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Live. Local. Thoughtful. Witty. Start your morning off right with the Bryan Suits Show.

Live. Local. Thoughtful. Witty. Start your morning off right with the Bryan Suits Show.


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Live. Local. Thoughtful. Witty. Start your morning off right with the Bryan Suits Show.




Hour 3: Production in China

President Biden visits Phoenix to highlight Arizona’s high-tech manufacturing. Terrifying home invasion in South Seattle. // A checking of the texting. // Update on the war in Ukraine. The SS Pacific has been found off of Washington after 147 years. Bryan plays a clip from a scene in the show ‘Yellowstone’. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Don't bash the stache

Runoff in Georgia. KNOW IT ALL: 1) A new clash between faith and gay rights is heard at the Supreme Court. 2) John Bolton teases a potential presidential run. 3) Home prices dip around the Puget Sound. // Covid cases and seasonal flu on the rise. Seth Meyers announces his TV crew is again wearing masks in studio. // Police continue to investigate murders of Idaho University students. See for privacy information.


Hour 1: Classical music to deter homeless camps

Producer Greg provides a folksy anecdote about his 6-year-old son and Xbox. Actress Kirstie Alley dies of cancer at age 71. Bryan plays a clip from the hit TV show ‘Yellowstone’. // An early pass at the checking of the texting. // Seattle business blasts classical music to deter homeless camp. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: The Godfather of gatecrashing

Warnock vs. Walker in Georgia runoff this week. FBI now investigating North Carolina power outages caused by an intentional attack on substations. Hunter Biden laptop story and the twitter files. // A checking of the texting. // Dion Rich, the Godfather of gatecrashing, dies. Treasures from “Ship of Gold” wreckage up for auction 165 years after ship sank in hurricane. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Twitter files

SF business offers a joint with pizza. Elon Musk releases info on how twitter suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Father of slain Idaho University student says cops in the case might be amateurish. 2) Seahawks win a close game in Los Angeles. 3) Barry Bonds misses out on the baseball hall of fame. 4) Emmanuel Macron gives interview to 60 Minutes. // Uncertainty over Iran’s morality police. Geopolitics and energy production. // Valuable jeans tied to one of America’s...


Hour 1: Goblin mode

Takeaways from the twitter files released by Elon Musk. The Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2022 is “permacrisis”. Oxford dictionary chooses ‘Goblin Mode” as word of the year. // An early pass at the checking of the texting. Flue and colds are back with a vengeance. // Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will star in new docuseries. Europeans not happy with the Inflation Reduction Act. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: The toothbrush mustache

Labor force participation moving in the wrong direction. Kanye West says more crazy things in an interview with Alex Jones. // The checking of the texting. // Parents finding empty shelves as they look for children’s Tylenol and ibuprofen. McConnell criticizes new democrat leader for his past election denying. Biden calls France “Frank”. FTX guy says he was shocked at what happened with his crypto currency exchange. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: They're always watching

Christmas bumper banter. Speculation that Putin’s health is compromised. KNOW IT ALL: 1) American soccer star says he wasn’t hit in the family jewels. 2) United Furniture owner ‘disappeared’ after firing 2,700 workers. 3) Jobs report in the U.S. 4) Elon Musk bans Kanye West from twitter. // Death of North Carolina pilot who fell from plane mid-flight ruled an accident. Dad has an inkling about victims ‘behavior difference’ before attack. Appeals court scraps special master review in Trump...


Hour 1: Get a beer at the Reagan Library

Bryan tells stories about the Reagan Library. Still more questions than answers in the murder of four University of Idaho students. Kanye West is banned from twitter. // CNBC’s Cramer rips FTX guy. Free history lesson. // Apple’s CEO is on Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers. New labor market numbers. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Causes for inflation

Janet Yellen tries to explain inflation to Stephen Colbert. Disney’s CEO Bob Iger signals that he wants the company to be less political. // A checking of the texting. // Karine Jeanne-Pierre says repeatedly that Biden has been to the border when he hasn’t. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Yellowstone nails it

Tacoma police to give update on 1999 disappearance of Teekah Lewis. Bryan talks about his family tree. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Disappointing choices in the GA senate runoff. 2) Still not a lot of answers in the questions surrounding the murder of four students in Idaho. 3) Bryan plays a clip from one of his favorite shows, “Yellowstone”. // Brazen murder at barber shop in Puyallup. // FTX bankruptcy. See for privacy information.


Hour 1: Bumper banter

Christmas banter. Favorite holiday bumpers. // Macron visits the White House. An early pass at the checking of the texting. // Convicted felon found with his pants down near elementary school. Buddhist monks in Thailand fail drug tests. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: New policy in New York to address homeless crisis

Hot conservative sports takes. Hospitals challenged by backlog on surgeries that people postponed during the pandemic. Trying to avoid a railroad workers strike. // NY Mayor promotes new policy amidst homeless crisis. The checking of the texting. // Father of Colorado Springs shooter spoke to the media. Stephen Colbert asks Don Lemon if CNN will remain liberal after changes at the network. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Apple and China

Power outages around the Puget Sound. New details in murder of students at Idaho University. KNOW IT ALL: 1) The U.S. defeated Iran in the World Cup, yesterday. 2) Head of NATO talks about Russia using winter as a weapon. // New York Mayor Eric Adams promotes policy of involuntary institutionalization for some homeless people. // John Kirby asked about Apple’s policies in China. Ron Desantis provides some moral clarity on the protests in China. See for privacy...


Hour 1: The Dutch

Bryan and Greg talk about the snow. Bryan is binge-watching a new show on Netflix. Sen. John Kennedy provides another gem of a soundbite. Apple limited a crucial AirDrop function in China before protests. // An early pass at the checking of the texting. Some Iranian citizens in Tehran celebrate the U.S. World Cup victory over their home country. // Testy exchange on FOX News between John Kirby and Brian Kilmeade about America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. See for...


Hour 3: Geopolitics at the World Cup

It’s snowing around the Seattle area. Iranian journalist challenges U.S. soccer star with question about human rights. World Cup boss admits hundreds of migrant workers died during construction ahead of the tournament. // Checking of the texting. // Will Smith talks about his infamous slap of Chris Rock. Jill Biden decorates the White House for Christmas. John Kirby says Russia is using winter as a weapon in Ukraine. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Taping your mouth shut

TikTok’s latest trend is taping your mouth while you sleep. FOX’s Peter Doocy challenges John Kirby on Biden administration’s decision to let Chevron drill in Venezuela. 1) The science of sleep. 2) The war in Ukraine. 3) Organ donations rise around motorcycle rallies. // San Francisco considers allowing law enforcement robots to use lethal force. Man held on $750k bail in connection to road rage shooting that injured 11-year-old. // 19-year-old suspect accused of shooting a child in Tacoma...


Hour 1: Snowpocolypse 2022

Protests continue in China. Iranian journalist questions American soccer star. // Getting ready for snowy weather this week. An early pass at the checking of the texting. // Snowpocolypse 2022. Remembering when The Simpsons made fun of soccer. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Nerd alert

Riots by Moroccan immigrants in Belgium after World Cup upset. Iran calls for U.S. to be eliminated from the World Cup after men’s national team removes Islamic Rebublic emblem from the Iranian flag. Apple restricts AirDrop file-sharing in China amidst protests against the CCP. // Checking of the texting. // RedZone audiences missed end of Raiders-Seahawks game because of 60 Minutes. Japanese World Cup fans pick up litter at stadium. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Fauci's deposition

Crypto firm FTX’s ownership of a bank in Washington state raises questions. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Protests against Covid lockdowns in China. 2) The latest on the brutal murders of students in Moscow, ID. // Teens arrested after multiple violent Seattle robberies. U.S. federal judge denies 19-year-old’s request to attend her father’s execution. Revelations from Fauci’s deposition. // CDC director says nearly all deaths can be prevented with new treatments for Covid. See for...