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CrossTalk's daily phone-in connects listeners from across Newfoundland and Labrador - and beyond.

CrossTalk's daily phone-in connects listeners from across Newfoundland and Labrador - and beyond.


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CrossTalk's daily phone-in connects listeners from across Newfoundland and Labrador - and beyond.





Today our theme is ADHD. Dr. Janine Hubbard joins us in the Studio.

Gardening Day + Relief Efforts in Southwestern Newfoundland

Bernice Hillier fills in, with help from Anthony O'Neill of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. But first up we talk about relief efforts in southwestern Newfoundland.


AMA with Food Critic Gabby Peyton

It's an AMA day on the show. Ask Me Anything with food writer and restaurant critic Gabby Peyton. But first, it's mental illness awareness week and I've got mental health advocate Glenn Roil on the line.


Wreckhouse Press and TechNL Day

We spoke to Rene Roy of Wreckhouse Press for an update on the aftermath of hurricane Fiona. It is TechNL Day and we have a special guest in studio TechNL CEO Florian Villaumé is here to talk Innovation week and the tech sector in this province.


Food Insecurity and ADHD Awareness

First up a word about adult ADHD and a quick chat about coping in the face of disaster. Registered Psychologist Dr. Janine Hubbard and Co-President, Association of Psychology Newfoundland Labrador spoke to us about it. Inflation versus wages and the sticker shock of purchasing just about anything these days. Today on the show we talk about how is the cost of living affecting you?


Fiona Aftermath

Today on the show we are talking about the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. The loss and the damage and the start of the cleanup and relief efforts.


Berries N' Hunting

Today we've got two experienced hunters with me in-studio.. We will talk rule changes, safety and of course hunting stories. First up, We will have a conversation about the awesomeness of berries in this province.

Dr. Fitzgerald Vaccine Updates

This cold and flu season will be a little different. It'll be the first in more than two years without pandemic restrictions. Ahead of this, Public Health released new COVID-19 booster and vaccine criteria last week. Joining us now to chat about this is Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Janice Fitzgerald.


Helping Young Refugees at Bishop Field Elementary

a “Deep Learning” project by students at Bishop Field Elementary last spring is helping newcomer students from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and other countries, start school on the right foot this year. Grade 4 students learned about the newcomer experience, then set out to collect and donate hundreds of backpacks filled with school supplies to the Association for New Canadians. Norma Aylward is the principal at Bishop Field Elementary in downtown St. John’s. Luisa Davis is one of the...


Eastern Health Talk with

Eastern Health took the unusual step to ask people to STAY AWAY from emergency departments in St. John's unless absolutely necessary ten days ago and last week, it was revealed the Health Sciences Centre has been operating in double over capacity for nearly three months. Ken Baird, CEO of Eastern Health, and Dr. Greg Browne, the ER clinical chief with Eastern Health.


"Moving Day", The Inaugural Show by a New Local Theatre Company

Alexis Koetting stars in the one woman musical - Moving Day. It's directed by Xchange's Artistic and Managing Director Jeannette-Lambermont-Morey. They both joined us now in-studio.


Mount Pearl Strike Ends

We spoke to Mayor Dave Aker and CUPE President Ken Turner about the end of the Mount Pearl municipal worker's strike.


Fixes for the health-care system

It's complicated, and the answers may not be easy, but we are going to try to find them. Up first, an expert will tell us how vaxxing and masking will save lives as we head into the fall and winter.


Professional Wrestling and Gardening

We will have a local scholarship winner here in studio. He'll talk about what it means to spend 14 weeks at the nightmare factory. Then we'll have a weekly gardening day Q&A.


Newfoundland Wildlife

Today on the show we are talking all about wide world of wildlife in this province. Everything from wildlife photograph, to health and rescue.

Murray's Garden Centre

Live on location to talk about harvest season at Murray's Garden Centre.


Pay Equity

Today on the show we are talking about pay equity legislation. First up, a recent conversation with Fred Fox about this year's in-person Terry Fox Run... the first since 2019.


Comedy Show and The Search for Gander's Lost B24 Liberator Bomber

We have diver Tony Merkle here in studio to talk about the dive to find the plane, as well as other wrecks around this province. But first we speak with Josh Menchions, the headliner and organizer of The Super Happy Fun Time Comedy Show happening this weekend.


Gardening Day, Human Rights Awards and Climate Action Consulting

As the northeast Avalon tries to dry out from post-tropical storm Earl, we've got someone to talk about how we build and why that needs to change. And it's gardening day, we have special guest David Goodyear here from the homestead at Flatrock. First up calling for nominations for this year's Human Rights Awards. Joining us is Hilary Hennessey with the NL Human Rights Commission.


Colony of Avalon and Tech Panel

From the great resignation to quiet quitting. Office culture is going through a lot change and today on the show I have a tech panel to talk about that. But first, revisiting history for a new look at the Colony of Avalon.