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Get an entertaining recap of all sports scores and developing stories as you start your day. Features intriguing guests, controversial topics, and hard-hitting news. It’s what everyone will be talking about around the water cooler. Jeff Siembieda and JJ Buck host weekdays from Albuquerque on KNML-AM, The Sports Animal.


Albuquerque, NM


Get an entertaining recap of all sports scores and developing stories as you start your day. Features intriguing guests, controversial topics, and hard-hitting news. It’s what everyone will be talking about around the water cooler. Jeff Siembieda and JJ Buck host weekdays from Albuquerque on KNML-AM, The Sports Animal.




Revelry One and Off

As the Lobos and Aggies take steps to continue their rivalry on the court the golf world is reacting to the PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger. What does it mean for golf? How are the PGA Tour players reacting? See for privacy information.


Pedro Lopez, Mr. 1,000

Albuquerque Isotopes Manager Pedro Lopez talks about his baseball journey, from 13-years as a minor league player to 1,000 wins combined as a manager. What's important to him and did he ever see this coming? #MiLB See for privacy information.



Breaking down the huge news of the PGA Tour and LIV Golf merging. What does the future hold for golf? What are players saying who stayed 'loyal' to the PGA? It's simple, don't bet on sports if you are in sports. Why does it keep happening? See for privacy information.


Give it a Chance

Why the NBA and fans need to embrace the Denver/Miami series. What was so impressive about that Heat 4th quarter performance! The trade that didn't happen that changed the fate of one NFL franchise. See for privacy information.


Change It Up

The quarter that could end up defining the NBA Finals happened in game two. What will the Nuggets response be in Miami? New Mexico women's soccer head coach Heather Dyche joins the show to talk shop, share her thoughts on what's next for United and the soccer community in Albuquerque. See for privacy information.


Back In It

How did Miami take game two in Denver? Another unsung hero for the Heat. Denver's head coach calls out his team. Big news on the New Mexico United front as they are searching for a new coach. See for privacy information.


Breaking It Down

Reacting to the postgame thoughts from game one of the NBA Finals. Who can and will be better in game two? How does a PGA club pro go from the good goat to bad. Where will Nuk Hopkins land? See for privacy information.


It's Back On

After the pressure was put on what are the Lobos and Aggies saying about getting closer to agreeing on their two men's basketball rivalry games? What are the expectations for game two of the NBA Finals? Did Jeff and J.J. just create two new milk shakes at a local resterraunt? See for privacy information.


From the Start

The Nuggets controlled game one, what does that tell us about the series? Was it just missing shots for the Heat? The NBA teased a JA Morant suspension, how long will it be? See for privacy information.


Stars Shine

What does the NBA think of Jokic? One former center would not pick him. The story behind how the Nuggets built their roster. What or who will decide the NBA Finals? See for privacy information.


Slight Tilt

What does it take to get a good coach to coach a bad team? Will DeAndre Hopkins reunite with his former quarterback? They shifted the pitch, what does it mean for the Tops and United? What are the stars saying about the NBA Finals? See for privacy information.



What did UNM and NMSU have to say about playing men's games next season? What will be the biggest story line from game one of the NBA Finals? Is NIL making college basketball better? See for privacy information.


Show Me the Money

Are we getting close to another conference shift and what will the fallout mean for the Mountain West? Do the Warrios have one more run in them? Their GM is stepping down and the future is in question. What needs to happen between UNM and NMSU to move forward with two men's basketball games? See for privacy information.


Leader Mentality

What Jimmy Butler says about his teamates sets the tone for the Heat. Why are people using ratings to debate if this will be a good NBA Finals matchup? What are the fans saying about the Lobos and Aggies basketball scheduling issue. See for privacy information.


Will the Lobos and Aggies Hoop it Up

With the two men's basketball games in question what are the issues? How did we get here and how do the schools move forward? What do the fans want? Just because other schools don't do it dosn't mean it should go away. See for privacy information.


They are who we Thought They Were

Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals highlighted who the Heat and Celtics were during the playoffs. Don't listen to the raitings narrative. Buy into these two team leaders in the NBA Finals. A golfer stepped on what to end his tournament? See for privacy information.


Pick Your Spot

Who is favored to be the Raiders strating quarterback next year? How big of an impact will DeAndre Hopkins have next year? Where did things go wrong for the Celtics? Who has the coaching edge in the NBA Finals? See for privacy information.


Amazing Flameout

The thin line between great story and epic collapse. How did the Heat get it done and what was missing from the Celtics? Is EWric Spoelstra the best coach in the NBA? How much does a coaches attitude matter? See for privacy information.


Flag Football

Do kickoffs matter that much in football? What injury could open the door just enough for the Celtics to give the Heat a problem? Why role players matter more than you realize. PGA Club hero Michael Block to LIV? See for privacy information.


Buy Lobo Stock

Who does Jeff think is the biggest addition to the Lobo men's basketball this offseason? Why are we seeing a different Aaron Rodgers in New York? Is Patrick Mahomes a trend setter for the next big QB deal? See for privacy information.