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International development experts share their ideas on smarter policies for a better world. Hosted by the Center for Global Development.


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International development experts share their ideas on smarter policies for a better world. Hosted by the Center for Global Development.




CGD Podcast: Supporting Women Economists in Latin America with Ana María Ibáñez

CGD's Eeshani Kandpal speaks with the Interamerican Development Bank's Ana María Ibáñez about her recent report on women economists in Latin America, the reflection of cultural norms in education and the workplace, and the importance of role models and mentors in shaping expectations.


CGD Podcast: Decarbonization, MDB Reform, and the Private Sector with Ahmed Saeed

Ahmed Saeed of Allied Climate Partners and formerly the Asian Development Bank joins CGD’s Karen Mathiasen and Clemence Landers for a conversation on his organization's new approach to blended finance, how to bridge the private and public sectors more effectively, and how to balance climate mitigation with traditional development goals.


CGD Podcast: Development Leaders Conference 2023 with Siti Nugraha Mauludiah and Bård Vegar Solhjell

CGD's Masood Ahmed speaks with Development Leaders Conference cohosts Siti Nugraha Mauludiah from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Indonesia and Bård Vegar Solhjell of Norad about the differing experiences of traditional and emerging donors, the challenges of bridging gaps between sectors and priorities, and how the development community can share solutions more effectively. Also, take our podcast survey here:


CGD Podcast: Elevating Women and People of Color to IFI Leadership with Amie Batson and Francisco Ferreira

Only one woman born and raised in a low- or middle-income country has ever headed an international financial institution. CGD's Eeshani Kandpal speaks with Francisco Ferreira from the London School of Economics and Amie Batson from WomenLift Health about what effective mentorship and allyship can look like, the importance and impact of diversity in leadership, and the actions that organizations can take to better support the women and people of color who work there.


Lagos to Mombasa: Are Energy Access and Climate Mitigation at Odds?

Olu Verheijen from the Nigerian government and Vijaya Ramachandran from the Breakthrough Institute join Gyude to discuss the scale and nature of the energy crisis in Africa, the role that renewable energy can (and can't) play in addressing it, and what steps African countries—and partners—can take to address both climate and energy challenges.


CGD Podcast: Efficient Development with Bjørn Lomborg

Bjørn Lomborg, author of Best Things First, joins CGD's Gyude Moore to discuss the 12 "most efficient" policy solutions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, how they were assessed and identified, and the tradeoffs they may require.


Lagos to Mombasa: How Can Smallholder Farmers Prepare for Climate Change?

Gillian Pais of McKinsey & Company returns to Lagos to Mombasa to discuss the importance of localizing climate solutions, strategies to promote the uptake of climate-smart agriculture, and the role of regional organizations in sharing best practices.


CGD Podcast: Accelerating MDB Reform with Stephanie von Friedeburg

Stephanie von Friedeburg of Citi and formerly the International Finance Corporation joins CGD’s Karen Mathiasen and Clemence Landers for a conversation on how to balance risk and impact in investment, why blended finance needs a rethink, and what mechanisms offer the most promising solutions to the development finance problem.


Lagos to Mombasa: How Can Critical Minerals in Africa Support Clean Energy and Uplift Communities?

Africa is home to 30 percent of the world’s critical minerals reserves, which play a key role in clean energy. How can African communities benefit? Gyude speaks with Ayaan Adam (Africa Finance Corporation) and Juliet Akamboe (formerly Standard Bank Group) about how to strengthen processing and refining operations across the continent, build regional cooperation, address the detrimental impact of mines in local communities, and harness critical minerals to uplift mining regions.


Pandemic Proof: Beginning a New Era?

Over three years since it emerged, is the COVID-19 pandemic over? Amanda Glassman speaks with Ashish Jha, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator, about ending the emergency phase of the pandemic. Then Javier Guzman joins to reflect on the first season of Pandemic Proof.


Pandemic Proof: Reflecting on Media Coverage of COVID-19

Javier speaks with Natasha Loder from The Economist and John Burn-Murdoch from The Financial Times about keeping pace with the demand for information during the Covid-19 pandemic, confronting the flood of misinformation and disinformation, and lessons learned on reporting during health emergencies.


Lagos to Mombasa: What Can Space Tech Do for Africa?

To kick off Season 2 of Lagos to Mombasa, Gyude reflects on the intricacies of climate change and development in Africa and explores how space-based technologies can help. Temidayo Oniosun of Space in Africa and Rose Croshier from CGD join Gyude to discuss the intersections of space technology with extreme weather events, agriculture and food security, and regional capacity and preparedness.


Pandemic Proof: Making Sense of Medical Countermeasures

How can we ensure that medical countermeasures—such as diagnostics and vaccines—are ready to go at local, national, and global levels when the next pandemic emerges? Amanda Glassman speaks with Dr. Amadou Alpha Sall of Institut Pasteur of Dakar and Dr. Rachel Glennerster of the University of Chicago about lessons learned during COVID-19 and opportunities for future preparedness.


CGD Podcast: Preparing for Nigeria’s Elections with Amaka Anku

When Nigerian voters head to the polls on Saturday to elect the country’s next president, all of Africa—and beyond—will be watching. CGD's Gyude Moore sits down with Amaka Anku, head of the Eurasia Group's Africa practice, to discuss the advantages and challenges of the leading candidates, the role of Nigeria’s substantial youth population, and what this election might mean not just for Nigeria and for Africa but for democracy itself.


Pandemic Proof: Learning from Sweden on Superbugs

Malin Grape, Sweden’s Ambassador of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), joins Javier Guzman to discuss Sweden’s track record on AMR, the outlook and priorities for its EU presidency, and initial reflections on Sweden’s innovative program for purchasing antimicrobials.


Pandemic Proof: Learning from COVID-19 in Taiwan

Dr. Yi-Chun Lo of Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control and National Taiwan University Hospital joins Javier Guzman to discuss Taiwan’s COVID-19 experience and broader pandemic preparedness and response efforts. Together, they discuss the lessons Taiwan learned from previous outbreaks like SARS, successes and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the Taiwan model could be applied in other settings to better prepare the world for the next health emergency.


Lagos to Mombasa: What Did COP27 Mean for Africa?

In this bonus episode of Lagos to Mombasa, Gyude invites two experts who were on the ground in Sharm El Sheikh for COP27—the UN’s annual conference on climate—to report back with their observations and takeaways: Faten Aggad of the African Climate Foundation and Ian Mitchell of CGD. Together they discuss the trajectory of climate finance across Africa, including loss and damage payments to most-affected countries; the complexities of accounting for emissions and consumption levels; and what the next steps might look like for African policymakers and activists.


Pandemic Proof: Understanding Public Health Surveillance

How does public heath surveillance work, and how can it be done better? Amanda Glassman tackles these questions with Dr. Oliver Morgan of the WHO and Dr. Theo Vos of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Together, they examine the successes and limitations of public health surveillance during COVID-19; the infrastructure, incentives, and investments needed to strengthen capacity; and ways to ensure higher quality and more representative tracking of existing and emerging disease threats.


The Changing Development Paradigm with Rémy Rioux

CGD's Masood Ahmed speaks with Rémy Rioux of Agence Française de Développement about the fifth annual Development Leaders Conference, the perfect storm of crises facing development agencies, and how new ways of thinking and financing can help them achieve their goals.


Pandemic Proof: Seeking Equity in the COVID-19 Response

On this episode of Pandemic Proof, Dr. Ayoade Alakija, the World Health Organization’s Special Envoy for the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A) and co-chair of the African Union’s African Vaccine Delivery Alliance, joins Javier Guzman to discuss global cooperation during health emergencies. Together they reflect on the role of ACT-A in facilitating the development of and equitable access to medical countermeasures during the COVID-19 pandemic; highlight advantages and disadvantages of regional initiatives; and call for a truly representative global health system.