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Amanpour is CNN International's flagship global affairs interview program hosted by Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour.






Ukrainian Minister of Strategic Industries Alexander Kamyshin

America’s unwavering support for Ukraine hangs in the balance, as Senate Republicans block a move to pass an aid package. The White House warns funds for Ukraine’s defense could run out soon and with global attention on the Middle East, Kyiv is struggling to plead its case. Alexander Kamyshin began the war running Ukraine’s railways, as a strategic transport network for the military and humanitarian effort. He is now Ukraine’s Minister for Strategic Industries and joins Christiane from the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington. Also on today's show: Mstyslav Chernov, Director, “20 Days in Mariupol”; musician Jacob Collier; Michael Powell, Staff Writer, The Atlantic Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Israeli Peace Activist Robi Damelin

The entire Gaza Strip has become "one of the most dangerous places in the world," according to the UN Agency providing humanitarian aid. This weekend in London, a vigil was held outside Downing Street to demonstrate that both Israelis and Palestinians are suffering and pleading for an end to the cycle of violence. One of the main proponents of this peace movement is Robi Damelin, whose son David was killed by a Palestinian sniper in 2002. Instead of being consumed by hate and revenge, she devotes her life towards peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Robi joins Christiane in the studio. Also on today's show: Tom Hanks and Christopher Riley discuss their new, immersive documentary The Moonwalkers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Church and the far right

For the first time in decades, there are more autocracies than liberal democracies around the world. Fears about America are growing and if Donald Trump wins a second term in the White House, he pledges to install ideological allies in key positions. Central to Trump’s support is his Christian Evangelical base. The Atlantic writer Tim Alberta’s latest book, The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, examines the nexus between the Church and far-right politics. He saw it up close as a Christian whose father was an Evangelical Minister. He joins Christiane from New York. Also on today's show: CNN Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman reports from Jerusalem on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza; Ronen Bergman, author, Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel's Targeted Assassinations; New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Former State Dept. Dir. Josh Paul

Soon after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th, Josh Paul resigned from the US State Department in protest of what he said were unscrutinized arms transfers to Israel. In his resignation letter, Paul said the Israeli response and American support, "will only lead to more and deeper suffering for both the Israeli and Palestinian people.” He joins Christiane to discuss Also on today's show: Israeli human rights lawyer May Pundak & Palestian human rights activist Rana Salman; reporter Arelis Hernández; actor Aria Mia Loberti Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


What to watch for at COP 28

Britain’s King Charles took the stage at the UN Climate Summit in Dubai, saying the world is approaching "dangerous uncharted territory" as the climate crisis deepens – with 2023 set to be the warmest year yet. Ahead of the conference Bianna spoke with former White House National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy, to get her steer on the importance of this year’s COP. Also on today's show: CNN Pentagon Correspondent Oren Liebermann; NYT investigative correspondent Azam Ahmed; NYT reporter Reed Abelson and KFF Health News reporter Jordan Rau discuss their series "Dying Broke"; 18-year-old banjo virtuoso Nora Brown Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Isaacson on Kissinger

Henry Kissinger, one of the most famous American Secretaries of State, died on Wednesday at age 100. From his pivotal role in the Vietnam War, to holding secret diplomatic talks with communist China, Kissinger wielded great diplomatic power. But he was reviled by many for his role in the bombing of Cambodia and the rise of repressive regimes in Latin America. Historian and journalist Walter Isaacson knows Henry Kissinger’s life story inside and out, writing what some call “the definitive biography”, he joins Bianna to reflect on Kissinger’s life. Also on today's show: PBS host Margaret Hoover & CNN anchor John Avlon; Al Jazeera correspondent Youmna ElSayed Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Behind the Palestinians released by Israel

According to analysis of Israel prison service data, out of the Palestinians freed since the hostage deal with Hamas, almost 80% were teenage boys aged 14 to 18 and two-thirds were held under administrative detention – meaning they were not told the charges against them or given due legal process. Khaled Elgindy, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute and an expert on Israeli-Palestinian affairs, explains the reality for these Palestinians. Also on today's show: Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland; Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser; Tom Nichols, Staff Writer, The Atlantic Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Investigating gender-based violence by Hamas

There’s hope in Israel as more hostages are expected to be released as part of an extended truce between Hamas and Israel. But the horrors of October 7 are still being uncovered with Israeli police and a civil commission compiling evidence of rape and sexual assault against women by Hamas. Some say those harrowing stories have been ignored by international communities. This includes Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, Israeli legal scholar, who feels "completely betrayed" by women's rights organizations. She joins the show to discuss this, followed by Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, who defends her organization. Also on today's show: Omer Benjakob, disinformation and cyber reporter for Haaretz; actor Colman Domingo; former chief speechwriter for US President Jimmy Carter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Israel-Hamas truce extended

A truce between Israel and Hamas in Gaza is extended by two days, Qatar announced today. The pause in fighting gives some relief to a besieged Gaza, and more time to work out deals to swap Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners. Over the weekend, four-year-old American Israeli Abigail Edan was released, but not into the arms of her parents. They were killed in front of her on October 7th when Hamas stormed their kibbutz. Also released was 9-year-old Emily Hand, an extremely emotional moment for her father who initially believed she was dead. Eyal Nouri’s aunt Adina Moshe was released on Friday, and he joined the program. Also on today's show: Israeli psychologist Ayelet Gundar-Goshen; author Nathan Thrall; opinion writer Roxane Gay; Booker Prize-winning author Paul Lynch Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Amanpour update for November 23, 2023

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Behind the hostage deal

If the hostage deal between Israel and Hamas all goes according to plan, at least 50 hostages held by Hamas will be released in exchange for some 150 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, and there will be a four-day pause in the fighting. But both sides are clear: This is not a ceasefire, and once the pause is over, the fighting continues. Gershon Baskin, a veteran hostage negotiator who played a prominent role in the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in 2011, joins the show from Jerusalem. Also on today's show: Luis Moreno Ocampo, Former Prosecutor, International Criminal Court / Deputy Prosecutor, Argentina's Trial of the Juntas; director Roger Ross Williams; musician Yusuf/Cat Stevens (from the archives) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


UN Under-Secretary General Martin Griffiths

The number of civilians killed in Gaza is continuing to rise on an "unparalleled and unprecedented" scale, according to the UN Secretary General. Israel’s siege on Gaza means basic necessities like food, water, medicine and fuel are close to running out completely. To discuss the situation, UN Relief Chief Martin Griffiths joins Christiane from UN HQ in Geneva. Also on today's show: Documentary filmmaker Daniel Lombroso & Holocaust survivor Nina Gottlieb; Grammy-winning artist Jon Batiste & Matthew Heineman, director of “American Symphony” on Netflix Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak

The WHO has described Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital as a "death zone" after a fact-finding mission. The head of the organization has also condemned the attack on the Indonesian hospital in Gaza which killed 12 people, including patients. Israel says it was responding to fire from within that hospital, and it’s increasingly under international pressure to produce concrete evidence that Hamas uses the Al-Shifa hospital as a major command center, something Hamas officials deny. Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak joins the show to discuss his perspective on what must happen next. Also on today's show: Paul Caruana Galizia, Author, “A Death in Malta”; Nora Benavidez, Senior Counsel and Director of Digital Justice and Civil Rights, Free Press Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas

While the eyes of the world are trained on Israel and Gaza, there's fear among Ukraine and its allies that the fight against Russia is slipping down the global agenda. Watching all this closely is Russia’s neighbor Estonia. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, dubbed the iron lady of Europe, met US House Speaker Johnson in Washington, DC this week. Upon her return, she spoke to Christiane from the Estonian capital of Tallinn. Also on today's show: Susan Glasser, Staff Writer, The New Yorker; Stephanie Land, Author, “Class” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Mounting pressure on Israel to justify hospital raid

Israeli Defense Forces remain inside Gaza’s main Al-Shifa Hospital, which they claim was a Hamas command center. The IDF has yet to release conclusive proof; they say they will reveal more in the coming days, amid mounting pressure to justify the raid. Correspondent Nic Robertson has a closer look at the Israeli operation underway inside Al-Shifa Hospital... and what has and has not been found. Also on today's show: former French President Francois Hollande; physician and peace activist Dr. Izzeldine Abuelaish; author Jason Stanley Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Raid on Al-Shifa hospital

After weeks of fierce fighting, Hamas says Israel has gained control of Gaza’s main hospital, where thousands of civilians have been sheltering. Many of Al-Shifa's wards are damaged and deserted, and doctors say the hospital's main building has effectively ceased functioning. Israel claims to be conducting a "targeted operation" against a Hamas command center underneath the hospital, but medical officials and Hamas have both consistently denied this. Correspondent Nada Bashir reports on the situation at the hospital. Also on today's show: US Democratic Senator Chris Murphy; Omer Bartov, Professor of Holocaust and genocide studies, Brown University; Palestinian-American journalist Laila El-Haddad Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Netanyahu Senior Adviser Mark Regev

From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, families of hostages today began a five-day march to pressure their government to bring home their loved ones. President Biden said he believes a deal on freeing hostages is going to happen soon. But at the White House and around the world, prosecution of the war is creating huge anxiety, in the face of constant Israeli bombardment around homes and hospitals and the ever-mounting civilian death toll in Gaza. To discuss all this, Christiane speaks with PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s senior adviser Mark Regev. Also on today's show: Daniel Levy, President, US/Middle East Project; Katherine Turk, Author, “The Women of NOW” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The sounds of Gaza's collapsing health system

No milk for babies, no food for patients, and no fuel for lights or incubators. Gaza’s health system is crumbling under the weight of war, as Israel says it's going deeper into the territory. Battles rage around the two main hospitals, with the director of the largest one, Al-Shifa, saying the situation is “catastrophic” and that all essential units have collapsed. Israel alleges that Hamas command centers are housed beneath it, which Hamas and the doctors in the hospital deny. Nada Bashir reports on the desperate situation there. Also on today's show: Jonathan Freedland, Guardian columnist & Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic and Interreligious Studies, University of Edinburgh; US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo; journalist/author Emily Tamkin Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


'A never-ending humanitarian nightmare'

That's how the UN Secretary-General has described the situation in Gaza. As tens of thousands of people flee south, the IDF allowed another evacuation corridor for six hours and agreed to continue daily pauses in areas of northern Gaza, according to the White House. Correspondents Jomana Karadsheh and Nada Bashir report on the increasing humanitarian crisis. Also on today's show: Sasha Dovzhyk, Editor, London Ukrainian Review; Susanne Nossel, CEO, PEN America; Katalin Kariko, Winner, 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine / Author, “Breaking Through” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Daughter of Israeli hostage speaks out

Israeli, US and Qatari intelligence chiefs met in Doha today for hostage negotiations. Over 200 hostages were taken by Hamas and other groups are still not freed. Some of what we do know about their conditions comes mostly from one woman: Yocheved Lifschitz. At 85, on October 7, she was grabbed in her nightgown and taken by Hamas into Gaza. She is one of only four people to be released so far. Her daughter Sharone was by her side at a Tel Aviv Hospital, as Yocheved explained the spiders web of tunnels she was held in. But the family nightmare continues, with Sharone’s elderly father Oded is still being held. Sharone joins Christiane to mark one month since the Hamas atrocities and call on her government to put the fate of hostages first. Also on today's show: Israeli peace activist Robi Damelin & Bassam Aramin, The Parents Circle Families Forum; Giva Haveeva Education Center Director of Strategy Mohammad Darawshe Learn more about your ad choices. Visit