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Live. Local. Thoughtful. Witty. Start your morning off right with the Bryan Suits Show.




Hour 3: Situational awareness

Tree-well rescue video shows snowboarder is lucky to be alive. Karine Jean-Pierre says the trans community is under attack. Ty France had 3 hits in the Mariners season opener. Seattle asking voters to approve $970M for new housing levy. // A checking of the texting. // Secret Service preparing for Trump being taken into custody. Captain lost ‘situational awareness’ before ship collided with an offshore dolphin at West Seattle terminal. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Seattle proposes $970M housing levy

Bremerton man charged in ‘swatting’ campaign across U.S. and Canada. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Man arrested and charged after chasing down and shooting suspected car thieves. 2) Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell proposes $970M levy for housing. 3) Gwyneth Paltrow found not liable in skiing incident. 4) Turkey’s parliament voted to approve Finland’s membership bid in NATO. 5) Dodgers fan gets leveled by security in ill-fated, on-field proposal. // Donald Trump’s indictment consists of 34 counts. //...


Hour 1: Trump indicted

Donald Trump indicted. // Politicians argue for increased security at schools. Mariners win their season opener against the Guardians. // Australian woman told she broke the rules by being naked in a changing room. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Choose your fighter

John McEnroe is going to play pickleball for $1M. Baseball season starts today. House majority leader meets with Taiwan leader. US-China relations deteriorating. Representatives Massie and Bowman clash in the halls of the Capitol over gun laws. // A checking of the texting. // Sen. John Kennedy asked Merrick Garland if the shooting in Nashville qualifies as a ‘hate crime’. Kennedy interviews George Santos on his FOX BUSINESS Show. New movie about Tetris will be released on Apple TV+,...


Hour 2: Blackhawk helicopters crash in KY

9 casualties reported after 2 Army Blackhawk helicopters crash in Kentucky. Sen. Mitt Romney defends former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz in front of Senate committee. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Woman went to Costa Rica for dental care and things went horribly wrong. 2) Gwyneth Paltrow trial continues. // Narcan now available over-the-counter. WSJ reporter detained in Russia. // Bryan thinks the Mariners need an official theme song. COVID vaccines are not needed for healthy kids and teens, says...


Hour 1: Tetris

FDA approves over-the-counter Narcan. Bryan is looking forward to seeing the new movie about Tetris. Baseball season begins today. Washington woman is recovering from a coma after visiting Costa Rica for dental work. Russia apprehends an American journalist and accuses him of being a spy. // The detainment of Evan Gershkovich may have been a tit for tat in retaliation for the U.S. capturing a Russian spy. WA corrections system sued by slain Spanaway mother’s daughter. // John McEnroe is...


Hour 3: Air quality study prompted by rampant drug use on public transit

UW will study air quality on public transit due to complaints about drug use. Gun control debate continues after shooting in Nashville. // Trailer for new Wes Anderson movie drops. A checking of the texting. // Orca, once ripped from her family, may be coming home to the Puget Sound. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Moral equivalence

Gwyneth Paltrow continues to be on trial for a ski incident and the Washington Post released a silly montage of some of the audio from courtroom exchanges. DHS Secretary Mayorkas is grilled in a Senate hearing over his handling of the border. Howard Schultz will appear before a Sanders-led Senate hearing. Sen. Lindsey Graham continues to sound the alarm on drug cartels. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Former prison guard among 20 WA residents arrested for drug ring. 2) Suspect who fled a deadly crash on I-5...


Hour 1: Transparency discussion in regards to shooting in Nashville

A kia backed into a retail marijuana outlet in Fremont. Netherlands tries to discourage young Brits from partying in their country. Analysis of media coverage regarding the shooting in Nashville. // Serial sperm donor who fathered 550 kids sued for increasing incest risk. An early pass at the checking of the texting. // Dead body found in tent near T-Mobile Park days before Mariners begin regular season. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Chilling footage out of Nashville

Police in Nashville release footage of school shooting. Hot takes abound after horrific killings. Ex-MSNBC analyst Malcom Nance contributed to ‘chaos’ in Ukraine. Fisher Investments makes Plano its new corporate headquarters. // The IRS made an unannounced visit to a journalist who contributed to the ‘Twitter Files’. A checking of the texting. A big drug bust in WA state. // New policy to accommodate pregnant firefighters in Federal Way. Bryan went to “Camp Unacceptable”. See...


Hour 2: Man wanted to go back to jail

Fisher Investments’ headquarters move to Texas from Washington. Man suspected of shooting in Lakewood said he wanted to go back to jail. KNOW IT ALL: 1) House GOP to subpoena Sec. Blinken over Afghanistan withdrawal. 2) Uncovering the motive of the school shooter in Nashville. 3) Russia suspects the U.S. had something to do with blowing up Nordstream 2 pipeline. 4) Bryan visited “Camp Unacceptable”. // ESPN ranks the Mariners as the 10th best team in baseball ahead of opening day. New tanks...


Hour 1: China finds a friend in Utah

Bryan went to see the progress of the homeless encampment cleanup under a bridge in Seattle. More than 20 WA residents arrested for drug ring which had ties to Aryan prison gang. // What we know about the shooter who killed 6 people at a small Christian school in Nashville. // China finds unlikely friend in Utah. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Biden's mixed messaging on Tik Tok

Bryan has been enjoying watching the Women’s NCAA Basketball tournament. Producer Greg tells a folksy anecdote about sexism and kids. CBS’ Margaret Brennan confronts John Kirby about mixed messaging from Biden on Tik Tok. // A checking of the texting. // Outraged Amazon workers in KY flew into Seattle for a protest over work conditions. Former META employee mocks the company over bloated tech salaries. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again

Humorist David Sedaris promotes ‘heganism’. WA jails have high death rates. Turmoil in Israel over Netanyahu’s plan to weaken the Supreme Court’s power. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Trump was in Waco, TX for a rally. 2) U. of Idaho student died in Centralia and 2 people have been arrested on drug charges. 3) Seattle groups demonstrate against Amazon’s alleged anti-union stance in Kentucky. // Ex-Meta recruiter was paid $190k ‘to do nothing’. Former Mexican President talks about drug cartels in his...


Hour 1: Be all that you can be

Army pulls ‘Be All You Can Be’ ads after on-screen narrator arrested. WA jails have among the highest death rates in America. Deputies fatally shoot a guy holding a grenade in Pierce County. // Federal trial of the Fugee’s begins today. Americans life expectancy has ticked down in recent years. Bryan takes issue with commentators saying China and Russia are now military buddies. // Professor Scott Galloway continues to sound the alarm about Chinese influence on Tik Tok. Peggy Noonan says the...


Hour 3: Zags!

Gonzaga rallies back against UCLA to advance to the Elite 8. Miami’s Cavinder twins are stars in the Women’s NCAA basketball tournament and cashing in. Man found living in Mill Creek resident’s attic. Everett man stabbed child at Dollar Tree in Mill Creek. // WA Supreme Court upholds capital gains tax. A checking of the texting. // British regulator softens stance on Microsoft-Activision deal. Tik Tok’s CEO was excoriated in a House hearing, yesterday. See for...


Hour 2: American contractor killed in Syria

Republicans push for parental rights bill in Congress. KNOW IT ALL: 1) U.S. retaliates against Iranian-linked targets after American contractor killed in Syria. 2) Eugene Emeralds will be the ‘Exploding Whales’ of minor league baseball. 3) Trump unhinged on Truth Social with a post involving the DA of Manhattan. 4) Riots continue in France over raising retirement age. 5) Utah’s Governor signs bills with sweeping restrictions on kids and social media. // A man in Lacey brutally attacked dogs...


Hour 1: Exploding Whale uniforms

Oregon baseball team unveils new uniforms that pay homage to an exploding sperm whale. Father of Parkland massacre victim is removed from Congress after interrupting hearing. // Man found living in Mill Creek resident’s attic allegedly stole from them. // Tik Tok’s CEO harshly criticized in hearing at Congress, yesterday. Activists upset at misgendering of a suspect accused of shooting at deputies. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Making history throughout history

Kamala Harris celebrates Women’s History Month. New plan to combat homelessness is doomed to fail. Tik Tok CEO on Capitol Hill defending his platform. // 50% of men think they can land a plane without formal training. WA’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers had some words for the CEO of Tik Tok. A checking of the texting. // Karine Jean-Pierre brushes off question about bank records involving China and the Biden family. Sen. Mark Warner speaks out about China’s control over businesses. See...


Hour 2: Skittle parties

NHL player chooses not to wear Pride Night jersey. Tik Tok CEO testifying before Congress. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Young people taking part in ‘Skittle Parties’ where they abuse drugs. 2) U.S. transplant system will be overhauled. 3) Tik Tok’s CEO, testifying before Congress, touts the platforms success in America. // City in Canada apologizes for marketing campaign that people thought was a bit naughty. // Indian politician, Rahul Gandhi, found guilty of defamation and given 2-year sentence....