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Live. Local. Thoughtful. Witty. Start your morning off right with the Bryan Suits Show.




Hour 3: Dictator for a day

Taylor Swift is Person of the Year. Venezuela is under pressure from the U.S. to have a free and fair election. FOX News' Brit Hume says there is too much hysteria over Trump being a dictator in a 2nd term and Bryan agrees with him. // A checking of the texting. // Riley Gaines testified again about the harm of biological men in women's sports and Bryan agrees with her perspective.


Hour 2: It's not a trick question

Remembering Norman Lear. 83 attempted murder charges dropped against pilot who tried to shut off plane out of Everett. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Previewing the GOP debate that NewsNation will host tonight. 2) Ohtani is being courted by various MLB teams behind the scenes. 3) Block on military promotions is lifted. 4) Rivers are flooding around the northwest. 5) Former UW medical doctor accused of inseminating a patient with his own sperm. // Trump and Biden exchange jabs in separate comments to the Press. SCOTUS is reviewing a case about foreign income involving a Washington couple. // Heads of universities found it very difficult to condemn anti-semitism on their campuses during a congressional hearing.


Hour 1: Those were the days

Wednesday morning news montage. Taylor Swift is TIME's person of the year. RFK Jr. admits he was on Jeffrey Epstein's jet on 2 separate occasions. Television pioneer Norman Lear is dead at the age of 101 and Bryan remembers some of his iconic shows. // Gas prices going down in some areas. The House of Representatives voted to condemn anti-semitism and shamefully there were 92 democrats who voted "present". // Trump says he will only be a dictator on day one of a 2nd term.


Ep. 4 - Bryan Suits Show after party

Ep. 4 - Bryan Suits Show after party


Hour 3: Why Hamas doesn't want to release some women hostages

Muslim immigrant went on a stabbing spree in France. Continuing research about how kids' education suffered due to lockdowns during the pandemic. State Department spokesperson says Hamas may be reluctant to release women hostages because they don't want those women to talk about what happened to them in custody. Israel reacts to civilian death toll in Gaza and says they are going to painstaking lengths to limit collateral damage. // A checking of the texting. // Historical anecdotes about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Miami Dolphins QB played the song "Tears in Heaven" on the Mannningcast last night and Bryan was amused.


Hour 2: The hand they've been dealt

Mariners skipper Scott Servais says the team is doing the best with 'the hand we've been dealt'. Looking ahead to tomorrow night's GOP debate. KNOW IT ALL: 1) China's credit rating sucks. 2) Iowa is a must-win for Desantis in the GOP primary. 3) Three rivers may flood due to lots of rain in the Seattle area. 4) Guitar serenading on the Manningcast. // John Kerry may have had a case of flatulence while speaking at a climate summit. // Rain creating lots of problems on the roadways around the northwest. Criminals who were called up to serve in Russia's war in Ukraine are now returning home and causing lots of problems.


Hour 1: When the rains came

It's raining a lot around the Seattle area. Israel might flood terror tunnels with salt water. Tuesday morning news montage. State Department spokesperson rightly points out that Hamas is hesitant to release some women hostages because they've been sexually assaulted in captivity. Bryan and Greg talk about the Monday Night Football game. Sen. Fetterman trolls fellow Sen. Bob Menendez with George Santos Cameo video. // Rivers will flood in the northwest due to lots of rain. Sen. Menendez calls John Fetterman 'Mr. Clickbait'. Ibrim X. Kendi spouts racist talking points while decrying 'whiteness' at Netflix screening. // 3-month old killed by wolf hybrid. Juvenile boy dies and 2 arrested in Lakewood after police chase of stolen Kia.


Hour 3: Ezekiel 25:17

An abducted baby was found dead in the woods in Idaho on Saturday. Bodies found at JBLM believed to be missing couple. Doug Burgum exits the presidential race. Trump says if Jesus oversaw elections he would win California and Bryan thinks he might be misreading the book of Revelation. Alaska Airlines has merged with Hawaiian Airlines. // Floods are putting WA historic documents at risk. Fire suppression is a major problem for Washington's forests. // Bryan fact-checks Quentin Tarantino's Ezekiel 25:17 from the movie Pulp Fiction. Bryan tells a historical anecdote about the Japanese and Pearl Harbor as we approach the 82nd anniversary of the attack.


Hour 2: Nation of laws not feelings

Bryan talks about commercials he is seeing for a new A.I. pin. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Idaho tries to attract people from out of state. 2) Oxford University Press word of the year is "rizz". 3) Celebrity gossip. 4) Huskies' QB Michael Penix borrowed a line from Geno Smith during his PAC12 Championship post-game celebration. 5) John Kerry has had it with climate change deniers. // Bryan has some fun with commercials about a new A.I. based translator. Playwright David Mamet gave some great insights into the bible, the law, and the Constitution in an interview with Bill Maher. // Robert Deniro ripped Trump in a speech at the Gotham Awards. More wisdom from David Mamet.


Hour 1: Moral equivalence

U.S. warship shot down drones over the Red Sea which were fired from Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen. Hawaiian Airlines joins forces with Alaska Airlines and Bryan speculates as to what this might mean for both companies. Rep. Pramila Jayapal's shameful moral equivalence about the Israel-Hamas war. // Thurston County candidate who didn't vote for himself lost by one vote. Hot conservative sports takes about the college football playoff. // Nicaragua's Miss Universe franchise owner charged with conspiracy. Communist dictators gonna dictate.


Hour 3: So that it can't be denied

Sandra Day O'Connor died at the age of 93. George Santos is expelled from the House of Representatives. Israel vows to hunt down Hamas leaders after the war is over. Representatives react to expelling one of their members. // KIRO reporter James Lynch on watching a video of Hamas' atrocities in Israel. // Head of the ADL continues to speak out against Universities that enable hate speech against Jews.


Hour 2: Santos faces expulsion

Rep. George Santos faces expulsion vote today and he deserves it. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Santos says if it's God's will, he will leave Congress. 2) Jeff Bezos' giant yacht is causing problems in Florida. 3) Bryan tells a folksy anecdote about computer screens. 4) Cop28 is underway. // More analysis of the Desantis-Newsom debate. // Recalling previous members of the House of Representatives who have been expelled. The Oregon Ducks are big favorites against the Huskies in the PAC12 Championship game tonight and Bryan agrees with the spread.


Hour 1: Takeaways from the Desantis-Newsom debate

Seahawks lost to the Cowboys and the refs last night. Newsom won on style, Desantis won on substance during last night's Fox News debate. Friday morning news montage. Israel knew of Hamas' attack plans over a year ago. // More details on the lead up to the October 7th attack in Israel. // British broadcaster details horrors of Hamas. Former WSDOT economist accuses state leaders of retaliation for refusing to lie about gas prices.


Hour 3: Rodents of unusual size

Remembering Irish musician Shane MacGowan. Recalling famous death duos in history. Desantis vs. Newsom scorecard. // A checking of the texting. // Rodents of unusual size. Producer Greg notes a famous Kissinger quote from 1973 and relates it to the new movie Napoleon.


Hour 2: The legacy of Henry Kissinger

Bryan loves how Elon Musk is letting the 'chips fall where they may' when it comes to advertisers on X. Seattle got rid of the vexing homeless camp near Harborview. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Rep. Santos is indignant ahead of the expulsion vote today. 2) Protests at the tree lighting outside Rockefeller Center in NY. 3) Previewing the Desantis-Newsom debate. // Bryan talks about the impact Henry Kissinger had on the world. Piers Morgan reveals that it was King Charles who asked a question about the skin tone of Meghan Markle's baby. // Bryan is not impressed with Gavin Newsom.


Hour 1: Musk's NSFW interview

Bryan says Rep. George Santos looks like a guy where the world is crashing in around him ahead of an expulsion vote. XXX Burger joint to close down in Issaquah after decades of serving the community. Bryan celebrates Elon Musk's expletive-filled interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin where he said he doesn't care that advertisers are leaving X. // Bryan talks about the legacy of Henry Kissinger who passed away at the age of 100. // Gun ownership rising and Bryan explains why. DOT clears out homeless camp in Seattle.


Hour 3: Style vs. Substance

October 7th denial is akin to Holocaust denial. Previewing the Desantis-Newsom debate tomorrow night. // A checking of the texting. // Anti-Israel protesters chose Starbucks as their latest target of demonstration. Newsom will bring style and Desantis likely to bring substance in tomorrow's debate.


Hour 2: Why they watch the video

Prince Harry drops the puck and Bryan is not impressed. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Parents are continuing to pay their kids' bills longer in life. 2) Gray squirrels are the Hamas of the squirrel world. // New report that a 10-month old in Hamas captivity is dead. U.S. Senators were shown a video of Hamas' terror from Octoer 7th and were understandably shaken up by it. Public comment at an Oakland City Council meeting featured a lot of crazy hot takes about the conflict in the Middle East. // Bryan explains why Israeli officials continue to show horrific footage from October 7th to the media and politicians.


Hour 1: RIP Charlie Munger

At least one confirmed dead as US Osprey aircraft crashes off the coast of Japan. Warren Buffett's longtime business partner died and Bryan plays some of his most notable quotables. Wednesday morning news montage. 'Royal racist' named in a new book but there's a twist. There's a moose on the loose in Minnesota. Snoop Dogg faked quitting marijuana. // Low voter turnout amongst millenials helped move the Seattle City Council toward the center. An anti-Israel protest group demonstrated outside Rosalynn Carter's funeral, yesterday. 813,000 emails to student loan borrowers are receiving emails from Biden after their debts were reduced to zero. // Mavs coach Jason Kidd goes off on reporter with NSFW rant and Bryan was greatly amused by it. Remembering Charlie Munger and some of his cognitive beauties from over the years.


Hour 3: Crunch technology

Traffic backups with foggy weather around the northwest. There's now an app that will mask the crunching sound of Doritos on Zoom calls. Biden envisions a Gaza where Hamas is no longer in control. // A checking of the texting. // Rep. Ro Khanna advocates for a 2-state solution in Israel but Bryan points out that there are still a lot of Hamas sympathizers in Gaza.