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RN Breakfast daily stories separated out for easy listening. RN Breakfast is the program informed Australians wake up to. Start each day with comprehensive coverage and analysis of national and international events, and hear interviews with the people who matter today—along with those who'll be making news tomorrow.


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RN Breakfast daily stories separated out for easy listening. RN Breakfast is the program informed Australians wake up to. Start each day with comprehensive coverage and analysis of national and international events, and hear interviews with the people who matter today—along with those who'll be making news tomorrow.






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Hit First Nations musical The Sunshine Club returns

The social status of First Nations people after WWII is revisited with a contemporary twist in the return of hit 90's musical The Sunshine Club. 23-years since its stage debut, the focus has shifted from reconciliation to questions of sovereignty.


Biden and NASA chief release 'deepest' view of the universe

Four full-colour images taken by the world's most powerful telescope, James Webb, are the most detailed snapshots ever taken of our cosmos. Dr Benjamin Pope, an astrophysicist from the University of Queensland who's involved in several James Webb observation projects joined the program to discuss.


Jeff Bridges returns to TV after 60 years - Talking TV with Wenlei Ma

In new streaming series The Old Man, Jeff Bridges' plays an ex-CIA agent who's been living off the grid for many years - that is, until his past catches up with him. Also out this week is Our House, an English domestic thriller starring Line of Duty's Martin Compston and Downton Abbey's Tuppence Middleton.


Another "stolen generation" under NDIS, Royal Commission told

First Nations people from remote areas often have no option but relocate after getting an NDIS plan - and some are forcibly sent - according to evidence before the Disability Royal Commission. The Commission is holding hearings in the Territory this week to look at how the NDIS is working for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Albanese taking a leaf out of Hawke's book with job summit - politics with Shane Wright

The government is hoping to reach consensus at its jobs and skills summit, which will be held over two days in September. Chief Economics Correspondent for the Nine Papers Shane Wright.


Tony Abbott on Shinzo Abe

Tributes continue to pour in from around the world for former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whose assassination has shocked the international community. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott worked closely with Shinzo Abe, and has described him as a great friend of Australia.


Treasurer Jim Chalmers on the jobs summit

More than 100 leaders from business and the unions will gather in September for the jobs summit, which will be followed up by the October Budget and then a white paper. Treasurer Jim Chalmers says that in its current form, enterprise bargaining has failed to deliver consistent wage growth and there's a genuine 'appetite' to address economic challenges.


Anti-racism campaign urges Australians to reflect and act

The Human Rights Commission has launched its latest anti-racism campaign. It's centred around Australians who do not have lived experience of racism, in the hope it will get people to reflect on racism, and its causes, in a way that many would not have done before.


Business keen to resume trade with China

Australian exporters are watching the Federal Government's moves to reset the relationship with China closely, after a combative few years and billions of dollars lost. The Chinese government slapped tariffs on Australian goods from wine and lobsters to barley and coal, but Australian business has also fought to maintain key relationships within China in the hope of a thaw.


Biden's diplomatic tightrope in the Middle East

After vowing to make Saudi Arabia a 'pariah state', U.S President Joe Biden is preparing to meet with the Crown Prince later this week, much to the dismay of the human rights community. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and rising oil prices have made the trip a necessity, but it looks set to be a diplomatic tightrope walk for the US.


Who will be the next British PM?

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced his resignation last week, after more than 50 ministers and lower level officials resigned in protest over his conduct. And the race is now on for the 11 MPs hoping to take his job, with the timetable and rules around the vote now outlined.


What will it take for stability to return to Sri Lanka?

Just days after thousands of protesters stormed Sri Lanka's presidential palace, the President has confirmed he will stand down tomorrow. The announcement comes as the country's opposition parties plan to form a unity government.


Health: Govt expands eligibility for COVID drugs

There's been another change in Australia's covid policy. From Monday, access to COVID-19 treatments will become easier for some Australians, amid concerns of rising cases.


Energy project threatens historical sites

The world reacted with shock two years ago when it emerged Rio Tinto had destroyed sacred Aboriginal rock shelters at Juukan Gorge in Western Australia. Now, in Murujuga, traditional owners fear 50-thousand year old rock art in the Pilbara is at risk thanks to the expansion of a Woodside gas project.


Have the Catholic Church lost their flock?

Revelations of widespread child abuse by members of the Catholic Church have badly damaged its reputation in countries where it once was dominant. Many inside the church in Australia now argue its future depends on elevating the status of women - including by allowing them to serve in the ministry as deacons.


Japan mourns slain Prime Minister as investigations get underway

Funeral arrangements are underway for former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was shot on Friday in the western city of Nara while addressing a campaign rally. An investigation into the shooting is continuing with police conceding there were problems with security.


Politics with Michelle Grattan

The Chief Political Correspondent for The Conversation Michelle Grattan joins RN Breakfast to discuss the latest developments in federal politics.


Fourth COVID shot now available for over 30's

All Australians aged over 30 are eligible to get a fourth dose booster of the COVID-19 vaccine from today. Amid warnings of a third Omicron wave, the Federal Government has also expanded access to stockpiled anti-viral medication from today and is urging people to wear masks .


Strains emerge in PIF as forum gets underway

Regional security and China's growing influence also loom large - as the Solomon Islands continues its pivot towards Beijing. The high stakes meeting comes amid signs of strain within the forum with Kirabati withdrawing in protest after its preferred candidate for Secretary General was defeated.


Australian houses so cold they're making people sick

As much of the country shivers through winter, how cold does your house get? Early findings from a new survey given to RN Breakfast suggest Australian properties are falling far below the international benchmark for healthy temperatures.