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Brighton, United Kingdom




The Damping Wells 117 // 28 Nov 2023

Latest TDW with saggar fired penile colony DJ Fiery Biscuits. Heavy feature for persons playing at Splitting The Atom LXVI on Sun 3rd Dec, and a few choice cuts from local label Chocolate Monk. Be bop or bee pollen pop kids!


Take A Breath // 12 Nov 2023

Coming to you from a cozy studio to your cozy living room is 'Take A Breath', wit your host Liam! He has got loads of interesting melodies that he would love to share with you to make your Sunday even a tiny bit better. Featured artists include The Cosmic Surf Club, Alec Holowka and Kings of Convenience.


AfroBase // 24 Nov 2023

Music from the French Antilles like Haiti, Martinique and Guadeloupe, and the English Caribbean islands like Trinidad and the Bahamas. Focusing on styles like Konpa, Gwo Ka, Rapso, Chouval Bwa, Zouk, and Soca with bands like Ibo Combo, Eric Cosaque, Les Vikings de Guadeloupe, Cyril Diaz, Ti Celeste, Marcé et Tumpak, Brother Resistance, Ryco Jazz and Shadow


AfroBase // 17 Nov 2023

Plenty afrobeat this week with a new release and remix from London Afrobeat Collective, The Lagos Thugs (described as the closest band to Fela Kuti’s early Africa 70), the Togo All stars and some classic Benin sato from Orchestre Poly Rythmo with Clement Melome reissued. Also East African Congolese pico sounds via Colombia, and Uganda’s Otim Alpha with soul driver Brazen rule and the Ancient Astronauts. Plus a reminder of the Yamaya’s Brighton Gig in December at the Dome featuring Laura Impallomeni on trombone and Khadim Sarr on vocals - afrobeat meets Senegalese Mbalax


The Damping Wells 116 // 21 Nov 2023

TDW116 with black bean whitewash DJ Fiery Biscuits. Scrunch it up and put it all in pop kids.


Aracataca // 20 Nov 2023

Aracataca's John Child plays an exclusive cut by the Dorancé Lorza Latin Jazz Big Band Project ft. Roberto Pla and other big bands selections by Benny Moré y su Banda Gigante, Tito Puente ft. Barry Rogers and the Mambo Legends Orchestra; new Venezuelan salsa from Frank Márquez y su Orquesta ft. Edgar "Dolor" Quijada; rare and vintage tracks by Canelita and Joe Cuba; vintage charanga from Charanga de la 4; and a pair of vibes-led collaborations by Cal Tjader and the Palmieri brothers. Plus a rare vinyl potpourri of Ismael Rivera hits sung by Carlos "Tabaco" Quintana, and cuts from new Vampi Soul vinyl reissues by Fruko y sus Tesos, Melcochita and La Cumbia Moderna De Soledad.


AfroBase // 10 Nov 2023

New releases from Les Mamans du Congo (Brazzaville), Les Amazones d'Afrique who include Dobet Gnahore, Misumena who include Kenyan artitsts Joy Msanii & Nes Mburu, Onipa on tour, Ohia Lehua with Jembaa Groooves’s Eric Owusu, and Congolese artists Queen Lilas,. We also celebrate the birth month of Tabu Ley Rochereau and an interview with a UK based artist Liz Ikamba with Congolese heritage.


Take A Breath // 29 Oct 2023

Getting very spooky now, a couple days left until Halloween! Before it starts, how about a selection of gentle and wondrous music chosen by Liam this Sunday? Featured artists this show are the Warner Bros Studio Orchestra, Hadda Brooks and Paul Gonsalves.


The Damping Wells 115 // 06 Nov 2023

TDW with slack jawed tight arse DJ Fiery Biscuits. Treat it as 5 of your one a day


AfroBase // 03 Nov 2023

A bunch of excellent reissues from Brasil, Cuba and Venezuela from Mr Bongo and BBE records plus more tracks from the recent release of Afrobeat Movement volume 4 with Fredy Massamba, and Spain’s Pyramid Blue, and Afrobeat from drummer Tony Allen’s grandson Tunji Allen, and from the Mawimbi crew with Umoja and Village Cuts, and revisit to Planet Ilunga’s Congolese 78 compilation with Khim Valentino & Dynamic Jazz. Sad news arrived last week of the death of the dynamic Congolese guitarist Rigo Star. We play a track from his 1986 album Jotongo with Franco & OK Jazz vocalist, the late Josky Kiambukuta .


Juicy Town // 28 Oct 2023

Yeeha. In preparation for Mutations Festival this November Juicy Town is graced with the presence of CVC, as guitarist and vocalist Dave joins me to talk all things Church Village Collective. From taking on recording music yourself to touring in Texas, the realities of making it in the music industry, Meatloaf cover bands and a whole loada waffle, as per. We have new music from Bess Atwell and Mick Flannery, some of my favourite covers of all time from Danielle Ponder & Valerie June, and lots of eclectic bangers from the likes of Reb Fountain, Luca Wilding, Unloved, Mandy Indiana, Husky, and The Harmaleighs. God dang! If that ain't Juicy.


AfroBase // 27 Oct 2023

This week new releases and reissues from DK Phone (Senegal), Ghana’s highlife artist Papa Yankson courtesy of Kalita records, Alogte Oho & his Sonds of Joy, UK crew Afriquoi, Colombia’s ARN4L2 with El Bailador, and a dub reggae marimba version of El Patakore from the Pacific coast. Also from South Africa DJ/producer Muzi, more 78s from the Congo with Leon Bukasa, a classic from King Kester Emeneya and composer Safro Manzangi, Sao Tome’s Africa Negra, and more from Cameroun’s bikutsi king Gibraltar Drakus.

Small Hour Breakfast Show // 25 Oct 2023

(Originally Broadcast on 10th May) Joe shares some of his most adored tracks from his vinyl collection.


The Damping Wells 114 // 24 Oct 2023

Latest TDW with lily livered kidney bean DJ Fiery Biscuits. Live session from local bod Expedient Self, and shameless plugs for two Lost Property shows Sanam with Sairie on Fri 24th Nov at The Rosehill, , and Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp with ChopChop on Sun 17th Dec at Lewes Con Club. O humble mortal, one cannot put a price upon riches such as these.

Aracataca // 23 Oct 2023

Aracataca's John Child showcases new, reissued, vintage and rare Latin cuts from Nathan Rodríguez & su Conjunto Borikén, Manyoma Brothers, Nueva Crónica Latina ft. Víctor Jaramillo, Carlos "Tabaco" Quintana, Bobby Rodríguez y La Compañia, La India de Oriente, Rafael de Jesús, and Canelita; and a live cut from Rubén Blades + Roberto Delgado & Orquesta. Plus new charanga cuts from Dany Martínez and His Charanga and Manolito Simonet; big band Latin jazz from The Santiago Big Band ft. Marcos Fernández & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra ft. Arturo O'Farrill and jazz salsa from CSAN-II.


Slipstreem // 21 Oct 2023

This month we take a listen to some Bossa and samba grooves - Enjoy the sound of sunshine.


Take A Breath // 15 Oct 2023

Plenty of music has probably seeped through your ears this weekend, how about some more? Also, of a different texture? Join Liam for his hour of strange but wonderful tunes that has been specially curated for you! Featured artists this week are Buddy Rich, Ahmad Jamal Trio and Oscar Pettiford.

Take A Breath // 01 Oct 2023

October is here.. spoookyy vibes coming aloonngg~ In the meantime, whilst you go out to find that perfect pumpkin and last minute discount trick or treat sweets, Liam is here with another juicy show filled with songs to fill your delectation! Artists featured this weekend are Amy Winehouse, GoGo Penguin and André Previn.


AfroBase // 06 Oct 2023

This week we begin by returning to the stunning 3CD compilation The Soul of Congo compilation on Planet Ilunga with 3 tracks from the late 50s and early 60s featuring the Beguen Band and vocalist Leon Bukasa, plus a new release courtesy of Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin. We travel to Mali for a funky Rail band track, and more from the new compilation on Analoig Africa of Leon Keita who helped to found the Rail Band. Also raw funk from Amadou Balake who’s big hit Super Bar Konon Mousso graced the airwaves back in 1978., plus the Super Boiro Band and Horoya Band both from Guinea Conakry. New releases from Sangit who features Malian songstress Djely Tapa, and Sunuku with gentle Palop sax and guitar and more from the recent album from Zimbabwe’s Mokoomba and a remix of Liz Ikamba’s beautiful Ba Yeba.


Take A Breath // 17 Sep 2023

It's Sunday again, and you know it means another edition of 'Take A Breath' on the wonderful Slack City! Liam will be taking you on a whimsical journey across a selection of carefully curated tunes he specially picked for the show. Featured artists this weekend are the amazing Louis Jucker, Woods and Peter von Poehl.