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Hear the story behind the headlines. In under ten minutes each episode, we’ll help you make sense of the news stories that matter to you from Australia and the world, with reports and interviews from the SBS News team.


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Hear the story behind the headlines. In under ten minutes each episode, we’ll help you make sense of the news stories that matter to you from Australia and the world, with reports and interviews from the SBS News team.




Christmas is coming - and so are the charity scams

At a time when charities are stepping up appeals for donations in the lead up to Christmas, the national charity regulator warns there is a high risk of fake charity scams. It comes as official data shows Australians are losing billions of dollars to scammers each year


Australia Post to end daily letter deliveries

Just in time for Christmas, a major change is coming to the way Australia Post delivers. Daily letter deliveries are ending to focus more on parcels.


Coming soon: Change Agents series 3

We often hear about society's high achievers but there are others in our community working as role models of change. From community owned farms to the healing power of fairy tales, people passionate about changing the lives of those around them. Change Agents - a podcast about people transforming their communites one step at a time.


Talk turns to global cooling at COP28 as US goes nuclear

On the sixth day of the United Nations climate summit in Dubai, 63 countries have pledged to deeply cut cooling-related emissions. It comes as activists attending the summit have voiced their concerns around the high number of fossil fuel lobbyists at the event.


UN laments lack of 'safe places' in Gaza as Israeli forces reach the heart of the south

Israel officials say its forces are in the heart of the city of Khan Younis, in what it has called the most intense fighting in five weeks of ground operations against Hamas. In a rare move, the United States is announcing a new visa restrictions in an effort to hold those accountable for violence against civilians in the West Bank.


INTERVIEW: Gaza refugee Mohammed Al Shawwa

Since the start of the war in Gaza, 139 Australian citizens, permanent residents and family members have been evacuated, but more than 60 remain. SBS has been speaking with one Australian man, Mohammed Al Shawwa separated from his family. They were able to leave via the Rafah border two weeks ago, but he is still waiting for approval. With the truce now ended, he is facing mounting uncertainty about whether he and his 80 year old mother will be able to evacuate safely.


Increasing cost-of-living turning seasonal stress to distress

New research from Beyond Blue reveals one in five people are experiencing extreme effects on their mental health due to the rising cost of living. The data suggests financial pressures are the number one stressor as the end of the year approaches.


Advocates welcome government support for forced marriage prevention

The federal government has announced a $12.1 million package to support the victims of forced marriage. The practice is considered a form of modern day slavery and can have severe impacts on the mental health of its victims.


Hopes interest rate reprieve will slow soaring cost of living

Australian households have been given a reprieve ahead of the holiday season as the Reserve Bank kept interest rates on hold at 4.35 per cent. The government says it's proof its policies are bringing down inflation but many are looking to a Senate inquiry coming next year to investigate claims of price-gouging and soaring supermarket profits.


US says there have been too many civilian deaths in Gaza

Israel has expanded its ground and air offensives in southern Gaza, ordering residents of the city of Khan Younis to evacuate amid an already desperate humanitarian crisis. The U-S has issued its strongest words to Israel yet in the face of a rising civilian death toll, but has blamed Hamas for the collapse of a seven-day truce. In other quarters, harsh rebukes have been issued to the international community for failing to protect civilians in Gaza and condemn sexual violence in the conflict.


Hillary Clinton at COP28: 'Women bear the burdon of climatic events'

On the fifth day of the United Nations climate summit, delegates have discussed climate finance, and what role gender plays in addressing the climate crisis. It also saw COP28 president Sultan al-Jaber respond to suggestions he has a conflict of interest or a lack of genuine commitment to the issue.


'I know he died. Emotionally I can't accept it.' Navigating the complexities of loss

Grief may be a universal experience but it’s felt uniquely across our multicultural landscape. In this first episode of Living Loss, we explore how many turn to their culture and community to navigate complex feelings of loss. How do different cultures hold space for grief, and are some better equipped than others?


New resources to help people better manage arthritis

There's a shortage of rheumatologists in Australia. And patients are saying they wish they had more readily available support on how to manage the condition to improve their quality of life. A new resource is hoping to empower patients and care givers on how to better manage the disease.


Serious offenders could be re-detained in immigration detention amendment

The federal government will introduce legislation this week, to deal with the fallout from a High Court decision that ruled indefinite detention was illegal, resulting in the release of nearly 150 immigration detainees. The amendments, supported in principle by the Opposition, could see the worst offenders returned to detention.


INTERVIEW: Venezuela holds referendum on future of oil rich Esequibo region

Polling booths have closed in Venezuela, where a referendum has been held to decide on the ownership of the oil-rich Esequibo region. The region is internationally recognised as part of neighbouring Guyana, with fears the referendum could lead to conflict between the two nations. Tys Occhiuzzi spoke to Phil Gunson, a senior analyst with the International Crisis Group based in Caracas.


COP28 host country is abusing public trust, says Al Gore

On the fourth day of the United Nations climate summit, delegates from around the world have focused on how a changing climate can affect health outcomes. Meanwhile, Australia has joined more than 100 nations in pledging to triple global renewable energy generation capacity by 2030.


Effects of the war in Gaza spread elsewhere

The war between Hamas and Israel has resumed after the end of the truce. There are now worries that its effect could be felt outside of the Middle East.


COP28: Australia urged to make substantial commitment to climate loss and damage fund

Caritas Australia says Australia is facing a high level of expectation to deliver on ambitious action on climate change at COP28.


Climate disaster fund agreed in principle - but is time running out in the Pacific?

A global climate disaster fund to help the countries least responsible for the climate crisis but most affected has been signed off on at the COP28 talks in Dubai. Many details and funding are yet to be worked out. Pacific Island nations have been leading advocates, but are warning time is running out for them.


Time for a nap? Chinstrap penguins survive on 10,000 microsleeps a day

Penguins are sleeping only seconds at a time - but thousands of times a day - according to a new study published in the journal Science. Researchers say chinstrap penguins, who look like they're wearing helmets, have adapted their sleep pattern to their high-stress environment