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School of Self-Image is the go-to podcast for women who desire to transform their self-image so that they can create mind-blowing results in their lives. Join Master Life Coach, Tonya Leigh, as she shares tips, ideas, and inspiring conversations around elevating your mindset, style, and surroundings to create an extraordinary self-image. Episodes are released each Wednesday. Download the School of Self-Image Manifesto at


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School of Self-Image is the go-to podcast for women who desire to transform their self-image so that they can create mind-blowing results in their lives. Join Master Life Coach, Tonya Leigh, as she shares tips, ideas, and inspiring conversations around elevating your mindset, style, and surroundings to create an extraordinary self-image. Episodes are released each Wednesday. Download the School of Self-Image Manifesto at




377: Self-Love Standards

Raising the Bar: How to Set Higher Standards for Self-Love What is your self-love standard? This week Tonya Leigh discusses the importance of self-love standards and how they can impact our lives. Self-love is not just about fluffy feelings, but about setting expectations for how we treat ourselves. So, how do we raise our self-love standards? By examining how we talk to ourselves, how we treat our bodies, and how we expect to be treated by others. Tonya shares personal experiences and examples to illustrate the power of self-love standards and how this manifests in our self-image. Tonya encourages listeners to align their standards with their future self-image and create a life that reflects their highest potential. Episode Details: 03:24 The power of self-talk 07:32 Raise the standard of self-love 09:19 Self-love and body image 14:49 Alignment and synergy 17:09 Reevaluate current standards 21:35 Elevating your self-image Quotes: "I am so proud of you for trying. I am so proud of you for putting yourself out there. You are smart. You are kind. You are beautiful. You have what it takes. Go get it, girl." "As someone who used to be so mean to the reflection in the mirror, I just refused to do that anymore because nothing good came out of it. It just made me feel terrible, which then led me to take terrible actions that just kept me perpetuating terrible results, truly." "You will always prove to yourself how you see yourself." "If you're constantly comparing. to either past versions of yourself or other people, you will not see your own." "If you don't love yourself, madly, ridiculously, unapologetically, this world will run all over you." "It is time for you to create your own 'powerfully ever after'." Useful Resources: Join the membership now: FREE training: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


376: The Fear of Being Seen

Stepping into the Spotlight: Embracing Your Superpower of Visibility What is fear of being seen? Host and Master Self-Image Coach Tonya Leigh gives valuable insights on the fear of being seen and the impact it can have on women. She shares personal experiences and highlights the societal pressure for women to blend in and not rock the boat. Tonya emphasizes the importance of embracing authenticity and stepping into the spotlight of our lives. She offers tools and strategies for overcoming the fear of being seen, including acknowledging the fear, starting small, building a support network, shifting the narrative, challenging the inner critic, taking action, finding inspiration, and remembering one's why. She also encourages women to celebrate their milestones and to be willing to be judged and fail in order to reclaim their stories and voices. She concludes by reminding listeners that they are worthy, powerful, and meant to be seen. ____________________________________________________________________________ Episode Details: 01:01 Fear of being seen 04:54 Blending In 09:45 Harnessing the superpower of visibility 13:22 Imposter syndrome 19:16 Celebrating small milestones and progress. 23:54 Fear of being judged. Quotes: "When I think about going after extraordinary goals, one of the things that is required is that you're seen on some level." “I got over my fear of being seen. I was willing to be judged. I was willing to be ridiculed." "Remember, and this is really important, visibility isn't about validation." "What I have known to be true is the more imperfect I am, the more vulnerable I am, the more I share the ins and outs of my life, the more people can connect to that." "Fear has no control over you in this part of your life. When you're willing to be judged, when you're willing to get it wrong, when you're willing to be imperfect, when you're willing to look stupid, when you're willing to fail, all of a sudden the fear is gone." Useful Resources: Join the membership now: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


375: Strength vs. Comfort

Comfort vs. Strength: Creating a Life of Fulfillment The importance of finding a balance between comfort and strength in order to live a fulfilling and adventurous life is the focus on this episode of School of Self-Image with host Tonya Leigh. She emphasizes that while comfort can be enjoyable, too much of it can prevent us from pursuing our dreams. On the other hand, strength is necessary for personal growth and achieving our goals. Leigh encourages listeners to embrace discomfort and take small brave steps outside of their comfort zones. She also highlights the importance of mindfulness and self-compassion in navigating the balance between comfort and strength. Ultimately, she suggests that true fulfillment comes from embracing both comfort and strength in our lives. ____________________________________________________________________________ Episode Details: 00:22 Finding balance between comfort and adventure 07:25 There's low risk with comfort 09:43 Leisurely hustling 12:47 Setting extraordinary goals 17:04 A beautiful waltz of comfort and strength Quotes: "Find a balance between rest and restlessness. Find a balance between the life you dream of and the life you live." "Strength is that inner knowing that you've got your own back, that you are going to do what you say you're going to do, that you're going to handle the obstacles that come your way, that you're going to have courage." "True pleasure is the absence of pain." "There's something beautiful about seeing what you're made of" "A life that's built from both comfort and strength, because ultimately true fulfillment lies not in choosing one over the other, but in mastering the art of embracing both." Useful Resources: Join the membership now: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


374: The Monthly Reset

Learning from the Past and Creating Your Future Have you ever considered how amazing it would be if you chose to learn from the past intentionally? How this might create a better future? Welcome to this week's episode of School of Self-Image podcast with host, Master Self-Image Coach Tonya Leigh. Tonya is all in on the concept of a monthly reset and shares her personal experience of starting a new morning routine. She encourages listeners to tune in to their future selves and take action towards their goals, even if they feel off track. She reassures them that it's never too late to make a change and improve their lives. Hitting that monthly reset goal is such a part of self-image work and in shaping experiences and outcomes. By changing how individuals perceive themselves, they can create new evidence and transform various areas of their lives, including relationships, finances, and personal growth. This is the power of the monthly reset. Episode Details: 00:02:46 Never too late to reset 00:06:33 How you see yourself 00:10:15 Monthly reset and review 00:14:08 Celebrating wins and dissecting failures 00:19:07 Creating new evidence of success 00:22:06 The power of self-reflection Quotes: "Every moment is a chance for a U-turn." "I'm a woman who creates her life on purpose." "Every moment is truly a blank slate, yet we bring all of our old baggage into this moment." "I already know that the obstacle that I am going to encounter is my own brain." "Without a mind that is intentional, that is focused, that is disciplined, you're going to struggle in life." Useful Resources: Join the membership now: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


373: What Not Listening to My Body Has Cost Me

Finding Fulfillment Through Trusting Your Intuition Do you struggles with not trusting intuition? Tonya Leigh knows exactly what that feels like and how it has impacted her life. Throughout this episode, she emphasizes the benefits of following intuition. Listening to intuition can lead to a more fulfilling life and make decision-making easier. Intuition is described as an inner compass connected to one's true self and higher purpose. Tonya encourages listeners to pay attention to their bodies and not ignore the signals they receive. Ignoring intuition can lead to suffering and keep individuals in a state of scarcity. Being overly cognitive and overthinking things can override gut feelings and lead to decisions that are not in true service of oneself. To reconnect with intuition, Tonya suggests asking oneself questions and tuning into the inner voice. "If my highest self could speak, what would she say?" and then imagining the wisest self advising. By removing outside opinions, societal expectations, and the influence of others, individuals can tap into their own inner knowing. Tune in to discover how you can make decisions that align with your values and priorities and experience a greater sense of flow and fulfillment in life. Episode Breakdown: 01:09 Overriding that gut knowing 06:32 When intuition is nudging you 09:35 Getting off track 14:09 Listen to your body 19:29 The power of intuition 23:21 Following your inner compass 26:36 Intuition versus fear 33:32 What do I know deep down? 36:04 Elevating the quality of mindset Quotes: "Albert Einstein said, the intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the reflective, rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." "Showing up and sharing and helping and serving and offering value is the greatest way to sell anything." "They can be saying all of the right things, they can be smiling in your face, on paper they can look like the perfect person for you, but your gut is saying run." "Learning to listen and decode your intuition is going to lead to a greater, more fulfilling life." "Sometimes it's pursuing a career path, even though you feel it does not genuinely align with your interests, your soul, or your strengths." "Intuition usually isn't panicked. It's just this very calm, gentle, subtle voice." "But what I do know is that you know, and that answer is found within your body, not your mind, but within your body." "Listening to your intuition requires space. It requires time to just be with yourself." Useful Resources: Join the membership now: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


372: Five Habits I Want to Create This Year

Creating New Habits for a Transformed Life Habits are the actions we engage in daily, often without conscious thought. They serve as the foundation of our lives and have a profound impact on our self-perception. Our habits reinforce how we view ourselves and shape our identity. As host, Master Self-Image Coach Tonya Leigh, reflects on the power of habits and how they shape our lives, she shares her personal journey of examining her habits. This episode details the five habits that she wants to create in 2024. These habits include unplugging more from her cell phone and other devices, reading more books, journaling daily, drinking less alcohol, and committing to getting fit. Tonya discusses the importance of aligning our habits with our self-image and how changing our habits can lead to significant changes in our lives. She invites listeners to consider the habits they want to cultivate in order to create the life they truly desire. Tune in to learn how small actions can have a big impact on your life in 2024 and beyond. Episode Breakdown: 01:22 Any moment is a chance to start again 02:41 Write a letter to 18-year-old you 05:09 Self-image habits 09:08 5 habits I want to be on autopilot 13:14 Habits that get you back in alignment 20:53 Unplugging and staying connected 24:47 The act of reading 27:20 The habit of journaling 31:40 Drinking less as a habit 37:44 Aging powerfully Quotes: “If you want to see your life change, take a look at your habits." “Think about all of it, and you get to make up this amazing story about 18-year-old you. But it's not just enough to use our imagination. Our imaginations need evidence to really root in that self-image.” “The things that we do day in and day out are literally the building blocks of our lives.” “It's almost like I've gotten into this pattern of just enjoying, which is a beautiful thing, and riding the wave. But I miss that aliveness, that, oh my god, I just cannot wait to saunter into this day.” “If I want to see myself as a royal being, which I think we all are, what do I want to say to myself? How do I want to treat myself? And so with those two questions, I came up with five habits that I am committed to creating this year and making them habits, making them just autopilot, just what I do.” “I've noticed over the last month since I got that report, because I don't know why I haven't really been paying attention to the report, but we all need to look at that report and think about the number of hours a day you're spending on your phone and what else you could be doing with that time.” “I want to be more active on Instagram this year. And that's the crux. That's the hard part is when you have a business that requires that you share your work and you put yourself out there, you have to find the balance between unplugging and plugging back in.” “Maybe we should try reading more. I want to get back into books. There is a world that exists within books that opens you up to new ideas, new perspectives, new artists, new lands, new stories.” "The work that needs to be done is around your self-image. When you change how you see yourself, you change what you do." Useful Resources: Join now: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Ep 371: My 2024 Word of the Year

What is Tonya’s WOTY? She has been selecting a word of the year for the past decade, finding it to be a transformative process. She firmly believes that merely setting goals and taking action is insufficient for creating lasting change. Instead, Tonya emphasizes the significance of personal growth and transformation in order to consistently approach things differently and achieve different outcomes. Having a word of the year serves as a guiding principle, providing direction and support. However, Tonya faced difficulty in choosing a word of the year for 2024. Initially, she contemplated words like "power" and "integrity," but they didn't resonate with her. It was during a luncheon for the Good Friends organization that she witnessed a woman on stage who embodied qualities she deeply admired, such as power and integrity. The word "royal" encapsulates the host's desired qualities of integrity, generosity, and elevating self-care. She explains that embodying royalty means radiating an energy filled with integrity, grace, compassion, and empathy. It entails adhering to moral principles and a code of ethics in both behavior and leadership. Tune in to discover how to aim toward treating yourself with the utmost care and refinement. Episode Breakdown: 00:33 Choosing a word of the year 02:14 One of the biggest mistakes that we make 06:09 My word of the year for 2024 is royal 08:24 Seeing yourself as someone of status 09:28 Lead with integrity 13:12 What is ‘being royal’? 14:59 Being more generous in 2024 18:11 The Royal Treatment 19:39 My extraordinary goal Quotes: “My extraordinary goal this year is around leadership and my business and my team. I want to be a really royal leader.” “I don't believe in giving when you're doing it to get rid of guilt or to, you know, impress other people. I think that is the energy in which a lot of people sometimes give and then they start to feel resentful and it doesn't feel good.” “One of the traits that the woman who was on stage that revealed my word of the year to me showed me that I want more of this year is generosity.” “We are going to make mistakes, we are going to get it wrong sometimes. But the biggest mistake is in pretending you didn't make one.” “Because so often we discount ourselves, we shrink ourselves, we put ourselves down, we place other people above us.” Useful Resources: Join now: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Ep 370: Crafting Your Character

Host Tonya Leigh kicks off the new year by asking listeners to reflect on the characters they are tired of playing and the ones they are ready to step into. The episode discusses the external factors that support a person's character, specifically focusing on style and environment. The host emphasizes the importance of these external factors in expressing and confirming one's character. Tonya also mentions an exercise called "Characters in Your Closet" where individuals can examine the clothes in their closet and identify the characters they have been playing based on their clothing choices. She suggests that by intentionally choosing their style, individuals can embody new characters that align with their desired self-image. Tune in to start the year off right with this thought-provoking episode. Episode Breakdown: 01:17 What does it mean to create, not fix 03:21 Live Like an Editor Workshop 08:27 We can have fixed mindsets 10:55 The character of the abdicator 12:49 The cost of playing this character 17:40 Responding to the world around you 19:06 Your character determines your relationships 22:08 This was the year that it ended 25:01 Famous Rachel Zoe philosophy 27:25 The character of an energized woman Quotes: “I want you to think about the difference in saying to yourself, I need to fix myself or I want to create myself.” “So many people, when I've talked to them about this concept of you can change who you are, they want to tell me, no, there's just an internal blueprint that you can't change.” “Last year, I found myself playing a character that I've been really good at playing. And in some ways, it has served me because that's the thing. If it didn't serve us, we wouldn't play it.” “ I feel like I have stepped in my power in so many ways, but there were a couple of things specifically that I looked at and I was like, Oh, I've been playing the character of abdicator.” “That's a key aspect of character. It's not just about how you act. It's also about how you interact and connect with others” “I'm going to speak up when I feel like someone is out of integrity. I'm going to speak up when there is something that needs to happen. And I'm going to be willing to have the hard conversations and make the hard decisions so that those things happen” Useful Resources: Live Like an Editor Workshop: Join now: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Ep 369: Top 5 Lessons from 2023

What are your big takeaways from 2023? Heading into a new year always brings up moments of reflection. In this episode, self-image coach Tonya Leigh reflects on her top five lessons from 2023. Tonya's top five lessons include: 1) Health is your greatest wealth, 2) Don't delay what needs to be done, 3) Don't take anything for granted, 4) Trust your intuition, and 5) Focus on your own path. Tonya emphasizes the importance of seeing oneself as a masterpiece and approaching life from a place of love and joy. She also introduces her upcoming workshop, "Live Like an Editor," where participants can create their own magazine covers and set intentions for the new year. She encourages listeners to reflect on their own lessons from the year and carry them into the new year. Join Tonya as she dives into these valuable lessons and provides insights for listeners. Episode Breakdown: 00:26 - Bird Poop Anecdote and Good Luck for 2024 01:50 - The Concept of Creating vs. Fixing in Personal Development 03:20 - Live Like an Editor Workshop 06:45 - Reflecting on the Past Year's Lessons 08:10 - Lesson One: Health as the Greatest Wealth 12:55 - Lesson Two: Don't Delay Necessary Actions 16:40 - Lesson Three: Don't Take Anything for Granted 20:10 - Lesson Four: Trusting Your Intuition 23:45 - Lesson Five: Focus on Your Own Path 27:30 - Encouragement to Reflect on Personal Lessons 29:50 - New Year Wishes Quotes: 'One of the biggest beliefs that keep us stuck in patterns and cycles that don't serve us is that we are broken." "When you come at yourself as if you are broken, you end up perpetuating brokenness." "I want you to see yourself as a masterpiece." "I know that focusing on my health is my greatest love." "If you need money to be free, then you're not really free because you are going to be a slave to money." "We are responsible for our own vision and focusing on our own path." Useful Resources: Live Like an Editor Workshop: Join now: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


368: Loving Your Quirks

Unlocking Your Superpowers: Embracing Your Quirks Summary: Are you tired of trying to fit in and be like everyone else? It's time to love your quirks and embrace what makes you unique. Discover the secret to a more confident and joyful life: loving your quirks. Host Tonya Leigh takes listeners into just how powerful embracing one's quirks is and how it positively impacts self-confidence. When individuals accept and love their unique qualities, they send a message to their subconscious mind that they are deserving of love and acceptance. This, in turn, bolsters self-confidence as they no longer seek external validation or conform to societal norms. Instead, they embrace their authentic selves and allow their true essence to shine. Moreover, embracing one's quirks attracts individuals who appreciate and celebrate their own uniqueness. When individuals exude confidence in who they are and unapologetically embrace their quirks, they naturally attract like-minded individuals who appreciate and resonate with their authentic selves. These are the people who see the beauty in their quirks and celebrate them rather than passing judgment or criticism. By embracing their quirks, individuals also inspire others to do the same. When people witness someone confidently embracing their quirks and living life on their own terms, it grants them permission to do likewise. The willingness to be different and embrace one's uniqueness can inspire others, creating a ripple effect of self-acceptance and joy. Join Tonya as she dives into the power of celebrating our uniqueness. Episode Details: 00:01 The power of loving your quirks. 01:04 Re-examining everything 03:18 Am I too feminine? 05:22 You are what you love 07:56 Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s quirkiness 09:30 Rejecting some part of yourself 14:03 The weakest tithing I could ever do 19:20 When I accept myself as I am 22:40 Care less about whatt other people think Quotes: "I believe the secret to the most amazing and magical and extraordinary life is, drumroll, accepting and hopefully loving every part of yourself." “We spend a lot of time changing and adapitng to please others.” “It’s like telling that little girl within you, ‘You shouldn't be that’.” “So much of our dis-ease with ourselves is because we havn’t accepted ourselves.” “If you hang around certain types of people and you’re in certain environments, there is a standard of behavior and sometimes your quirks don’t fit in.” “Society will always try to shape you into what it wants you to be. “ “What makes you, you? What are your little quirks? Whatt makes you different from everybody else? I think those are your superpowers.” Useful Resources: Join now: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


367: Finding Best-Case Scenarios

Did you know that our brains are wired to default to worst-case scenarios? When we allow a worst-case mindset to take hold, this can hold us back from taking risks and making changes necessary for an extraordinary life to unfold. Host Tonya Leigh challenges listeners to play the role of their angel's advocate by focusing on best-case scenarios. Tonya shares her personal experience of making big changes in her business and how focusing on best-case scenarios has helped her overcome fear and create a better life. She explains the pain-pleasure principle and how visualizing best-case scenarios and associating pain with staying in the current situation can motivate us to take action. Tonya emphasizes the importance of self-image and how our expectations shape our future. She encourages listeners to imagine and believe in best-case scenarios, take action to confirm their beliefs and create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Episode Details: 02:09 Managing our minds 05:19 The pain-pleasure principle 09:06 Visualizing a magnificent future 15:47 All roads lead back to self-image 17:32 Believing in best-case scenarios 23:03 Being your angel's advocate Quotes: "This is the role of looking for, finding and focusing on best-case scenarios." "Your expectations shape your future." "That is why it's so important, my friends, that we give time to our best-case scenarios." "Because of who I've become, I now can allow people into my life at this level." "It's within our daily journal practice, really thinking about how you want to think and show up on purpose." Useful Resources: Join now: FREE download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


366: Planning vs. Wishing

Creating Extraordinary Years: The Power of Planning In this episode, Tonya Leigh discusses the power of planning for extraordinary years. She emphasizes the importance of moving from wishing to taking action and shares her personal experience of making extraordinary decisions and plans. Tonya acknowledges the mix of excitement and fear that comes with stepping into the unknown and encourages listeners to embrace the opportunity for growth and change. As the year comes to an end, she reminds us that there is still time to make a powerful impact and create an extraordinary finish to the year, and shares how she believes the last month of the year can be the most impactful. Join her as she encourages listeners to embrace the scary and exciting aspects of pursuing what they desire. Episode Details: 01:11 Extraordinary decisions 04:13 Creating an extraordinary year 10:29 Wishing versus planning 13:21 Obstacles to planning 18:04 The power of planning 23:58 Wishing for 2024 26:15 Turning dreams into reality Quotes: “Over the last couple of weeks, I have made some extraordinary decisions." "She makes bold decisions and she's navigating to extraordinary." "Planning is sexy." "But not having a plan is a guarantee that you won't get there." "If everything's important, then nothing really is." Useful Resources: Join Now: Your Extraordinary Holidays: FREE Download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


365: Slow Growth

In this episode, host Tonya Leigh discusses the concept of embracing the slow life and the tendency to rush toward our goals. She explores the idea that many of us believe that the future is better than the present, leading us to constantly strive for something more. Tonya also delves into the idea that we often try to outrun our own stories and seek validation and worthiness through accomplishments. Tune in to gain insights on how to slow down and find fulfillment in the present moment. Episode details: 00:01:10 Embracing the slow life 00:06:05 Slow and sustainable growth 00:09:26 Extraordinary goals and personal growth 00:14:32 Slow growth and sustainable success 00:18:03 Self-image transformation Quotes: 00:04:26 - "The real work is seeing yourself as worthy now and building from that place." 00:08:30 - "But I'm so afraid of failing. I'm so afraid of what my dad will think. I'm so afraid of not making money that I don't know how to stop." 00:10:19 - "But when you change your whole approach, when you change your mindset, when you make a declaration that you are going to enjoy your life and not postpone it until 'one day when', then a goal setting can become delicious." 00:14:39 - "It may look slow to the outside world, but you are like growing deep, deep roots underneath the surface that maybe people can't see, but it's going to be what allows you to have sustainable success." 00:17:09 - "I've tried both ways and I will take slow growth any day of the week." Useful Resources: Join Now: Your Extraordinary Holiday: FREE Download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


364: Self Gratitude

In this episode, Tonya explores the concept of self-gratitude and how often people undermine their success and achievements. She shares her gratitude for various aspects of her life, including her family, health, and the School of Self-Image community. Tonya references Snoop Dogg's speech in which he thanked himself and highlights the importance of acknowledging and appreciating one's own efforts and accomplishments. She encourages listeners to thank themselves and give themselves credit for the positive things they have done in their lives. Tune in for this insightful glimpse into self-gratitude. Episode details: 00:00:12 Practice self-gratitude 00:03:20 Self-gratitude and Snoop Dogg 00:04:40 Thanking myself for self-improvement 00:12:41 Body gratitude 00:14:11 Overcoming and Becoming Quotes: 00:02:38 - "If you are grateful for me, I just want you to know I am so grateful for you." 00:04:40 - "I want to thank me for believing in me. I want to thank me for doing all this hard work. I want to thank me for having no days off. I want to thank me for never quitting. I want to thank me for always being a giver and trying to give more than I receive. I want to thank me for trying to do more right than wrong. I want to thank me for being me at all times." 00:07:31 - "We are so used to being our own worst critic, our own worst enemy, of being perfectionist and making our love very conditional towards ourselves." 00:11:05 - "I remember when I did my very first podcast, which by the way, I'm thankful for the version of me who was willing to suck at it." 00:14:57 - "I want to thank me." Useful Resources: Join Now: Download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: YouTube:


363: My Top 3 Tips for Elegant Eating

In this podcast episode, Tonya Leigh discusses the concept of elegant eating and how it can revolutionize one's relationship with food and body. She shares her experience of hosting an event and the positive feedback she received. Tonya explains that elegant eating is about choosing quality over quantity and thinking long-term. She emphasizes the importance of slowing down while eating, learning to eat to the point of elegant satisfaction, and finding pleasure in activities outside of food. Tonya encourages listeners to practice self-love throughout the holiday season and commit to loving themselves no matter what. She also mentions the slim self-image program available in the School of Self-Image membership. Episode Details: 04:05 Personal struggle with food and desire for a healthy relationship 05:49 Introduction to the concept of elegant eating and its simplicity 07:26 The tendency to complicate the relationship with food 08:50 The importance of self-possession and long-term thinking in elegant eating 10:18 Eating with love and grace for oneself 13:33 Eating mindfully and savoring food with others 14:19 Importance of feeling and understanding emotions instead of numbing 17:09 Listening to and understanding the body's signals 20:39 Taking action to support a new self-image 23:19 Diversifying sources of pleasure beyond food 26:14 Finding pleasure in showing up for oneself 28:12 Committing to loving yourself through the holidays Quotes: "Elegant eating is about quality over quantity." "The majority of people have complicated their relationship with food." "We neglect just timeless truths and wisdom that have worked throughout the ages, that resides in elegant eating." "Elegant eating is about eating with love and grace for yourself." "Train the brain. The brain's going to want to come back to old patterns, come back to old ways of thinking. Place that attention on the food, and you just have to train it, like, no, it's not where we're going." Useful Resources: Join Now: FREE Download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: YouTube:


362: How to Find Your Glimmers

Discovering Glimmers of Happiness and Contentment This episode revolves around the concept of "glimmers," which are small moments of joy and peace. Tonya Leigh explains that these glimmers are micro-moments that can bring about feelings of joy, peace, calmness, and contentment, ultimately soothing our nervous system. By actively seeking out these glimmers, Tonya suggests that we can shift our state of being and cultivate a sense of inner peace. She encourages listeners to make it a daily intention to discover these glimmers in their everyday lives. Even during challenging times, finding just one glimmer a day can make a significant difference and provide hope. To further support this practice, Tonya recommends keeping a journal of favorite glimmers to revisit and find encouragement when needed. Additionally, Tonya mentions that glimmers can be found in favorite environments such as parks, restaurants, and trails. The episode emphasizes the importance of paying attention to these small moments of joy and cultivating a mindset of finding and appreciating glimmers in everyday life. Episode Details: 01:51 A charmed life 07:38 Glimmers 10:00 Glimmers of joy in life 14:09 Finding glimmers in everyday life 19:37 Sweater weather and glimmers Quotes: "To rising above the fray and protecting your peace and showing up as the most expansive version of you." "The glimmers are always there." "But because I'm very intentional now on finding glimmers, I notice how incredible that felt." "When you understand them and you know what glimmers feel like to you and where they most likely are hanging out, you can intentionally begin to place yourself in environments and around people where glimmers are more prevalent." Useful Resources: Join Now: FREE Download: Sign up for the weekly Edit: Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: YouTube:


361: Savoring the Slow Life

In this episode, Tonya Leigh discusses the importance of slowing down and savoring the slow life. She shares her morning routine and emphasizes the need to create space and not rush through life. Tonya reflects on the desire to slow down and the sense of slowness often missing in our everyday lives. She explores the question of how to combine ambition with ease. Tune in to discover Tonya's insights on embracing a slower pace and finding balance in life. Episode Details: 00:01:18 Savor the slow life 00:06:55 Embrace the present moment 00:17:32 Slow down, focus, schedule 00:20:59 Savor the slow life 00:28:30 Embrace and savor the slow life Quotes: "It's that feeling of being in flow." "It's that feeling of being so present that time becomes irrelevant." "And I have just witnessed personally, so many people struggle with this, fight it, and when they finally embrace it, that's when things take off for them." "I am, two most important words you will ever speak, because you're claiming it as your identity, and you will always work to prove your identity true." "Through weekly classes and coaching, you'll learn powerful techniques on how to elevate the quality of your mindset, style, and surroundings to change how you see yourself and create extraordinary results in your life." "At what point are we all going to wake up as women and realize that we must take care of ourselves in order to better serve, to take care of other people?" Useful Resources: Join Now! FREE Download: Sign up for the weekly Edit! Connect with Master Self-Image Coach, Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: YouTube:


360: How to Enjoy Your Money

Building a Healthy Relationship with Money: The Key to Enjoyment In this episode, Tonya talks about the importance of treating your money like a cherished relationship. She discusses the need to nurture our finances and enjoy the value that money brings to our lives. Tonya emphasizes the balance between saving and spending and encourages listeners to find joy in their financial journey. Join her in the Money Garden workshop to explore your relationship with money further. Episode Details: 01:37 How to enjoy money. 05:47 Trusting yourself with money. 10:07 Balancing saving and spending. 14:02 Celebrating financial milestones. 19:57 Enjoying money and letting go. 22:09 Relaxing around money. Quotes: "Because at the end of the day, money is a tool that we have to enhance our lives and the lives of those around us." "We can get into these patterns around our spending that keep confirming stories that we have about ourselves around money." "Girl, give me peace over a Chanel bag any day of the week." "I had a whole crisis a few years ago where I found myself more successful financially than I'd ever been. I was so full of anxiety, and now I can see why. I was just hitting a self-image limit." 'I was not even planning to say this, but it just occurred to me, that part of enjoying money is being willing to let it go." Useful Resources: The Money Garden Workshop: Join Now! FREE Download: Join us at SOSI South!: Sign up for the Weekly Edit! Connect with Self-Image Coach Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: YouTube:


359: The Elegant Budget

The Money Garden: Design, Nurture, and Enjoy Your Financial Life In this episode, Tonya Leigh discusses the concept of elegance in budgeting. She emphasizes the importance of spending in a way that enhances life and brings abundance, rather than scarcity and fear. Tonya shares her personal practice of having a monthly "money date" to intimately connect with her finances and make intentional decisions. She highlights the positive impact this practice has had on her net worth over the years. Tonya also mentions her upcoming workshop, "The Money Garden," where she will delve deeper into money mindset and intentional money management. Living within our means is also highlighted as an important aspect of an elegant budget. Overspending can lead to stress, anxiety, and a sense of scarcity. The host encourages living within our means to create a sense of abundance and wealth. This means appreciating and fully utilizing what we already have before bringing in new things. It is about being mindful of our purchases and avoiding buying things that will go unused or sit in our closets. Overall, the episode promotes the idea of an elegant budget as a way to create a fulfilling and abundant life. It encourages conscious spending that is driven by joy, excitement, and alignment with our values and goals. Episode breakdown: 00:01 Elegance in spending. 05:10 The elegant budget. 09:41 The Three Mothers 12:44 The Pareto principle. 17:09 Investing in personal growth. 23:38 Maximizing your means. Quotes: "Between overindulgence and frugality is elegance." "Go out there, eat the cake, spend the money, dance on tables, enjoy life today." "Eating what you want, when you want, spending as much money as you want today is stealing from your future in some ways." "People can call me superficial, they can call me whatever they want, but I love pretty things." "I want to be wealthy in all of the ways and not just financially." "Are you ready to tend to your wealth, watch it grow and make money feel beautiful?" Useful Resources: Money Garden Workshop: Join Now! FREE Download: Join us at SOSI South!: Sign up for the Weekly Edit! Connect with Self-Image Coach Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: YouTube:


358: My Top 3 Money Mistakes (AKA Lessons)

Lessons, not Mistakes: Transforming Your Relationship with Money In this episode, Tonya Leigh discusses reframing money mistakes as money lessons. She shares three personal money lessons she has learned and how she has grown from them. The first lesson involves being scammed by a store in Aspen and realizing the importance of not making purchases out of pressure or scarcity. The second lesson involves selling stocks during the market downturn in 2020 and learning the importance of understanding investments and seeking expert advice. The third lesson involves hiring an interior designer and not thoroughly reading the contract, leading to unexpected costs and the importance of asking questions and understanding financial agreements. Leigh emphasizes the need to forgive oneself for past money mistakes and focus on designing a wealthy self-image. She also promotes her upcoming workshop, The Money Garden, where she will teach participants how to nurture and enjoy their financial garden. Episode details: 00:55 Money struggles and self-image. 06:11 Living a rich life. 09:30 Stop beating yourself up. 16:08 The pressure to buy. 23:41 Learning from financial mistakes. 26:09 Ask questions about your money. 30:41 Money garden workshop rendezvous. Quotes: "What if there are no money mistakes, just money lessons?" "But don't let someone pressure you into buying anything ever." "Don't make decisions out of scarcity because it's just going to keep perpetuating scarcity." "Because what I know is that mistake is really just a lesson." Useful Resources: Join Now! FREE Download: Money Garden Workshop: ht Join us at SOSI South: Sign up for the Weekly Edit! Connect with Self-Image Coach Tonya Leigh: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: YouTube: