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Every weekday, Adam Walsh starts a new conversation on The Signal. It's a show about what's on your mind now, and what people aren't talking about...yet. The Signal will make you think, smile and learn more about the place you call home.


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Every weekday, Adam Walsh starts a new conversation on The Signal. It's a show about what's on your mind now, and what people aren't talking about...yet. The Signal will make you think, smile and learn more about the place you call home.




What is the value of the fishery? What will it be in the future?

On the heels of a six-week long crab dispute, host Adam Walsh asks listeners what they think the fishery is worth to them and their communities. It also asks what folks think the future value will be.


Should food be a human right?

The show talks about the fact that human rights legislation across Canada does not protect or guarantee the right to food. It then looks at the types of policy and interventions that would be needed to guarantee it.


Can you afford to eat a healthy diet these days?

The show speaks with Julie Greene, the assistant executive director of Celiac Canada and asks how rising food costs are impacting folks. We also ask listeners if they feel they can afford to eat a health diet these days and how that is impacting their health. At the start of the show Adam hears about a St. John's neighborhood that is struggling to keep a small community pantry stocked.


Gardening Tuesday and a Clarenville High School that went all the way to California .

Adam speaks with Michael Murray of Murray's Garden Centre in Portugal Cove for the latest gardening day show. He also checks in with a crew from Clarenville High School that went all the way to California for a global deep learning conference.


First Light Fridays

It's First Lights Fridays and guest host Melissa Samms brings you a conversation about ongoing challenges the urban Indigenous community faces with respect to food insecurity. Also, Adam speaks with Terry Roberts about the latest on the crab dispute. He also has a conversation about food insecurity within Nunasiavut.



We will hear about about some neat camping spots in the province just in time for May 2-4!


Wellness Wednesday

We all have busy lives, and sometimes our own well-being becomes the last priority. We'll give you some tips on how to change that.


Mother's Day

Today on the show, we're celebrating mothers. We hear your stories, and we'll play some songs, on a special Mother's Day show.


Tips on waste management

Today on the show, we're digging through the trash. We talk about the things we throw away, where it all ends up, and what's the bigger solution to deal with all the waste we create? Our guest for today's show is Josh Lepawsky, co-author of a book called "Discard Studies: Wasting, Systems, and Power." But first, a chat with Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Bernard Davis.


The labour market & worker/wage shortages

Today on the show, we're talking about the labour market. We're joined by anchor guests Sara Moriarty, interim community organizer with the Workers Action Network of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Louis-Philippe Gauthier, vice-president, Atlantic, with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.


Gardening with Dan Rubin

It's Tuesday and that means we have a gardening phone-in for you. Horticulture expert Dan Rubin is with us today to answer all of your gardening questions.


Puzzles depicting rural Newfoundland + What it's like to received a serious diagnosis

A jigsaw puzzle workshop in Calgary is turning Reilly Fitzgerald's paintings on rural Newfoundland into puzzles. First up, we speak with Jason Robillard, owner and lead designer of StumpCraft. Following that, we chat with Reilly himself on what it means to him. After that we chat with Arthur O'Brien of the Navigators, and Leah Lewis, publisher of "The Dialysis Project," on how they dealt with their major health challenges.


Red Dress Day

This is the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. It's often referred to as Red Dress Day. We'll hear what's planned and why it's so important. Later on the show, we will give some attention to the Coronation.


May is motorcycle safety month.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and as riding season begins, we remind all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians that road safety is everyone's responsibility.


Menopause, what is it it, how does it affect women and what can help

Today, we're tackling a subject we don't talk about on the radio very often. Our topic today is menopause, and that period of life on either side of menopause. What to expect, how it affects women, and what can help.


Gardening with Ross Traverse

Today we kick off gardening season with gardening hall of famer, Ross Traverse.


A Pro Active Approach to Mental Health Issues

Today on the show, we're recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month. We are looking at proactive approaches to dealing with mental health issues with the team from Lifewise.


It is poetry month and we are celebrating with local poets.

Today we are recognizing a few of our provinces talented poets and talk to them about their most recent publications. We'll also be speaking with Inuk oprano Songstress, Deantha Edmunds about her latest ECMA nomination- Indigenous Artist of the Year.


Photographs and memories

We're talking about photographs and memories. Old photos and why we love them so much. What can we learn from images of the past?


Equal Voices NL holds campaign college for women and gender diverse folks.

Campaign College is a program aimed to teach women and gender diverse individuals to run a political campaigns by removing barriers that discourage many from participating in politics. The program is aimed at promoting diversity in democracy and elevating marginalized voices.