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Hear the story behind the headlines. In under ten minutes each episode, we’ll help you make sense of the news stories that matter to you from Australia and the world, with reports and interviews from the SBS News team.


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Hear the story behind the headlines. In under ten minutes each episode, we’ll help you make sense of the news stories that matter to you from Australia and the world, with reports and interviews from the SBS News team.




Victoria has a new premier

A new era of leadership has begun in Victoria, after Daniel Andrews' surprise resignation from the top job. Jacinta Allan has won the unanimous support of her colleagues to become the state's second female premier.


Senate questions Qantas over market dominance and Qatar being denied extra flights

Airline bosses have appeared before the continuing Qatar Senate inquiry to discuss the Federal Government’s rejection of extra Qatar Airways flights. Qatar Airways says it was shocked to not have extra flights approved by the Australian Government, insisting more planes would have benefited the local economy. It is alleged that Qantas has been receiving privileged treatment from the government.


Yes, No campaigners out in force as leading lights meet the press

It has been another busy day for the Yes campaign, with prominent supporters and parliamentarians rallying and flyering across the country for a Yes vote. Following No Campaigner Warren Mundine's speech at the National Press Club on Tuesday, Wednesday was Yes campaigner Noel Pearson's turn to address journalists in Canberra.


Four decades on - America's Cup history remembered

It's a "where were you" moment in Australian history. On September 26th, 1983 in Newport, Rhode Island, in the United States, Australia 2 won the oldest trophy in world sport, the America's Cup. This week, those responsible for the triumph, celebrated 40 years since one of the nation's most iconic moments.


Australia's shocking wealth gap: Low-income earners hit hardest

New research reveals Australians are experiencing a wealth gap with low-income earners bearing the brunt. Advocates are calling for a levelling of the playing field. And charities warn that if nothing is done urgently, it will ultimately affect the future of children from low-income households.


UN refugee agency rejects attack by UK politician

Britain's Home Secretary Suella Braverman has used a speech in Washington to argue multiculturalism has failed in the U-K, saying migration has been too much, too quick in the past 25 years. She has called for changes to be made to the global asylum system, saying a failure to control migration poses an existential threat to the West. But the UN refugee agency has rejected her criticisms.


Portuguese youth launch world's largest climate legal action

Six young people are preparing to take 32 European nations to court to try to force them to do more to reduce their emissions. The claimants from Portugal, who are aged between 11 and 24, say they were driven to act after wildfires in their country in 2017 that killed more than 100 people. What's been described as the world's largest climate legal action coincides with calls from the International Energy Agency for a significant reduction in fossil fuel use.


Dan Andrews resigns: 'You never want to get to a place where you resent this job.'

Premier Daniel Andrews has stepped down as the leader of Victoria after nine years in power. He was the state's longest serving incumbent premier and became a towering figure in both state and national politics. The premier says it will be up to others to determine his legacy.


Tasmanian Inquiry reports: 'We failed you. We are all accountable'

The scale of child sexual abuse in Tasmania has been exposed with the release of highly anticipated findings from Tasmania's Commission of Inquiry into child sexual abuse. The 3,500-page report was tabled into parliament on Tuesday. More than 100 people have already been referred to Tasmania Police or child protection as a result of its work.


INTERVIEW: Expert on Victorian state politics Paul Strangio on Dan Andrews' resignation

Victoria'a Premier Dan Andrews has announced at a snap press conference held at state parliament that after nearly a decade in the job, now is the time to step away. SBS's Anton Enus speaks to political writer Paul Strangio, an expert on Victorian State politics.


Thousands flee Nagorno-Karabakh region

The Armenian Prime Minister says ethnic cleansing is "under way" in Nagorno-Karabakh, as thousands of ethnic Armenians continue to flee the region. It comes after a 24-hour military offensive took place in the region last week.


Adelaide creatives find their voice with Jazzmeia Horn

An award winning New York-based jazz artist has been giving masterclasses to emerging creatives at Adelaide University. But Jazzmeia Horn says it's not all about the techniques. She views singing as a vehicle for people to be true to themselves.


Inquiry hears Russia tortured some Ukrainians to death

A United Nations led inquiry has found Russian forces tortured Ukrainians so brutally that some of their victims died. It also says the Russians forced families to listen as they raped women in adjacent rooms.


National bushfire summit helping emergency services brace for a risky summer

Agencies from across the country are meeting in Canberra this week for the National Disaster Preparedness Summit. They're looking to learn from the past, ahead of what's forecast to be a dangerous bushfire season.


Dividend payouts peak this week, but where to now?

Almost $22bn in dividends will be paid out this week as some of Australia's largest companies reward shareholders. But with an economic slowdown, what's the future of dividends? SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Gonçalves speaks with Craig James from CommSec for more, plus Alex Pikoulas, CFA from Harper Bernays on the day on the markets including a new challenge for Qantas.


'Why did the dams burst?': Anger builds over Derna's disaster

Emergency workers in Libya have recovered a further 23 bodies in Derna, bringing the total documented cases to 3,868 following the devastating floods triggered by heavy rains. Two teams have been formed to expedite the documentation of missing individuals, with one focusing on bodies recovered from the sea and the other on those buried haphazardly during the crisis.


NASA brings asteroid samples to Earth

A NASA space capsule carrying the largest soil sample ever scooped up from the surface of an asteroid has streaked through Earth's atmosphere and parachuted into the Utah desert, delivering the celestial specimen to scientists. The final descent and landing, shown on a NASA livestream, capped a six-year joint mission between the US space agency and the University of Arizona.


Study stress concerns as final year 12 exams approach

With final exams just weeks away, concerns are being raised about the impact stress is having on high school students across Australia. New research reveals stress is impacting the sleep and wellbeing of year 12 students, and the issue appears to be getting worse.


Community solar project shining a light on Australia's renewable energy transition

As Australia prepares to transition to renewable energy, some residents are banding together to create their own energy infrastructure. The community of Bannister is hoping these projects can educate others about renewable energy.


How to stay social while living with dementia? Grace and Bob visit a local café

More than 400,000 people are living with dementia in Australia and it remains the second highest cause of death. Even so, a diagnosis doesn’t have to mean the end of a healthy social life. Dementia cafes are springing up across the country, offering a safe space for people to meet and share experiences.