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Hear the story behind the headlines. In under ten minutes each episode, we’ll help you make sense of the news stories that matter to you from Australia and the world, with reports and interviews from the SBS News team.


Sydney, NSW


Hear the story behind the headlines. In under ten minutes each episode, we’ll help you make sense of the news stories that matter to you from Australia and the world, with reports and interviews from the SBS News team.




INTERVIEW: Former NSW EPA chief Barry Buffier

"A wicked problem": former New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency head and CEO Barry Buffier speaks to SBS about waste management and asbestos. He explains to Dijana Damjanovic how the current crisis, that has seen properties and schools close across NSW and the ACT, came about and says it's an unintended consequence of the state's waste management policy.


Doctors say prisoners are not being treated fairly by the health system

The Australian Medical Association is calling on the federal government to allow prisoners access to Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. In a submission to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, the AMA outlines what it calls 'inequitable healthcare for people in custody'. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners are warned this story includes references to a person who has died.


SBS On the Money: BHP's nickel dilemma and will an ANZ/Suncorp banking deal hurt competition?

BHP says it is approaching the review into its nickel operations with a great deal of urgency as it posts its fourth largest evern interim dividend. SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Gonçalves speaks with CFO David Lamont, plus hear from Morningstar analyst Nathan Zaia about the implications for an ANZ/Suncorp banking merger which the Competition Tribunal approved today, and the day on the markets with Mathan Somasundaram from Deep Dive Analytics.


Making Australia's navy 'larger and lethal'

"Larger and Lethal." That's the stated objective of a $54 billion dollar overhaul of the Royal Australian Navy to prepare for potential conflict in the Indo-Pacific. The new blueprint sees new frigates built offshore and heavily armed unmanned vessels acquired, with several existing shipbuilding programs curtailed or axed.


Pledges of post-war support for Ukraine, two years since Russia's 'special military operation' began

Japan's Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, has pledged to undertake long-term investments in Ukraine's reconstruction efforts with more than 50 agreements signed at a Tokyo conference. This comes as the Russia Ukraine war enters its third year with Russia taking over the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka.


International Court of Justice focuses on Israel action in Gaza

Palestinian representatives have given evidence to the International Court of Justice on the legality of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories. Israel is not among the 51 countries scheduled to speak at the hearings, which follow a 2022 request from the United Nations General Assembly for a non-binding opinion. But amid fresh calls for Israel to end military operations ahead of its planned expanded action in Rafah, its current offensives in Gaza have immediately become a focal point.


INTERVIEW: How did a tribal dispute lead to at least 64 deaths in PNG's remote Highlands?

At least 64 people have died in an ambush in Papua New Guinea's remote Highlands region. Police say the victims were shot dead during a tribal dispute in the Enga province over the weekend. It's an area which has long struggled with violence, but these killings are believed to be the worst in years. An influx of illegal firearms have made clashes more deadly and fuelled a cycle of violence. Police started collecting bodies at the scene near the town of Wabag - roughly 600km northwest of the capital Port Moresby. Journalist Tanya Nugent is working in PNG and is in the province. She spoke to SBS's Janice Petersen.


Russian police crack down on supporters paying tribute to Alexei Navalny

Supporters of the late Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny have vowed to continue to fight for change in the country following his sudden death last week in a Siberian prison. People have continued to lay flowers in the memory of the 47 year old despite mass arrests by Russian police.


SBS On the Money: CEO SERIES: Marnie Baker from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank & Dig Howitt from Cochlear

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank CEO Marnie Baker speaks with SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Gonçalves about the economic outlook and why 41 per cent of her borrowers are at least one year ahead on their mortgage repayments, plus Cochlear Dig Howitt on the rise in Cochlear implant awareness, and hear from Stockopedia's Elio D'Amato about the day's market action.


Dingo alert on K'gari Island: Tourists advised to stay vigilant

Six dingo attacks in as many weeks have prompted fresh safety warnings on Queensland's K'gari Island. Experts say visitors of the island need to take extra precautions around the animals, with an impending breeding season leading to heightened aggression.


Gaza's largest remaining hospital no longer functioning: UN officials

United Nations health officials say the largest remaining operating hospital in Gaza has been forced to shut down due to a lack of power and staff shortage. Meanwhile, Israeli forces are continuing with their operations in southern Gaza, where over a million displaced Palestinians have sought refuge.


Boat arrivals reportedly flown to Nauru

The prime minister has accused Opposition Leader Peter Dutton of politicising border security following the arrival of around 40 men by boat in remote Western Australia. Reports say some of the arrivals may have already been taken to Australia's offshore immigration detention centre on Nauru,


The superannuation gap for women isn't getting any smaller

Women live longer and retire earlier than men, but receive around a third less superannuation in their retirement. A new report by the Super Members Council has found the gap is failing to narrow - in particular for women in their thirties - calling on the government to pay superannuation on paid parental leave. But there are also issues around unpaid care work, performed predominantly by women, and which fails to receive superannuation.


Qatari leadership says Gaza ceasefire talks not very promising

Qatar's prime minister says talks to agree to a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas have not been very promising. It comes as Israel's prime minister vows to go ahead with Israel's military expansion into Rafah despite international pressure.


'We want to cry but the hope won't die': Navalny's supporters rally after reports of his death

The world has continued to react to reports that Alexei Navalny, Russian opposition figure and outspoken Kremlin critic, had died aged 47. As questions remain over his death in a remote penal colony, protesters and leaders worldwide, and in Australia, say they hold Russian President Vladimir Putin responsible.


Evening News Bulletin 17 February 2024

Another Sydney school found to have asbestos contamination; Western nations blame Vladimir Putin for the reported death of Alexei Navalny; And Donald Trump says the fraud charges against him are politically motivated.


Western leaders blame Putin over reported death of Alexei Navalny

Russia's prison service says jailed Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny has died aged 47. The cause of his death remained unclear, but the news has drawn a forceful reaction from Western leaders who have pinned the blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin.


'No one teaches you how it works': Medicare a mystery for many

Australians are celebrating 40 years of the universal healthcare system Medicare - but many of them don't understand how it works. That's according to a group of health experts who are urging the government to roll out a public education program and improve the country's Medicare literacy.


For Sarah, abuse began when she was pregnant with her first child. She’s not alone

Each year, thousands of women in Australia experience abuse at the hands of an intimate partner. Many who flee a relationship can face barriers re-entering the workforce. A startup that offers flexible remote work is helping survivors of domestic and family violence towards financial freedom.


Schools in Sydney being tested for asbestos

Another Sydney school has been forced to close after an asbestos taskforce identified seven schools for priority testing. The hazardous material has also now been found in mulch at a hospital and a supermarket in the city’s north-west. The seven schools were chosen for precautionary testing after the Environment Protection Authority conducted supply chain contact tracing.