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Take A Breath // 18 Feb 2024

The weekend after Valentine's sure is the weekend to just do nothing and relax, isn't it? Let Liam revitalise your energy with a sweet selection of tunes that will be sure to delight your ears! Artists featured include Gregory Porter, Loving and Mild High Club.


The Damping Wells 123 // 20 Feb 2024

Latest TDW with fibre-optic clotted cream DJ Fiery Biscuits. Tracks by NO Moore, Club Sound Witches and Monophonic. Stretch out, soak up and spin off pop kids.


Take A Breath // 18 Feb 2024

The weekend after Valentine's sure is the weekend to just do nothing and relax, isn't it? Let Liam revitalize your energy with a sweet selection of tunes that will be sure to delight your ears! Artists featured include Gregory Porter, Loving and Mild High Club.

Take A Breath // 04 Feb 2024

Another Sunday, another day to do whatever you like before those Monday blues hit again. Join Liam for another edition of Take A Breath if you desire some variety in your soundtrack to the day! Artists featured are Future Islands, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Booker T. & the M.G.'s.


Bo's BeatRoot Jam // 16 Feb 2024

This one is all for love and love for all. Reflection to the valentines spirit. Some mellow, some wild… float into love dear babies ❤️❤️❤️


Bo's BeatRoot Jam // 09 Feb 2024

This first show was my attempt to transcend the cultures and continents with the mutual love of music of all these people. Beginning of the weekend in my mind sounds like this show and I hope you’ll enjoy the other shows to come. Landscapes of cultural heritage wrapped up in the musical arrangements.


AfroBase // 16 Feb 2024

Music from the Congo with a focus on the work of Verckys Kiamuangana, producer and one time sax player with OK jazz till they fell out and who also introduced funk to Congolese music following James Brown’ visit to Kinshasa in 1974. Tracks from the his labels and the new Analog Africa compilation ‘Congo Funk! Sound Madness From The Shores Of The Mighty Congo River (Kinshasa/Brazzaville 1969-1982)’. And we finish with a track from the Gambia, as a master percussionist Musa Mboob comes to town with his band


The Damping Wells 122 // 12 Feb 2024

Latest TDW with hasselback nipple tassel DJ Fiery Biscuits. Tracks by A_R_C_C_K_R_L_L, Seth Cooke, Victor Moragues, Pat Thomas, and Jacek Chmiel/Thomas Rohrer. She keeps a tidy barn does Liquid Peg.


AfroBase // 09 Feb 2024

This week new releases and reissues with a Ghanaian, Senegalese, and Nigerian flavour, plus two amazing compilations one each from Analog Africa, devoted to impossible to find funk influenced tracks on Verckys Kiamuangana’s Veve label, and Planet Ilunga devoted to very rare Franco & OK Jazz tracks on the Editions Populaire label - both of course via Zaire now Congo DRC.


Aracataca // 12 Feb 2024

To mark 2024 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival season, Aracataca's John Child plays soca grooves from Shadow, Scrunter, Explainer, Singing Francine, Brother Valentino and Alison Hinds, together with jazz soca from Hugh Masekela & Siparia Deltones. Plus Aracataca remembers the calypso and soca artist Denyse Plummer, featuring Zodiac, Len "Boogsie" Sharpe and Phase II Pan Groove.


Aracataca // 29 Jan 2024

Aracataca's John Child catches up with some new Latin releases and reissues from José Alberto "El Canario", Dorancé Lorza & Sexteto Café, Johnny Freyre, PALO!, Colette Michaan, Richard Zayas, DJ Sonero ft. Néstor Pacheco y La Orquesta Retrombon, Príncipe y su Sexteto, El Clan Antillano and La Logia Sarabanda. Plus Aracataca remembers Gary Nuñez and Plena Libre.


AfroBase // 26 Jan 2024

New release from reggae artist Mo’ Kalamity, Malian divas Les Amazones D’Afrique, The London Afrobeat Collective, Konkolo Orchestra, ex-Fela sax player Bukky Leo has a new album due, and a remix of Mozambican artist Miton Gulli by Kid Fonque. Also reissues of Oluko Imo’s Oduduwa 12” on Soundway remastered, and Franck Biyongs brilliant homage to Tony Allen called Oladipo on Tangential Records


Take A Breath // 21 Jan 2024

It never stops here, so let's take an hour to pause and listen to some noise of the composed type. Join Liam for another edition of Take A Breath! Artists featured this programme are Eki Shola, Adah Kaleh and Carlton Jumel Smith & The Soul Seeders.


The Damping Wells 121 // 22 Jan 2024

The Damping Wells 121 with slack jawed tight arse DJ Fiery Biscuits. Heavy feature for Splitting The Atom LXVII on Feb 4th at the Green Door Store, and a session from 4 Eyed Clone specially recorded for the show. Pull it hard pop kids!!!***


AfroBase // 19 Jan 2024

A disco and funk inspired show with reworks from Ghana’s Rex Omar and Mendel’s mix of Kofi Ayivor, Cameroun’s Ekambi Brilliant reworked by Stefano Ritteri, Nigeria’s Positive Oluwo plus his Olumo Soundz project too. Plus heavy afrobeat as Fela would have loved it from the Lagos Thugs, Fra Fra singer Linda Ayupuka, Ghana’s Ebo Taylor and cooling it down with the beautiful voice of Congo’s Iyenga Mboyo.


Take A Breath // 07 Jan 2024

Happy new year! Slack City is three years old and we have loads of exciting plans to share with you all! Let the music do the talking as Liam has to go back to the theatre and set some important equipment up! Artists featured in this song only episode include Muddy Waters, Yin Yin and Fleetwood Mac.


Take A Breath // 24 Dec 2023

Christmas time is upon us.. surely there is time to squeeze in a soundtrack packed edition of Take A Breath? Course there is! Join Liam on this starry night whilst you wrap up the last of the presents and prepare the Christmas dinner as he leads you on a festive treat! Artists featured are Ludwig Göransson, Calah Lane, Timothée Chalamet and Renée Elise Goldsberry.


The Damping Wells 120 // 16 Jan 2024

TDW120 with copper beaten marsh flat DJ Fiery Biscuits. Heavy feature for this show , and for local label Difficult Art And Music compilation Bivouac Of The Avant Garde Vol. 3. Use two spoons pop kids!!!***


Aracataca // 15 Jan 2024

Aracataca's John Child celebrates the career of the notable Puerto Rican trumpeter Joe Rodríguez and founder of Orquesta La Terrífica, featuring lead singers Tito Goméz, Yolanda Rivera, Manuel "Mannix" Martínez, Héctor "Pichie" Pérez, Héctor Tricoche, Luisito Carrion and Nelson Colón. Plus new releases from Pete Perignon ft. Jeremy Bosch, Orquesta Salsa 220, Classico Latino & Fruko ft. Omar Puente, The Mantecas and DJ Duste; and a rare descarga cut from Gilberto Cruz y su Orquesta.


AfroBase // 12 Jan 2024

New releases from Ivory Coast singer Dobet Gnahore and reissues and remastered album from Trinidad's afrosoul outfit Black Truth Rhythm Band from 1976 and Oluko Imo's Oduduwa both due out on Soundway records. Recent releases from DJ Karaba, Nigerias' Positive Oluwu and the Keshav rework of Mansa Musa's Beat the Drum. Plus more from the 5 woman collective Les Mamans du Congo and the juju-fuji-highlife mix that came from Dr Orlando Owoh and his Young Kenneries in 1989.