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Live. Local. Thoughtful. Witty. Start your morning off right with the Bryan Suits Show.




KTTH Freedom Series: The Crime Crisis

Washington state is experiencing an undeniable surge in crime. But what's the reason for it and how do we combat it? KTTH hosts Jason Rantz and Bryan Suits spoke with a variety of experts to tackle crime in the context of homelessness, drug use, and policing, featuring Sheriff Ed Troyer, Seattle Police chief Adrian Diaz, Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin, Kent Mayor Dana Ralph, former congressman Dave Reichert, and (un)divided host Brandi Kruse. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Portland removing homeless tents

The Mariners swept the Oakland A's. How Portland is removing tents from the streets could be a guide for Seattle. // A checking of the texting. // Chinese fentanyl coming into WA state from Canada. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: High School athletes can now be paid in some states

Inventor of the Ground Proximity Warning System dies at 91 in Bellevue. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Passenger opens door mid flight. 2) Desantis talks about false media representations of Florida. 3) Time is running out to strike a deal for the debt ceiling before a default. 4) Amsterdam cracking down on weed, alcohol, and sex workers. 5) Middle school shifts to online learning after a student tested positive for measles. // Male passenger opened an emergency door on an airplane right before landing. Jill Biden had a Jeb Bush 'please clap' moment at the Reagan Institute. // High School athletes can now be paid in some states. See for privacy information.


Hour 1: John Mellencamp wrote a song about Portland

John Mellencamp wrote a song about the homeless in Portland. Lawsuit by people with disabilities forces city of Portland to remove homeless tents. Twitter's top engineer quits after Desantis's campaign rollout debacle. FBI reveals 1980s plot to kill the Queen Elizabeth II. // AOC vs. Rep. Kevin Kiley on the role of government. Ron Desantis raised $8.2M in the first 24 hours after announcing his campaign. // Doctor in Indiana fined for privacy violations following abortion. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: China could be on a war footing

Microsoft warns that China hackers attacked U.S. infrastructure. // A checking of the texting. // Kenmore Air to offer flights to Victoria, Canada. Bryan thinks North Face's new ad campaign for pride month might be a parody. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Banning books?

Euphemisms abound to soften the impact that drugs and crime have had on King County. Court documents show drug K-9 overdosed after exposure to 110 lbs. of fentanyl. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Debt ceiling negotiations continue. 2) Singer Tina Turner died at 83. 3) Ron Desantis' announcement for 2024 was met with technical difficulties on twitter. // Gabby Petito's parents get 'burn after reading' letter from Brian Laundrie's parents. // Bryan talks about a video he saw where a Wagner fighter in Ukraine steals a dead guy's watch. Piers Morgan confronts Tik Tok prankster. See for privacy information.


Hour 1: Desantis' failure to launch

Bryan gives a rundown of last night's Freedom Series event. Ron Desantis' announcement on twitter was a bit of a dud. Redmond City Council members may have their salaries increased by 500%. // North Face launches summer pride ad campaign that features a trans spokesperson. Trump parodies Desantis' presidential launch. // Wagner group predicts disaster if Russia doesn't movie into total war footing. Putin pulled out a 400 year old map to try to further justify his war in Ukraine. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Inslee fires head of Equity office

Miami zoo apologizes for mistreatment of iconic kiwi bird. Could Trump pardon himself if imprisoned? Presidential hype videos. Elon Musk prepares to interview Desantis ahead of 2024 announcement. // A checking of the texting. // Gov. Inslee fires WA's first director of the Equity office. McCarthy updates the public on the latest negotiations regarding the debt ceiling. Child-luring attempts made in Renton Highlands. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Autonomy for drug addicts

'Harm reduction' expert tells the Seattle City Council that a priority for them is the autonomy of drug users. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Uhaul driver identified and charged after crashing into barriers near the White House. 2) Desantis will file paperwork today to enter the presidential race for 2024. // Desantis will make an unorthodox announcement for his presidential bid. // RV fire in Ballard. Feds will pay $800k for allowing child abuser, murderer into girl's home. See for privacy information.


Hour 1: Desantis' hype video ahead of announcement

Desantis releases hype video ahead of 2024 announcement. The View's Joy Behar tries to school Sen. Tim Scott on what it means to be black. // Rep. Pramila Jayapal thinks people will take to the streets if a deal isn't reached on the debt ceiling. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich thinks McCarthy holds most of the cards during negotiations with Biden. // Target stores pull some trans bathing suits after backlash. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Sad songs

Federal Way man wins 'American Idol'. PLU groper faces multiple burglary and assault charges. // A checking of the texting. // Top baby names in WA state. Sen. Tim Scott responds to critics after presidential bid announced. Scott says America is a 'land of opportunity, not oppression'. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Love after lockup

The women of The View criticize Sen. Tim Scott after he announced his presidential bid. Former 'Love After Lockup' TV star arrested after hit-and-run investigation. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Debt ceiling negotiations continue. 2) NAACP issues travel advisory warning for the state of Florida. 3) Accused Idaho killer remained silent in court during arraignment. 4) Big box retailers have been hit hard by theft. // Amazon workers planning walkout over having to return to work. // REI expressed frustration with Portland officials before it closed its store. See for privacy information.


Hour 1: American Idol winner from Federal Way

American Idol winner is from Federal Way. Suspect in Idaho murder case stays silent during arraignment. Athletics baseball announcer fired over racial slur. Whoopi Goldberg says Sen. Tim Scott has 'Clarence Thomas syndrome'. // Pro-Ukraine Russian soldiers attack border region. // Man shot and killed near Olga Park in Seattle. PLU groping suspect's bail set at $500k. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Climate activists and Trevi fountain

Climate activists turn Trevi fountain black in Rome. Fentanyl use is getting worse amongst Seattle's homeless population. // A checking of the texting. // Experts warn Ozempic is causing a wave of plastic surgeries to fix loose skin. Crackdown on gangs in El Salvador. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Sen. Tim Scott will announce run for President

Sen. Tim Scott expected to make an announcement for a 2024 presidential run. Nebraska state senator shouts into a microphone in the chamber about support for trans people. KNOW IT ALL: 1) VP Harris gave a pregame speech ahead of Brittney Griner's return to the WNBA. 2) F-16s for Ukraine. 3) Ukrainian President Zelenskyy gave a confusing answer about whether or not Bakhmut is in Russian hands. 4) CNN's Jake Tapper confronts Jake Sullivan about an accounting error in Ukraine aid. 5) Brian Kohberger's sister feared he was involved in Idaho murders. // Seattle crime forces postal service to not deliver mail for an entire zip code. // Kohberger to be arraigned in court today for Idaho murders. PLU groping suspect back in custody. See for privacy information.


Hour 1: Griner's new appreciation for the national anthem

Texas House Speaker may have been drunk during a legislative session. Brittney Griner says she has a new appreciation for the National Anthem after her ordeal in Russia. Griner's head coach bemoans the fact that their game didn't sell-out. Judge issues 17th order for woman with TB to self-isolate or go to jail. Coordinated ambushes by Orcas around boats near Spain. Underground home goes on sale in Rainier, WA. // Jeffrey Epstein tried to blackmail Bill Gates about the Microsoft founder's affair with a young Russian bridge player. // Nancy Pelosi's daughter is taking care of Sen. Dianne Feinstein. BBC reports on El Salvador's gang crackdown. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Buffett's breakfast

BEST OF: Buffett's breakfast. // Mother's testimony about her children that overdosed. // AI hearing at Congress. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Baseball theme songs

BEST OF: Mariners need a theme song. // Australian ban on nudity in changing rooms. // Modern day outlawing of slavery. See for privacy information.


Hour 1: How low can the test scores go?

BEST OF: Crime in Portland. // Back taxes. // Kids' test scores plummeting. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Modern warfare in Ukraine

43 years to the day since Mt. St. Helens erupted. Seattle is the fastest growing big city. Fentanyl overdoses at the Snohomish county jail. Taxi driver of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle talks about their encounter with the paparazzi. // A checking of the texting. // Update on the war in Ukraine. Piroshky, Piroshky owner is running for Seattle City Council. Senators weigh in on the condition of Diane Feinstein. See for privacy information.