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Information Morning Fredericton is your window on the community every weekday morning, from 5:55 to 8:37 on CBC Radio One, the news and stories of our lives in your city and around the province; keeping you informed and engaged.


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Information Morning Fredericton is your window on the community every weekday morning, from 5:55 to 8:37 on CBC Radio One, the news and stories of our lives in your city and around the province; keeping you informed and engaged.




Road test delays

Jeanne Armstrong spoke to Sean Daly, the owner of a local driving school who has noticed longer delays than usual for getting behind the wheel at a testing centre.


Singing for Supper

This is the fourteenth year of Singing for Supper. That's an annual event where David Myles spends a few hours in malls in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton to raise money to support local food banks.


Crime stats

If you look at the numbers, the situation looks better this year in Fredericton when it comes to property crime. Jeanne Armstrong spoke to Fredericton Police Chief Martin Gaudet about the most recent crime statistics.


Complex social issues moving to RSC's plate

Some Regional Service Commissions will soon be responsible for addressing complex social issues, like homelessness. Jeanne Armstrong spoke to Andrew Black, president of the Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick.


Palliative care Part 1

As part of our series on death and dying, CBC's Viola Pruss had a conversation with Dr. Jennifer Gillis-Doyle, one of Fredericton's palliative care doctors.


Food bank's are there for all

McAdam's local food bank is small but mighty. It's a second-hand store, a sewing workshop, a gathering place, and a place of comfort for families. Jeanne Armstrong met with the head of the food bank, Crissy Thurber, who is a trusted friend and confidante to more than 60 families.


​Book - Things That Matter, Part 1

​Things that matter as we age is an intriguing premise for a new book. Co-editors Bill Randall and Matte Robinson join Jeanne Armstrong in the studio for an in depth conversation, this is part 1.


Lakeland helps McAdam couple

After a couple in McAdam both suffer​ed medical events that forc​e​d them out of work​, they ​w​ent to the Lakeland Resource Centre for help. We hear from one of the 3000 families that will benefit from the Feed a Family campaign this year.


Reflecting on ​Christine Sinclair​'s career

​Christine Sinclair played her final game for Team Canada last night. The powerhouse soccer player visited Fredericton in 2017 and left her mark.​ Jeanne Armstrong spoke to Lori Johnstone, a former national athlete and former provincial girls soccer team manager​.


Medical column - ​Appendicitis

​Appendicitis can be terribly painful, and terribly dangerous if it's not dealt with promptly. ​J​eanne Armstrong spoke to Dr. Peter Lin about the prevalence of​, and treatment for this condition​.


Travel nurses

The provincial government is spending millions on travel nurses to cover a shortage of nurses here at home. Jeanne Armstrong spoke to Paula Doucet, the president of the New Brunswick Nurses Union.


Lakeland Resource centre

For Loretta Curtis, it was a domino effect of events in her life that led her to the food bank. Jeanne Armstrong met with Loretta at the Lakeland Resource Centre in McAdam.


Ironwood resource centre

For weeks, we were hearing hints about a community hub for the homeless in Fredericton. The Ironwood Resource Centre opened today. Jeanne Armstrong visited the facility and spoke to Lindsay Norcott, homelessness services manager at the John Howard Society, and April Sullivan, the new manager of Ironwood Resource Center.


George Street Middle School replacement

Students, parents and teachers at George Street Middle school got the news last week that they're getting a new school. Jeanne Armstrong spoke to Pamela Kitchen, a representative from the parent school support committee.


School psychologists

The need for school psychologists is growing in New Brunswick, in a system already experiencing a shortage. Jeanne Armstrong spoke to Mary Ann Campbell, a psychology professor and member of the executive council of the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick, about possible solutions.


Fredericton Symphony Orchestra

The Fredericton Symphony Orchestra has been preparing for a big holiday show. Besides the traditional music of the season, it will feature artwork by Grade 3 students and a short story by David Adam Richards. Richard Hornsby is the orchestra's conductor.


Education report

An education report released yesterday identifies ways to improve some chronic challenges in New Brunswick schools: classroom composition, student absenteeism and teaching french to anglophone students. Jeanne Armstrong spoke to two members of the committee that came up with the recommendations to find out what happens next. Tiffany Bastin is Assistant Deputy Minister in the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and Ardith Shirley is the Executive Director of the New Brunswick Teachers Association.


​Christmas tree farm

​Frederictonians are on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, and maybe a little earlier this year than most. Prapti Bamaniya visited Red-Robin Christmas Trees in Keswick Ridge.


Spotify wrapped

​Spotify wrapped is a snapshot of what users listened to for the whole year.​ Jeanne Armstrong spoke to Fredericton ​musician Waylon Napadogan ​about what things look like​ if you're an artist.


​Living wage report

Jeanne Armstrong spoke to ​Heather Atcheson with the Saint John Human Development Council ​about what a living wage means in New Brunswick, and what it would take to get families to that point.