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The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: The command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. The Situation Room airs weekdays 5p-7p eastern on CNN. In this podcast you will get the 6p-7p hour Monday through Friday.

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: The command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. The Situation Room airs weekdays 5p-7p eastern on CNN. In this podcast you will get the 6p-7p hour Monday through Friday.


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The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: The command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. The Situation Room airs weekdays 5p-7p eastern on CNN. In this podcast you will get the 6p-7p hour Monday through Friday.






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Trump, Biden arrive in Cleveland for historic first debate

President Trump arrives in Cleveland for what's expected to be a historic first presidential debate. Biden arrives in Cleveland to face Trump after releasing 2019 tax returns. White House insists Trump can pay his debts, dismisses report he owes hundreds of millions of dollars. Former Pence adviser: White House pressured CDC officials to downplay the threat of the virus to children. U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 205,000 with 7 million+ new cases as infections trend higher in almost half...


Trump Announces Plan To Deploy 150 Million Coronavirus Test Across The Country

Trump announces plan to deploy 150 million rapid coronavirus test as Fauci say he's concerned about misleading information giving to the president. Trump ducks questions about his previous income tax avoidance, chronic financial loses and debt.New York City school to reopen tomorrow as number are rising at an alarming rate. See for privacy information.


Trump intends to choose Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court

Democrats to insist Trump's court nominee sit out any legal challenges to election results. Trump mocks backlash over his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power as Biden declares "he'll leave". Also today, the White House escalates attacks on FBI Director after he contradicts Trump's claims about voter fraud. Barr briefed Trump on investigation into a handful of discarded mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. PA officials: Issue with discarded ballots caused by contractor who...


Trump Stands by Refusal to Commit to Peaceful Transfer of Power

Trump Speaks about healthcare after promising to unveil new plan. Trump touts his health care “vision” but plan lacks major details. Trump again tries to cast doubt on integrity of vote. FDA Chief & Dr. Fauci push back on Trump’s claim he can override vaccine standards, stressing science “not politics”. Wolf goes one-on-one with Trump’s former National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster. McMaster: Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power is “very disappointing”. FBI Director:...


Police and Protesters Clash After Ruling in Breonna Taylor Case

The U.S. surpasses 201,000 Coronavirus deaths; nears 7 million cases. Protests after no officers directly charged in Breonna Taylor’s death. CDC Chief warns 90% of U.S. population still susceptible to virus; Kentucky Attorney General states that 2 officers were justified in Breonna Taylor shooting because they were returning fire from Taylor’s boyfriend. No officers charged directly with Breonna Taylor’s death. No one indicted on 3 counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. Kentucky's...


Trump continues to downplay virus as the U.S. death toll surpasses 200,000

On the first day of Fall, the United States marks a grim milestone of 200,000 coronavirus deaths. As President Trump continues to downplay the virus, 24 states report rising infection rates over the last 7 days. In Supreme Court news, a source confirms that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is Trump's preferred pick to replace Justice Ginsburg. The FBI warns against foreign disinformation regarding election results as November 3rd draws closer. See for privacy information.


United States On Brink Of 200,000 Coronavirus Deaths, Rate Rises

The United States on brink of 200,000 coronavirus deaths as the rate of new cases rises in 28 states. The CDC abruptly reverses new guidance on airborne coronavirus transmission and claims that the update that was posted just days ago was "in error." The United States could top seven million coronavirus cases by the end of the week. A key model lowers the forecast for covid deaths by January 1 to just under 380,000. Trump gives himself an A+ for the handling of coronavirus as deaths near...


As U.S. deaths near 200,000, Trump claims there will be enough vaccines for all Americans

Amid growing concerns that he's politicizing the virus, President Trump claims that there will be enough vaccines for all Americans by April. With 30 states moving in the wrong direction for new cases, the CDC reverses it's previous guidance on asymptomatic testing after a firestorm of criticism. Trump doubles down on his attacks of the FBI Director for calling out Russian election interference. DOJ officials: Barr speech criticizing members of his department and comparing COVID lockdowns to...


CDC Projects up to 218,000 Coronavirus Deaths by October 10th

Ex-White House aide says Trump only cares about himself and reelection. The former White House aide also revealed that Trump said maybe “Covid is a good thing” because he doesn’t have to shake hands with “disgusting people”. Trump holds crowded event no social distancing, few masks despite telling Woodward virus is “so easily transmissible” as U.S. nears 200,000 deaths. Former WH Aide on coronavirus: “It was shocking to see the President saying that the virus was a "hoax”. Trump holds...


Flood Emergency in Alabama and Florida; 500,000 plus Without Power

152 new coronavirus deaths in Florida; total dearths in state near 13,000. Live coverage of President Trump taking questions. US coronavirus deaths top 196,000 with 6.6 million plus cases. Administration’s goal is to begin vaccine distribution within 24 hours of approval. Robert Redfield says vaccine for general public is likely to be here by Summer or Fall of 2021. Vaccine trial volunteer suffered spinal cord inflammation. Redfield also says that masks may offer more protection than a...


Hurricane Sally Threatening Record Flooding Along Gulf Coast

The United States coronavirus deaths top 195,000 with nearly 6.6 million coronavirus cases. Trump contradicts health experts and claims that the vaccine is coming "in weeks" and the United States is "rounding the turn" on the coronavirus. Fauci says it is "just a matter of time" before the Astrazeneca vaccine trial resumes in the United States. Germany says a vaccine is likely not broadly available until mid-2021. Caputo apologizes to HHS staffers and a source says that Caputo is facing a...


Trump told Woodward "Nothing More Could Have Been Done" on COVID, Stressed Stock Gains on day 1300+ Americans Died

President Trump is facing growing criticism over his actions on COVID-19. CNN learned on a single day where more than 1,300 Americans died of coronavirus, Trump told legendary journalist Bob Woodward "nothing more could have been done." He went on to stress gains in the stock market. On Monday, Trump held his second indoor rally in two days in Phoenix Arizona. The Latinos for Trump event took place in a room packed with chairs tied together. Trump later said he wasn't worried about getting...


As the U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 192,000, Americans remember nearly 3,000 lost on 9/11

Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that Americans may need to wear masks, social distance until the end of 2021, even if a vaccine is available by the end of this year. In a rally in Michigan, President Trump continued to mock the coronavirus and justified his response to it by invoking Churchill and FDR. In Los Angeles, officials are promoting the use of a COVID contact tracing app to monitor the virus' movement. A witness in the deadly Kenosha, Wisconsin shooting speaks to CNN about the chaotic...


U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 191,000

Trump defends downplaying virus, claims he's done a "good job" and tries to deflect blame to Woodward, Senator McConnell asked about Woodward revelations, says Trump should be applauded for handling virus, Medical experts slam Trump for downplaying pandemic See for privacy information.


Trump Admits He Deliberately Downplayed "Deadly" Threat Of Pandemic

The United States surpasses 190,000 coronavirus deaths amid Trump admitting that he deliberately downplayed the "deadly" threat of the pandemic in recorded interviews with Bob Woodward. Trump defends downplaying Covid-19 risks by saying that "we don't want a panic... We don't want people to be frightened." Woodward book reveals more disparaging Trump rants against American generals. Woodward book exposes Kim Jong Un's fawning letters to "your excellency" Trump. Woodward's book says that...


More Than Half A Million United States Children Have Been Diagnosed WIth Covid-19

United States coronavirus deaths are near 190,000 with more than 6.3 million coronavirus cases. More than half a million United States children have been diagnosed with Covid-19 as 16 biggest school districts start class today. Trump says that the country is doing a "great job" with the coronavirus as the death toll nears 190,000 in the United States. Fauci again contradicts Trump and says that the vaccine is unlikely to be ready by election day but may be ready by the end of the year....


Another Federal Official Raises Questions About Trump's Vaccine Timeline

Another federal official raises questions about Trump's vaccine timeline and says that hardly any chance that it will come before the election. Trump said that there will be a vaccine "very soon, maybe even before a very special date, you know what I'm talking about." Trump accuses Harris of "anti-vaccine rhetoric" after the Democratic vice president nominee says "I would not trust Trump" about vaccines. Trump claims that he is getting "very high marks in our handling of the coronavirus"...


Trump denies calling service members "losers" & "suckers"

In a heated exchange with the White House media, Trump denies calling wounded and dead service members "losers" & "suckers". Key Coronavirus model projects 410,000 U.S. deaths by January 1, 2021. Fauci: "Dire projection could be nudge for Americans to wear masks". See for privacy information.


Wolf One-On-One With Attorney General William Barr

Wolf one-on-one with Attorney General William Barr. Barr responds to Trump saying he "can go down as greatest Attorney General in history of our country, or he can go down as just another guy." Barr responds to Trump accusing Obama and Biden of treason. What Barr would say to Jacob Blake's family. Barr says police shootings of an unarmed Black people are not necessarily based on racism. Barr reflects on what Black families tell children about the Jacob Blake and George Floyd cases. Barr...


Trump Visits Kenosha And Addresses Jacob Blake Shooting

Trump visits Kenosha and addresses the Jacob Blake shooting by saying he feels "terribly for anyone who goes through that." Trump denies that systemic racism exists in the United States. Trump announces $1 million dollars for Kenosha law enforcement "to go out and do what you have to do." Trump falsely claims that he sent the National Guard to stop Kenosha violence, when the Wisconsin governor gave the order. Trump again refuses to condemn violence by his supporters. Trump repeats conspiracy...