Settlers of Catan-themed cookbook; recruiting doctors to small town Canada; why rent strikes are on the rise; why millennials and Gen Z are embracing cozy mysteries; a new graphic novel about the rise of the FLQ; and more.


Meet the man who shot the viral video of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce | Episode 670

The history of Nazi SS fighters in Canada; how Walter Payton's son ended up capturing the viral video of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce; the action director behind the John Wick prequel, The Continental; Marvel visual effects workers vote to unionize and Disney VFX workers might be next; how the star of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. laid the groundwork for a Dr. Dre smash hit; what happened with Ukraine's spring counter-offensive; and more.


How the parents rights argument is fueling a push to roll back LGBTQ inclusion in schools | Episode 669

How the idea of parents rights has reshaped the debate over LGBTQ inclusion in schools; do politicians' real estate investments shape housing policy?; Hollywood adds its touch to the GameStop vs. Wall Street story in Dumb Money; why 'girl dinner' and 'girl math' are taking over TikTok; former MPs say Parliament Hill is a 'nightmare' as a workplace; and more.


The writers' and actors' strikes continue, but there's still fall TV to look forward to | Episode 668

How increasingly powerful storms threaten to cut off Nova Scotia from the rest of Canada; a new Elon Musk biography reveals what drives a powerful and divisive man; what to watch this fall as the writers' and actors' strikes wear on; how ID apps gamified birding; how video games can be a tool for treating ADHD; and more.


Are we witnessing Google search in decline? Antitrust trials, ChatGPT threaten its years of dominance | Episode 667

Why ChatGPT might be a bigger threat to Google search than a landmark antitrust trial; remembering the high school student killed in an attack prosecuters say was motivated by anti-Muslim hate; Starfield is out and so is our review; the legacy of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli; the Nyad biopic renews the debate over a polarizing marathon swimmer; and more.


This non-binary high schooler thinks parental consent policies for name and pronoun changes can be dangerous | Episode 666

A gender non-binary high school student thinks politicians need to listen to students first or risk putting them in danger when it comes to policies mandating parental consent in order for the use of a student's chosen name and pronouns; we explore how teachers facing subject bans can take lessons from classic hip-hop culture; getting rid of the 'smoke taint' in wine is actually really complicated; the Slinky is 80 and we look at the woman behind its success; Tony King, the legendary music promoter, describes working closely with John Lennon, Freddie Mercury and other rock royalty; and more.


How this summer’s wildfires set the stage for future disasters and how Airbnb helps drive up rent | Episode 665

A look at 'cascading hazards' stemming from this record-setting wildfire season; how platforms like Airbnb are making it harder to find an affordable place to rent; The Shark is Broken and the making of Jaws; and the Canadians with aspirations to be WWE wrestling stars.


Wildfire preparedness, Taylor Swift vs. FIFA, Tushar Gandhi, and more | Episode 664

How to create wildfire-resilient communities; why Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is better for a city's economy than hosting the FIFA World Cup; the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi on his family's legacy and India's future; using genetically modified mosquitoes to stop the spread of malaria; and the story of Brownie Wise, the woman who made Tupperware what it is today.


Extreme heat and contraception, Only Murders In The Building, K-Pop's plastic problem | Episode 663

How extreme heat is impacting the work of abortion funds in states that have banned abortion, composer Siddhartha Khosla on how he wrote the music for Only Murders In The Building, and what K-Pop fans are doing to pressure the industry to reduce its plastic waste.


Tracking the Doomsday Clock, period-proof soccer kits, Bruce Cockburn and Susan Aglukark | Episode 662

What the Oppenheimer movie gets right about the treat of nuclear war, the impact of period-proof gear at the Women's World Cup, Bruce Cockburn and Susan Aglukark on their new song, To Keep the World We Know, and more.


The search for the truth about UFOs, the return of Neopets, Emmett Till's cousin and more | Episode 661

The U.S. Congress opens hearings on the truth about UFOs; the return of Neopets and the nostalgia it inspires; tracking Indigenous deaths connected to police interactions in BC; the discovery of the original Wilhelm Scream recordings; Emmett Till's cousin on the family's continuing quest for justice for his murder; and more.