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Feminist news programming that seeks to provide the unique and under-represented voices of girls and women with a national and international venue to break the sound barrier.


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Feminist news programming that seeks to provide the unique and under-represented voices of girls and women with a national and international venue to break the sound barrier.




Edition 83: Women's Self-Defense with Adelaide Meadow, Serendipity Day & Sekhmet SheOwl

This month, Jenna DiQuarto worked double duty and both interviewed our wonderful guests and produced the show. Thank you for your dedication and work, Jenna! First, hear Jenna delivering the greeting for the show before diving into a short snippet of the interview Liz Miller did with Ann Menasche about her recent dismissal from a job she had for 20 years. Ann was fired for saying women are female which makes women the people in society who need abortion rights. Then, stay tuned for Emily...


Edition 82: The Dana Rivers Case with joey brite, Amie Ichikawa & Sekhmet SheOwl

It's been a busy month! Welcome to Edition 82 wherein the WLRN Collective, along with Amie Ichikawa, joey brite, Thistle Pettersen, and Sekhmet SheOwl, explores the story and implications of the ongoing "Dana Rivers" #DanaRiversisaMan Case in California. It is a gruesome subject that is paired with aurora linnea's chilling written piece about the murders committed by trans-identified individuals over the years https://wlrnmedia.com/2023/02/02/femicide-unmentionable-crimes/. In addition, see...


Ed81 2022 in Review with Ann Menasche & Sekhmet SheOwl

Happy New Year 2023 Sisters! Our end-of-the-year edition is packed with news and analysis looking back on 2022 and forward into 2023. First up, hear Sekhmet SheOwl greet you with a wonderful version of auld lang syne by Ingrid Michaelson. Then, stay tuned for WLRN's world news segment with Emily Faye. Next, hear Thistle interview Ann Menasche of FIST (Feminists in Struggle) and GASBR (Green Alliance for Sex Based Rights) about her take on the top stories and events of 2022 and what feminists...


Edition 80: Digest of Standing for Women USA Tour

Welcome to our final podcast of 2022 wherein we discuss and reflect on the Kellie-Jay Keen USA Standing for Women Speakers' Corner Tour that took place in cities across the United States from October 16 - November 14. In this show, you will find gems of wisdom and advice for how to organize your own Speakers' Corner / Let Women Speak events in your community. First up, hear the greeting from our newest member, Emily Faye, who is taking over our world news department. Emily then delivers the...


Edition 79: The Male Sex Right with aurora linnea, Sheila Jeffreys and Sekhmet SheOwl

Welcome to our 79th edition podcast focused on the male sex right with anchor and interviewer, aurora linnea, lesbian feminist extraordinaire, Sheila Jeffreys, and commentary from Sekhmet SheOwl. This month's World News Segment was written and delivered by Emiliann Lorenzen for the last time. As Emily moves on to new projects in her life, we wish her well and thank her for her years of service to WLRN. We will miss you, sister! The music featured in this month's show comes to us from Martha...


Edition 78: Jo Bartosch Discusses the Mermaids Tribunal

Edition 78 begins with a greeting from resident lesbian feminist, Sekhmet SheOwl, who presents Liz Miller's regular monthly "Getting Organized" segment before WLRN's Aurora Linnea files a report on the recent WDI USA conference that took place in Washington DC over the weekend of September 24th. Next, stay tuned for WLRN's world news segment written and delivered by Emiliann Lorenzen before enjoying the traditional song "Bella Ciao" performed by two anonymous Iranian women. During this...


Edition 77: Women's Festivals in Michigan 2022

Edition 77: A Digest of Michigan Women's Music and Arts Festivals 2022. Both Thistle and Jenna got to gather with women in the woods of Michigan this Summer 2022. Both give their reports from a variety of women's lands and festivals in the great State of Michigan. Hear Emiliann Lorenzen's world news headlines after Liz Miller's segment "Getting Organized" wherein she interviews Dawn Smith, founder and organizer of Michigan Framily Reunion (MFR). Then, stay tuned for Thistle's interviews with...


WLRN Edition 76: Surrogacy

This month we talk about surrogacy from a radical feminist perspective. WLRN's Aurora speaks with Jennifer Lahl, founder and president of the Center for Bioethics & Culture Network and co-founder of the international group Stop Surrogacy Now, and Dr. Renate Klein, a biologist, sociologist, and feminist health activist who has been campaigning against surrogacy and other reproductive technologies since the early 1980s. Sekhmet closes out our show keeping it real about the psychology of the...


Edition 75: A Discussion of Feminist Leadership with Amy Sousa, Katyjean & Jesika Gonzalez

July 2022's podcast spotlights feminist leadership among grassroots activist women in our movement for women's liberation. First up, you will hear Thistle's greeting before Jennifer Bilek, of the 11th Hour Blog, delivers her final special report on the gender industry. WLRN would like to thank Jennifer Bilek for contributing her monthly report for the last year and a half to our airwaves. We wish you well, Jen, and appreciate all that you do to wake up the public to the dangers of the gender...


WLRN Edition 74: The Indoctrination of Children into Gender Ideology

This month WLRN trains its eye on the movement to indoctrinate children into gender ideology through the public school system. Our show starts with our monthly report on the gender industry from Jen Bilek over at the 11th Hour blog, followed by Elizabeth Miller's segment, Getting Organized. This month, Elizabeth interviewed Angela Wild about her feminist activist store "Wild Womyn Workshop," her feminist street activism, and her LesbianMeToo and Get The L Out UK projects. You can find Wild...


WLRN Coverage of Speakers' Corner, Madison, WI April 23, 2022

Hear Emiliann Lorenzen report on the Speakers' Corner event held in Madison, WI on April 23rd from this last story in WLRN's world news segment for this month. On April 23rd, an estimated 100 women and trans activists gathered at the top of State Street for an event modeled after the famous Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London, where ordinary citizens debate the issues of the day. In contrast to how citizens often behave in London, the trans activists used noise-makers, bull horns, and...


Edition 73: Digest of Madison Events

Happy Six Year Anniversary to WLRN! We are thrilled that we have made it this far, attaining our goal of co-creating a handcrafted feminist podcast every month, for SIX YEARS! In this 73rd episode, we focus our attention on the weekend of feminist events that happened in Madison, WI April 22 - 24, 2022 called Courage Calls to Courage and Sisters4Sisters. First up, enjoy the WLRN greeting with Thistle before hearing Jennifer Bilek's monthly special report on the Gender Industry. After that,...


WLRN Edition 72 Podcast: Feminist Child Rearing

Hot off the presses and not a moment too soon! This months WLRN podcast trains the lens on childrearing from a feminist ethic, specifically how we raise our daughters. The show opens with Jennifer Bilek’s monthly report on the gender industry from the 11th Hour Blog. Then, our Getting Organized segment with midwest radfem Elizabeth Miller. This month Elizabeth talks with Women Voices founder Genevieve Gluck. For more information about Women's Voices, please visit...


WRLN Podcast Edition 71: Feminists Getting Organized

This month we focus on ACTION - getting out and showing up for women and girls against the many faces of patriarchal dominance, colonization, and necromancy. We hear our monthly report from Jen Bilek over at the 11th Hour Blog about the intersection of capitalism, technology, and transhumanism. Debuting this month is long-time WLRN listener Elizabeth Miller's new segment 'Getting Organized', an activist primer wherein Elizabeth talks with feminist activists about action they've taken and how...


Edition 70: A Feminist Analysis of Fairy Tales with Ava Park

In this 70th edition of WLRN's monthly podcast, you will first hear Jenna DiQuarto's greeting before hearing Jennifer Bilek's monthly gender industry report in which she calls on us to take a more offensive stance in the fight against gender ideology. Next, Emiliann Lorenzen delivers WLRN's world news segment before she plays a clip from her interview with Ava Park, founder of the Museum of Woman and the Goddess Temple of Orange County. This interview clip follows the song 'To Be Free' by...


Edition 69: The Year in Review with Lierre Keith & Elizabeth Miller

Today's show begins with the greeting and world news segment by Emiliann Lorenzen and Jennifer Bilek's monthly report on the Gender Industry. Next, hear Jenna DiQuarto's tribute to the late great Betty White and the song "It's a Good Day" sung by Ms. White. Following the song, hear interviews with Lierre Keith, author, and activist from the Pacific Northwest, and Elizabeth Miller, editor of Spinning & Weaving: A Feminist Anthology for the 21st Century and founder of the Chicago Feminist...


Edition 68: Women's Intentional Communities

Welcome to the 68th edition podcast of Women's Liberation Radio News! This month, please enjoy our rousing rendition of "Deck the Halls" as performed by the WLRN crew right before you hear Thistle's interview with Becky Bohan and Nancy Manahan, two women who live in an intentional community in Florida with nearly 500 other women! Before the interview, hear Aurora Linnea's greeting wherein she describes her essay "Necessary Utopias" for this month. After the greeting, stay tuned for Jennifer...


WLRN Extended interview with death doula Susan Srigley, PhD

Susan Srigley, Ph.D., is a professor of Religions and Cultures at Nipissing University where she teaches courses on death, dying and spirituality. Susan is a death doula, and has been a palliative care volunteer for the past 20 years. She is an advocate for death education and mentors new palliative care volunteers and offers workshops at her local hospice. In this interview with April Neault, Susan talks about her experiences as an end-of-life companion and about society’s fearsome attitude...


Edition 67: A Feminist Study of Death

This month’s edition focuses on a feminist perspective of death. Death, another natural reality patriarchy views as an obstacle to overcome. How ironic that the necromancy that is patriarchy should be so obsessed with eternal life. WLRN member Aurora greets us into the edition, where we also hear from the 11th Hour Blog’s Jennifer Bilek in her monthly special report on the intersection of transgenderism, capitalism, technology and transhumanism; This month she talks about the significance of...


German Lesbian Feminists with Julia Beck

Join Julia Beck for three delightful interviews with German lesbian feminists Inge Klein, Manuela Kay, and Judith. These three women talk about their experiences in the German world of lesbian feminism and culture. The show is rounded off by Julia's report and commentary on the subject so stay tuned til the very end! After the greeting, hear the beloved German lesbian anthem, “Wir Sind Die Homosexuellen Frauen" by the Flying Lesbians (1975). Then listen to an interview with Manuela Kay,...