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A podcast focusing on wedding professionals around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Hear their stories and learn about why they joined the ever-growing and always fun wedding community!


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A podcast focusing on wedding professionals around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Hear their stories and learn about why they joined the ever-growing and always fun wedding community!






Episode 153 (Alicia, Rebecca, & Quynh, Tri-Mastermind)

Hear from Alicia, Rebecca, and Quynh of Tri-Mastermind. "Are you a driven wedding entrepreneur ready to amplify your success and connect with industry leaders? Introducing Tri-Mastermind, an exclusive opportunity for established wedding professionals to collaborate, thrive, and forge invaluable connections." . .


Episode 152 (Sarah Anne, Sarah Anne Photography)

Hear from Sarah Anne of Sarah Anne Photography. "As your wedding photographer, I am here to gift you your intimate love stories in the form of photographs, while also providing wedding photographers the education needed to “get legit”, “give a damn” and show up with heart." . .


Episode 151 (Irene Jones, IJ Photo)

Hear from Irene Jones of IJ Photo. "Hi! I'm Irene Jones and I own IJ Photo. 2019 marks my 20th year as a wedding photographer. (I shot my first wedding right out of high school and loved it!) Over the years I've learned how to create quality images that capture authentic moments, genuine emotion, and feel full of life. I love working with couples who value storytelling and want to remember every moment of their day. My style is true to life with a photojournalistic spin. I want to capture candid photos that express the joy of your wedding in beautiful timeless tones." . .


Episode 150 (Lauren Allee, PNW Weddings LLC)

Hear from Lauren Allee, owner of PNW Weddings LLC. "PNW Weddings LLC is a digital magazine and website providing information and inspiration to couples planning their wedding celebrations in the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on elevating nontraditional options, PNW Weddings will be a resource for everyone. By collaborating with local wedding professionals to create dynamic, relevant content that offers insight and educates couples on every aspect of getting married in the region, PNW Weddings will help couples feel more prepared and empowered as they start reaching out to their vendors. An empowered client base will help wedding professionals expand their business, contributing to a vibrant regional wedding community." . .


Episode 149 (Jacky Grotle, Event Success)

Hear from Jacky Grotle of Event Success. "Weddings, Corporate Events, Parties and much much more. Through flawless coordination and planning, we are here to help you realize your vision of the perfect party." . .


Episode 148 (Amber & Eric, Sightglass Photography)

Hear from Amber and Eric of Sightglass Photography. "Fun, Creative, Unique, Photojournalism. Photography is what we are all about! Sightglass Photography is Eric & Amber, a husband and wife team out of Portland, Oregon. We value each person who picks us to capture those important moments in time. We know you want to show your style of romance (whatever that might be). With us, you’ll get stunning images that will showcase you and your love. We know being in-front of the camera can be nerve-racking and want to do our part to make it a fun and easy experience." . .


Episode 147 (Kate Faoro Wright, Tapestry Event Company)

Hear from Kate Faoro Wright, owner of Tapestry Event Company. "We believe in the ceremony and ritual of marriage. We believe that your legacy should be declared your way. Whether you want an elopement tucked away at a cabin in the woods or a weekend-long wedding celebration with family and friends, we are here to tailor an event that feels adventurously, authentically you. How do you want to declare your marriage legacy?" . .


Episode 146 (Allison Ullmer, Ringed)

Hear from Allison Ullmer from Ringed. "What do you want to be holding when those precious words are on your lips: a commercialized, trendy, same-old-same-old hunk of metal anyone could pick up at the nearest jewelry store chain; or a specially-designed, customized, I’ve-never-seen-anything-like-it piece of art forged with your own two hands? This is the difference between buying from the display case and making your own wedding rings with Ringed: a symbol of your love and commitment for your partner tied to a memory that will last a lifetime." . .


Episode 145 (Kameron and Natalie, The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club)

Hear from Kameron and Natalie from The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club. "The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Course has seen hundreds of brides and grooms celebrate their nuptials on our property. Each wedding held at The Reserve is a special event for us, as well as for the couples that wed here. Close to Portland, it is a premier wedding destination in the Pacific Northwest." . .


Episode 144 (Aaron Siebol, Aaron James Weddings)

Hear from Aaron Siebol of Aaron James Weddings. "I adore stories and truly believe in the power of love. The Pacific Northwest along with brief stints in Oahu, Hawaii have been where I've called home. I take photographs, teach ballroom dance and write screenplays with sprinkles of my spare time. I know how important and beautiful your wedding experience will be. Your wedding film should reflect all the best moments and all your favorite people from that day - to be treasured throughout your life - so that your family can cherish that time period and your story for generations." . .


Episode 143 (Crystal Wolf, Blush Strokes Beauty)

Hear from Crystal Wolf of Blush Strokes Beauty. "My Philosophy: ALL faces are beautiful, regardless of age, color or sex, or gender. All faces are reflections of the Divine and deserving of honor and respect. My job as a makeup artist is to enhance that beauty by uplifting and caring for the client in order to help them feel confident and free. Walking this journey with my clients has blessed me more than I can express…I believe ALL people are beautiful, and I’ve been gifted the chance to help them tell their stories by simply adding color." . .


Episode 142 (Paige Lindsey, Paige Lindsey Design)

Hear from Paige Lindsey of Paige Lindsey Design. "Paige is an Artist (floral watercolor and acrylic painter), ARTrepreneur, Virtual Painting Educator, Creative Coach, Community Builder, and Podcaster. In March of 2020, Paige was laid off from her job due to COVID-19. She saw this job loss as a sign from the universe telling her to finally take her part-time passion project, Paige Lindsey Design and turn it into the creative career of her dreams. Paige wanted to do more than just sell her art, she wanted to bring people together, build long-lasting connections, and create a community that would support one another, build creative confidence, help other creatives uncover their true potential, and feel less alone with their creative pursuits." . .


Episode 141 (Jolly Sienda, Jolly Sienda Photography)

Hear from Jolly Sienda of Jolly Sienda Photography. "Jolly is fascinated by people and their surroundings, whether on the streets of Seattle or the alleys of Delhi. Capturing the beauty of the natural world motivates her every day, whether shooting Dyes Inlet and the Olympic Mountains from the balcony of her home, crawling through the dusty maze of Antelope Canyon, or catching the perfect moment as the sun sets behind the windmills on Mykonos. Jolly’s passion for candid, spontaneous, romantic, and intimate portraiture truly comes out in her wedding photography. Be it a beach or ballroom, a woodland park or your home, Jolly works with you to tell your story." . .


Episode 140 (Andrea Parmalee, P5 Photography, LLC)

Hear from Andrea Parmalee of P5 Photography, LLC. "We are a husband and wife team and have been providing wedding & portrait photography to our clients for over ten years. We strive to not only provide quality products, but also an unforgettable experience!" . .


Episode 139 (Mindy Ricks, FearfullyMade Makeup)

Hear from Mindy Ricks, owner of FearfullyMade Makeup. "Boutique business owner, wife, mother and passionate worker! My goal isn’t to provide you with mediocre application when it comes to makeup. My goal is to give you an experience that will help you look and feel beautiful for your special event! I graduated from Vizio Makeup Academy so you can trust that I am an expert when it comes to skin care and makeup applications! You’re not getting someone from a big box store makeup counter, when you hire me you’re getting one on one experience, a personal consultant, personalized looks and more!" . .


Episode 138 (Sara and Cara, Seattle Tiny Wedding)

Hear from Sara and Cara of Seattle Tiny Wedding. "A Micro wedding in the PNW. Seattle Tiny Weddings are the newest and most innovative way to get hitched. At a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional wedding you can focus on what’s most important. Leave behind all the hoop-la of a too big event and let the Wander Creative Team take over." . .


Episode 137 (Karin Webster, Blue Bonsai Printing)

Hear from Karin Webster, owner of Blue Bonsai Printing. "Blue Bonsai Printing is a wedding stationery design company established in 2016 based in Woodburn, Oregon. From save the dates to invitations to thank you notes- I am with you every step of the way to create unique wedding stationery that conveys your vision for your wedding and shows your personality. Gasps of pleasure and "WOW!" factor is the goal- from you and from your guests." . .


Episode 136 (Lacey Larsen, Evergreen Weddings)

Hear from Lacey Larsen, owner of Evergreen Weddings. "Planning and coordinating weddings was never my lifelong dream, but owning my own business was. At first it was a bakery, then a restaurant, then a piano studio, then a home decor boutique, and then I finally landed here. After planning & designing my own wedding, I was both utterly exhausted yet completely full of life, wanting to do it all over again [with the same husband, of course!]. When a good friend graciously allowed me to do a mock trial by coordinating their Big Day, I came out of it with a confirmed new love and a boatload of encouragement from people who were shocked that I hadn't been doing it for years already. The rest is history and here I am today - proud owner of Evergreen Weddings!" . .


Episode 135 (Ernesto Lara, Big Ern Productions)

Hear from Ernesto Lara, of Big Ern Productions. "Ernesto Lara Jr aka “Big Ern” has been in the entertainment industry since 2000. He began his journey in music as a substitute karaoke host at a Washington State venue. He immediately fell in love with creating a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Over the next 10 years he continued to work a primary job and host karaoke/DJ. He then transitioned to only DJing and hosting karaoke as a career. Today, he specializes in DJing weddings, corporate events, bars, private & public events, charities, fundraisers, and school events for all occasions. Spreading joy and happiness is his passion." . .


Episode 134 (Jeff Evans, Amazement Productions)

Hear from Jeff Evans of Amazement Productions. "From a simple birthday party to an elaborate corporate banquet, event planners have the same goal; to give their guests a great experience. How often do you hear anyone talk about the food, or the decorations, or the DJ for days or even weeks after an event? Not too often. But…performances by Amazement Productions routinely create “buzz” for a very long time after your event. Exactly the result you want." . .