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Every weekday, Adam Walsh starts a new conversation on The Signal. It's a show about what's on your mind now, and what people aren't talking about...yet. The Signal will make you think, smile and learn more about the place you call home.


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Every weekday, Adam Walsh starts a new conversation on The Signal. It's a show about what's on your mind now, and what people aren't talking about...yet. The Signal will make you think, smile and learn more about the place you call home.




The politics of N.L. climate change policy

Today's show dives into climate change policy in Newfoundland and Labrador. Joining host Adam Walsh are the minister of environment and climate change, and representatives from the province's two opposition parties. They talk about current policies, what needs to change, and the future of oil and gas.


So you want to buy your next home...

Today on the show, host Adam Walsh talks to a mortgage specialist and two Realtors about the ins and outs of home buying — from gauging affordability to moving day.


N.L.'s privacy commissioner on AI and cybersecurity

We live in an increasingly high-tech world. Whether it's cybersecurity or advances in artificial intelligence in our lives, there are privacy concerns. Today on the show, Newfoundland and Labrador's privacy commissioner is Adam Walsh's guest to talk about all of it.. 


A big traditional Nigerian wedding in N.L.

Today's show takes you to a big traditional Nigerian wedding. You'll hear about why it may be the first of its kind in N.L. and why it was so important to the local community.


How policing is changing

Today on the show host Adam Walsh takes a university class on criminology and looks at the changing role of policing in today's world. Joining him is a university professor and some students who are studying the topic.


Valentine's Day show: Love our Local Authors

It's a special Valentine's Day show and host Adam Walsh shares love for some local authors. He speaks with folks in the running for the Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries' "must-read book of the year".


Farming in Labrador

It's Canada's Agriculture Day, and host Adam Walsh spends the show talking about farming in Labrador. It's an important conversation with farmers in the Big Land about growing aspirations, challenges and food security.


Coldest Night of the Year

Today's show takes a look at homelessness and food insecurity through a youth lens. The discussion centres on the national fundraiser known as the Coldest Night of the Year.


"Met at Memorial"

Ahead of Valentine's Day, the show turns back the clock and talks to folks as they reminisce about relationships that started at Memorial University — from business to friendships and also romance.


Adult literacy and learning

Today's show opens the book on adult literacy and learning. Host Adam Walsh speaks with guests about programs for folks across Newfoundland and Labrador. He also chats with people who decided to jump back into learning mode in their adult years.


What needs to change to get more newcomers to stay in N.L.?

According to Statistics Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador has a lower newcomer retention rate than other provinces. Today's show examines what needs to change to get more people to stay longer and why that's important for the province's economy — and its future.


Driving culture in N.L.

Today's show examines driving culture in Newfoundland and Labrador. What needs to be done to make roads safer, to prevent the next crash — and the next death?


Black History Month in N.L.

The theme of this year's Black History Month is "Black Excellence: A Heritage to Celebrate; a Future to Build." On today's show, host Adam Walsh and guests dig into the theme and highlight events happening in N.L. communities this month.


Winter activies and safety

Forget about the shovel for now! Today's show digs into the fun of winter activities in N.L. But to have fun you also need to be safe, so there's also some great safety talk to check out.


The Newfoundland Rogues are back for a new season

Today’s show is about high-flying pro basketball with the Newfoundland Rogues. Host Adam Walsh welcomes team members for a chat about their season and how they give back to the community.


Food security in Labrador and rural Newfoundland

Today's show looks at food security in rural and northern Newfoundland and Labrador. Host Adam Walsh asks guests and callers what they think needs to be done to improve food security in their regions.


Winter travel show

Today's show looks at travel costs with a special focus on flying in and out of Labrador. Folks also share some travel memories with host Adam Walsh and travel blogger Gabby Peyton.


Live at the Torbay History House and Museum

Today's show brings you to the Torbay History House and Museum. Host Adam Walsh and the gang talk about heritage, crafts and culture. The focus is on why these things are so important to our communities — and what's needed to preserve them. Plus there are toutons!


Data Privacy Week

Newfoundland and Labrador privacy commissioner Michael Harvey joins host Adam Walsh to talk about Data Privacy Week. The focus is on employee privacy and the rise of workplace surveillance, as well as data privacy rights of children and youth.


Economic development at the community level

For N.L. to thrive, economic development has to be part of the conversation. On today's show, host Adam Walsh speaks with folks who are part of a regional economic task force. They talk about what's needed to create sustainable communities and what might be getting in the way.