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Every weekday, Adam Walsh starts a new conversation on The Signal. It's a show about what's on your mind now, and what people aren't talking about...yet. The Signal will make you think, smile and learn more about the place you call home.


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Every weekday, Adam Walsh starts a new conversation on The Signal. It's a show about what's on your mind now, and what people aren't talking about...yet. The Signal will make you think, smile and learn more about the place you call home.




Checking in on COP 28 in DUBAI; CHMR student journalists

What's the word on a fossil fuel phaseout? Today's show starts with a MUN prof at the UN climate change conference in Dubai. And then it's a Campus Connect takeover. Adam meets with the student news team from Memorial University's campus radio station CHMR.


Writers Round Table

Writers Trudy Morgan Cole, Elisabeth de Mariaffi, Kevin Major joined guest host Andrew Hawthorn to talk about writing.


Men's Mental Health

Today on the show, at the tail end of movember, we're talking about men's health, both of the mental and physical variety.


Childcare in N.L.

Affordable daycare can be lifechanging but that means nothing if you can't find a space for your child. And that's the reality for thousands of families in N.L. On this show Adam Walsh and the tram talk about how to solve childcare issues that impact all of us.


Mummers Festival; Giving Tuesday

Today's show gives you a rundown of the 15th Annual Mummers Festival. Then it is asking for you to give some attention to Giving Tuesday. We have some folks in to talk about the day itself and we ask you -- how are you giving this year?


Christmas tour; Housing in N.L.

We begin the show with musical duo Ian Foster and Nancy Hynes on their upcoming Christmas tour -- their first since 2019. Then host Adam Walsh spends the rest of the show on housing in N.L. His guests are Rob NOlan, CEO of Municipalities N.L. and poli sci prof Elizabeth, director, Hub for the Study of Local Governance in N.L.


Live in Labrador: Labrador Creative Arts Festival

The show ends its three-day Labrador run with the 48th annual Labrador Creative Arts Festival. Host Adam Walsh and the gang chat with both students and artists about who they are and what they think about this year's theme of "Perspective".


Live in Labrador: Labrador campus

Today is the second of three shows from The Big Land. Adam Walsh and The Signal Crew talk all things Labrador Campus of Memorial University -- its creation history, ongoing research, students and the larger community.


Live in Labrador: Mokami Status of Women Council

Adam Walsh and the Signal crew are in Labrador this week, bringing you special shows from The Big Land. They start at Thrifty Fashions in Happy Valley Goose Bay with folks connected to the Mokami Status of Women Council. Today's theme -- creactive approaches to healing.


Home heating and rebates

Radon in your home, mini splits, home effiency, home heating and rebates. Micthell Stead is the Owner of Heat Pump Solutions, Peter Upshall from take CHARGE NL and Stephen Thorne from


Well-being fair; Getting a handle on finances before the holidays

Today on the show we talk abotu an upcoming well-bing fair. Then host Adam Walsh takes a look at how to plan for holiday spending with Al Antle, executive director of Credit Counselling Services of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Housing insecurity in N.L.

It's a housing show. Host Adam Walsh starts with a chat about efforts to expand cooperative housing in this province. Then he talks housing insecurity with a focus rural N.L. -- everything from housing supply, to demographics, geographic challenges and more.


Kitchen history

It's a food culture show. Host Adam Walsh and guests talk about the history and traditions of the kitchens of this province, their history and traditions. From codfish to kippers, rum to rhubarb and Nan's homemade bread they cover it all.


Have you ever moved somewhere new? How did you adapt?

Today on the show we talk about how folks adapt in order to thrive in new places. We have some tips for that and then we ask folks for their stories about moving and adapting


Thinking about Remembrance Day

We have a Remembrance Day themed show for you today. You will hear from current and former military service members, and others about how they observe remembrance day each year. The show also looks at some local conections to this province's military history.


Blue Economy and the Green shift

Where does Newfoundland and Labrador sit in the Green Transition, and what is the Blue Economy we are moving towards? Andrew Hawthorn is in for Adam Walsh speaking with Ogaga Johnson and Alex Rumbolt from Econext.


Celebrating Tihar; Wellness Wednesday -- anxiety

BLURB Today on the show we will talk about a couple festivals of lights. Then he piviots to a Wellness Wednesday show and talks about anxiety -- from understanding it better to managing it.


Gardeners of the galaxy

Three horticulturists from MUN Botanical Garden stop by for the last gardening day of the season. Don't miss Meghan McCarthy, Todd Boland and Tim Walsh talking about the season that was, getting ready for winter and a look ahead to spring 2024. These super hero horticulturists had great advice for folks and Adam.


University students on this week's "Day of Action"

Today on the show Adam Walsh speaks with university students about this week's "Day of Action" -- a protest and march calling for free and accessible post-secondary education. The conversation covers student issues and asks listeners if they think university education should be free.


Afternoon radio in Ghana; Today's relevance of poetry and literature

Today on the show we hear from a university student who used to host an afternoon drive show in Ghana. And then four writers pop by to talk about poetry and literature, and their relevance in this ever-changing world of ours.