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Hear the story behind the headlines. In under ten minutes each episode, we’ll help you make sense of the news stories that matter to you from Australia and the world, with reports and interviews from the SBS News team.


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Hear the story behind the headlines. In under ten minutes each episode, we’ll help you make sense of the news stories that matter to you from Australia and the world, with reports and interviews from the SBS News team.




'I know he died. Emotionally I can't accept it.' Navigating the complexities of loss

Grief may be a universal experience but it’s felt uniquely across our multicultural landscape. In this first episode of Living Loss, we explore how many turn to their culture and community to navigate complex feelings of loss. How do different cultures hold space for grief, and are some better equipped than others?


New resources to help people better manage arthritis

There's a shortage of rheumatologists in Australia. And patients are saying they wish they had more readily available support on how to manage the condition to improve their quality of life. A new resource is hoping to empower patients and care givers on how to better manage the disease.


Serious offenders could be re-detained in immigration detention amendment

The federal government will introduce legislation this week, to deal with the fallout from a High Court decision that ruled indefinite detention was illegal, resulting in the release of nearly 150 immigration detainees. The amendments, supported in principle by the Opposition, could see the worst offenders returned to detention.


INTERVIEW: Venezuela holds referendum on future of oil rich Esequibo region

Polling booths have closed in Venezuela, where a referendum has been held to decide on the ownership of the oil-rich Esequibo region. The region is internationally recognised as part of neighbouring Guyana, with fears the referendum could lead to conflict between the two nations. Tys Occhiuzzi spoke to Phil Gunson, a senior analyst with the International Crisis Group based in Caracas.


COP28 host country is abusing public trust, says Al Gore

On the fourth day of the United Nations climate summit, delegates from around the world have focused on how a changing climate can affect health outcomes. Meanwhile, Australia has joined more than 100 nations in pledging to triple global renewable energy generation capacity by 2030.


Effects of the war in Gaza spread elsewhere

The war between Hamas and Israel has resumed after the end of the truce. There are now worries that its effect could be felt outside of the Middle East.


COP28: Australia urged to make substantial commitment to climate loss and damage fund

Caritas Australia says Australia is facing a high level of expectation to deliver on ambitious action on climate change at COP28.


Climate disaster fund agreed in principle - but is time running out in the Pacific?

A global climate disaster fund to help the countries least responsible for the climate crisis but most affected has been signed off on at the COP28 talks in Dubai. Many details and funding are yet to be worked out. Pacific Island nations have been leading advocates, but are warning time is running out for them.


Time for a nap? Chinstrap penguins survive on 10,000 microsleeps a day

Penguins are sleeping only seconds at a time - but thousands of times a day - according to a new study published in the journal Science. Researchers say chinstrap penguins, who look like they're wearing helmets, have adapted their sleep pattern to their high-stress environment


Are the major supermarkets price gouging to get record profits?

Supermarket giants accused of price gouging during a cost-of-living crisis could be scrutinised by a parliamentary committee. The Greens will seek to establish a committee inquiry into the impact of market concentration on food prices and the pattern of pricing strategies employed by the supermarket duopoly.


As the temperatures rise, so does anxiety for many people

As negotiations ramp up at the UN climate conference in Dubai, those on the front line of climate change say the need for action has never been more acute. The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast another hot, dry summer for parts of Australia, increasing the risk of bushfires. But for some, these warnings can stir feelings of anxiety... highlighting the need to build resilience at community level.


Can COP28 climate summit make history?

World leaders are gathering for the COP28 climate summit in Dubai. Renewable energy, fossil fuels and climate funds to address the most vulnerable countries are all on the agenda.


INTERVIEW: EU Vice President Margaritis Schinas talks to SBS

European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas has been in Canberra this week. Among other things he's been finding a way to “mend fences” to find a path to a successful free trade agreement with Australia after the failure of talks in Osaka. Halso talks to SBS's Political Correspondent Anna Henderson about Europe's apparent surge to the right, with Italy's Giorgia Meloni and the recent election of Geert Vilders in the Netherlands. He also discusses Islamaphobic nationalism in the EU and the looming deal on immigration the EU is preparing to finalise.


Why extreme weather events can damage your mental health

The first ever 'Day of Health' will be held at the UN Climate Conference in Dubai on Sunday December 3rd, recognising the risks to people’s physical and mental well-being. Experts predict negative mental health effects will only grow as extreme weather events increase in intensity and frequency, highlighting the importance of grass-roots programs in disaster-struck communities.


Survey of Women's World Cup players reveals shortcomings in pay and medical support

As the highs and lows of the Matildas and the 2023 Women's World Cup are written into history, a survey of players has highlighted shocking inadequacies at the highest level of the women's game.


EU Vice President hopes to finalise free trade deal with Australia

The European Union has declared it wants to "mend fences" and work towards finalising a free trade deal with Australia, after the breakdown of negotiations this year. That's the message from a vice president of the European Commission, visiting Australia and holding talks with the federal immigration minister.


INTERVIEW: What this Pacific leader hopes will come out of COP28

This year's UN climate summit, COP28, is underway in the United Arab Emirates. For low-lying Pacific Island nations, the stakes couldn't be higher.


SBS On the Money: Is work-from-home to blame for Australia's productivity problem?

Westpac Chief Economist Luci Ellis speaks with SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Gonçalves about Australia's productivity problem, if it's a concern, the impact WFH is having and her take on the RBA's final board meeting next week; plus the day on the markets with Omkar Joshi from Opal Capital Management.


At COP28, small island states welcome deal on loss and damage fund

Representatives at the COP28 climate summit have announced a decision to launch a so-called loss and damage fund to support countries affected by global warming. It comes on the first day of the summit, with the new fund to launch by next year.


Israel and Hamas agree to truce extension - how long will it last?

A ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas has been extended again, allowing the exchange of further Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners. It comes as United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken says Israel must put civilian protections in place before it resumes military options against Hamas.