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Hear the story behind the headlines. In under ten minutes each episode, we’ll help you make sense of the news stories that matter to you from Australia and the world, with reports and interviews from the SBS News team.


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Hear the story behind the headlines. In under ten minutes each episode, we’ll help you make sense of the news stories that matter to you from Australia and the world, with reports and interviews from the SBS News team.




Populist pro-Russia party wins Slovakia poll

Elections in Slovakia saw the party of former Prime Minister Robert Fico win the largest share of the votes, making him the most likely candidate to form a government. He was elected on a populist campaign widely seen as pro-Russian, but still has to form a coalition.


Türkiye bombs Kurdish rebels after Ankara suicide blast

Türkiye says it's carried out over 20 air strikes on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, hours after a suicide bombing at the interior ministry in the capital, Ankara. The Kurdistan Workers' Party, known as the PKK, had claimed responsibility for the suicide blast saying it was carried out by a group linked to them.


Childcare costs for Australian families among highest in world, ACCC report finds

Australia's consumer watchdog has revealed the enormous burden of childcare fees on households. The ACCC report is the second in a series, drafting recommendations to government to improve outcomes in the sector.


Smart tech keeping the buzz going for Israeli beekeepers

An Israeli tech start-up is hoping to help beekeepers maintain their bee colonies with a smart touch. Using sensors and real-time data analysis, the tech allows keepers to track the health of their hives and prevent die-offs that are blamed on a combination of parasites, pesticides, starvation and climate change.


Authorities urge caution around migrating whales after man's death in Sydney's Botany Bay

Police say they're investigating after the death of a man when a whale struck his boat in Sydney's Botany Bay. They say they're also ramping up safety checks on the water as boating season begins.


Lab-cultivated fat: The secret sauce for delicious meat alternatives

There's a growing trend towards meat substitutes amid concern over greenhouse gas emissions generated from livestock production. A bioengineering company in London is now focused on manufacturing lab cultivated fat, hoping to make meat alternatives tastier.


State of emergency is now New York's state of mind

A state of emergency has been declared in New York City, after a month's worth of rain fell in less than 24 hours. The rain has unleashed life-threatening flooding across every part of the city of eight and a half million people.


Southern EU nations call for new migration and asylum deal

A Libyan coast guard boat has collided with a small dinghy carrying around 50 migrants, causing the rubber vessel to sink. The incident has come amid increasing pressure for the European Union to expedite a new migration and asylum agreement and intensify efforts to curb departures from North Africa.


Australia's first Muslim coach in a major professional sport prepares for a new season

Back-to-back NBL champions Sydney Kings are gearing up for their first game of the season. Leading the team will be new head coach, Mahmoud Abdelfattah, as the first Muslim coach in a major Australian professional sport.


'X' ditches political lie detector

Social media giant ‘X’ has scrapped its feature allowing people to report misleading political information. Observers say it's come at a disastrous time for Australians about to decide whether to install an Indigenous Voice to parliament. And it poses a potentially significant threat to electoral integrity around the world.


Four and a half years results in a 5000-page Disability report with 200 recommendations

After a four-and-a-half year inquiry, the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability has tabled its final report. The report has made over 200 recommendations at federal, state and territory level covering access to support, education and First Nations and culturally diverse Australians with disabilities. It says its recommendations will lead to a more inclusive vision of Australia, in which people with disability can live independently and their human rights are protected.


INTERVIEW: CEO of Women with Disability, Carolyn Frohmader

Carolyn Frohmader is the CEO of Women with Disabilities. She's been advocating in this area for more than 25 years and told SBS's Biwa Kwan that she's feeling a little nervous - but hopeful about the release of the Disability Royal Commission's report on Friday. She says it's an emotional moment.


Mass exodus of 70,000 Armenians as Azerbaijan vows peaceful integration

More than 70,000 Armenians have fled from Nagorno-Karabakh crossing into Armenia, leaving all their belongings behind. Azerbaijan officials say they do not wish for the mass exodus. They have promised to do what they can for the peaceful integration of all Armenians into the Karabakh region.


Suing the snoops: New laws introduced to boost privacy and protect data

The government has introduced sweeping reforms to privacy laws, which they intend to legislate in 2024. The response to a two year review into the Privacy Act has re-defined personal information, and even enables Australians to file a civil lawsuit for privacy breaches.


First Nations festival reconnects culture

A unique Indigenous storytelling festival has begun, showcasing the experiences of First Nations People. The Yellamundie Festival is a platform for performers to connect, learn, and share their stories in their own way.


International cricketer cleared of rape charge

Sri Lankan cricketer Danushka Gunathilaka has been found not guilty of sexual intercourse without consent. The test batsman was accused of sexually assaulting a woman he met on a dating app during the team's T-20 World Cup campaign last year. But today, he left court a free man.


Citizen scientists: Mapping the nation's biodiversity bounty

Members of the Australian community are volunteering to document Australia's vast and diverse biodata. Citizen scientists play a crucial role in understanding where species occur, where they thrive - and where they're under threat.


SBS On the Money: Solving Australia's housing shortage & oil prices surging

Brickworks CEO Lindsay Partridge tells SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Gonçalves what he thinks will help to solve Australia's housing shortage in the short-term plus hear from Elizabeth Tian from Citi for the day on the markets.


This family is preserving culture, with a sweet treat for the mid-Autumn or Moon Festival

The Lee family celebrate their Korean culture by making traditional rice cake called songpyeon. The Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival is a busy time for many businesses, as families share traditional gifts.


Energy agency says 1.5C climate goal still within reach due to record growth in solar power and EVs

The rapid uptake of solar panels and electric vehicles has kept the path to the 1.5-degree Celsius climate target alive. That’s the finding of the International Energy Agency in its latest report.