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Every weekday, Adam Walsh starts a new conversation on The Signal. It's a show about what's on your mind now, and what people aren't talking about...yet. The Signal will make you think, smile and learn more about the place you call home.


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Every weekday, Adam Walsh starts a new conversation on The Signal. It's a show about what's on your mind now, and what people aren't talking about...yet. The Signal will make you think, smile and learn more about the place you call home.




A fungus among us: gardening deets you need to know

Today on the show Adam starts with a word about the Rocky Harbour Storytelling Festival. The it's gardening day and Adam is joined by new gardening guest Meghan McCarthy. On top of the regular gaardening questions, they dig into a fungal affliction that's causing some plants to go to sleep early.


Carbon capture; Climate collectives

It's the final day of climate week on the show and we were live at the Johnson Geo Centre. Adam spoke with folks from Memorial Univeristy about carbon capture utilization and storage, as well as about a provincial climate collective of young folks.


Ecological grief; Youth climate action

Climate week continues on the show. Adam starts with a conversation about ecological grief with Ashlee Cunsolo, vice-provost, of Memorial University's Labrador Campus. Then Adam chats with a panel of young folks about climate action -- they touch on activism, work in STEM and education.


Climate policy; Gardening day

Today on the show climate week continues with a chat about environmental policy and a look ahead to COP 28 in Dubai with professor Angela Carter. And then it's gardening day with special guest Michael Murray who answers the regular gardening questions while also spending time on gardening through a climate lens.


Carbon capture; Community climate engagement

It's day three of climate week on the show. First up we bring you details on carbon capture and a lecture taking place for Science Literacy Week. Then Adam is joined by Ashley Smith, the owner and manading director of Fundemental Inc. They talk about climate action at the community level -- eveything from resilience to adaptation and mitigation.


Climate week on The Signal: Seaweed

Today kicks off a full week of climate coverage on the show. Adam starts with seaweed and his guest, environmental consultant and seaweed farmer, Michael Teasdale. Together they speak with folks in the province who are interested in tapping into the climate benefits of seaweed.


Live in Bonavista Part 2

It's our second show in Bonavista and today we are helping say arrivederci to the Biennale. Adam speaks with organizers and artists about this year's event, its cultural impact and looks ahead to the next one.


Live in Bonavista Part 1

Adam and the gang are in Bonavista for this first of two shows. This first show focuses on community challenges and how folks are tackling said challenges -- from housing, to food insecurity, the local economy, safety and more.


Fridays for Future; Newfoundland Quarterly

Today on the show we get local details about this week's cliimate strike. Then it's our "Newfoundland Quarterly" show. We dive into the latest issue talking about this season's theme "place".


Best kind comedy tour; Gardening day

The show starts with international funnyman Brian Aylward who gives an update on "The Best Kind Comedy Tour". Then Dave Goodyear from "The Homestead in Flatrock" is in studio for gardening day.


First responder warm line; Tequity

First up on the show today Adam interviews Brad Glynn from Lifewise about the launch of a first responder warm line. Then it's a local tech industry conversation with folks from the group Tequity.


Community Hubs

The show starts with an update from yesterday with comments on HMP by the justice minister. Then Adam and guests go on a virtual road trip and check-in with new community hubs right across the province. They speak with folks who are leading the charge for learning and well-being in their communities.


What do you want to see replace HMP?

Today the show spends the full hour talking about Her Majesty's Penitentiary — its past, present and future. Adam is joined by special co-host Ariana Kelland. Together they speak with folks connected to the Victorian-era prison, including a chaplain, former correctional officer and a current inmate.


Back to school show

The show starts with Allison Graves who dishes out the deets of her new short story collection "Soft Serve". Then it's a back to school show where we ask: what's on your mind at the start of this school year? Adam is joined by the head of the teachers' union Trent Langdon as well as John Harris with MUNSU.


Community Services Recovery Fund; Gardening

The show starts with a chat dozens of local organizations that tapped into millions in funding and what it means for them. Then Adam welcomes Todd Boland to the studio for the first gardening show of September.


annual hunting show

We are talking about everything from tips for beginners to hunting safety.


Mentoring women in trades; Child care

Adam starts the show with an interview about a new workshop designed to provide employers and supervisors of tradeswomen with the tools they need to be a strong mentor. For the call-in the show asks folks their thoughts on the child-care situation in the province.


Conservation in a time of climate change

Today's show focuses on conservation work being done across N.L. in these times of climate change. It also asks folks if what natural area of the province they would like to protect.


Circle of Distinction Awards; Gardening

Adam starts the show with YWCA executive director Maria Gentle. They talk about the rebrand of the YWCA's "Women of Distinction Awards" and efforts to widen the circle of celebration. Then horticulturist Ross Traverse is Adam's in-studio guest for a late-summer gardening day show.



Today on The Signal, Foraging experts tell folks what's in season and what to stay away from when out on the land.