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Live. Local. Thoughtful. Witty. Start your morning off right with the Bryan Suits Show.




Hour 3: Zags!

Gonzaga rallies back against UCLA to advance to the Elite 8. Miami’s Cavinder twins are stars in the Women’s NCAA basketball tournament and cashing in. Man found living in Mill Creek resident’s attic. Everett man stabbed child at Dollar Tree in Mill Creek. // WA Supreme Court upholds capital gains tax. A checking of the texting. // British regulator softens stance on Microsoft-Activision deal. Tik Tok’s CEO was excoriated in a House hearing, yesterday. See for...


Hour 2: American contractor killed in Syria

Republicans push for parental rights bill in Congress. KNOW IT ALL: 1) U.S. retaliates against Iranian-linked targets after American contractor killed in Syria. 2) Eugene Emeralds will be the ‘Exploding Whales’ of minor league baseball. 3) Trump unhinged on Truth Social with a post involving the DA of Manhattan. 4) Riots continue in France over raising retirement age. 5) Utah’s Governor signs bills with sweeping restrictions on kids and social media. // A man in Lacey brutally attacked dogs...


Hour 1: Exploding Whale uniforms

Oregon baseball team unveils new uniforms that pay homage to an exploding sperm whale. Father of Parkland massacre victim is removed from Congress after interrupting hearing. // Man found living in Mill Creek resident’s attic allegedly stole from them. // Tik Tok’s CEO harshly criticized in hearing at Congress, yesterday. Activists upset at misgendering of a suspect accused of shooting at deputies. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Making history throughout history

Kamala Harris celebrates Women’s History Month. New plan to combat homelessness is doomed to fail. Tik Tok CEO on Capitol Hill defending his platform. // 50% of men think they can land a plane without formal training. WA’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers had some words for the CEO of Tik Tok. A checking of the texting. // Karine Jean-Pierre brushes off question about bank records involving China and the Biden family. Sen. Mark Warner speaks out about China’s control over businesses. See...


Hour 2: Skittle parties

NHL player chooses not to wear Pride Night jersey. Tik Tok CEO testifying before Congress. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Young people taking part in ‘Skittle Parties’ where they abuse drugs. 2) U.S. transplant system will be overhauled. 3) Tik Tok’s CEO, testifying before Congress, touts the platforms success in America. // City in Canada apologizes for marketing campaign that people thought was a bit naughty. // Indian politician, Rahul Gandhi, found guilty of defamation and given 2-year sentence....


Hour 1: Good Morning China

McConnell mocks Biden judicial nominee for not knowing Article II of the Constitution. Snohomish High School students killed in crash with wrong-way driver on West Seattle Bridge. Tik Tok CEO set to testify before Congress. // Population of Canada grows by 1 million. Sen. John Kennedy embarrasses a Biden judicial nominee during confirmation hearing. // Everett police officer shot after robbery. 50% of men think they could land a plane safely. See for privacy...


Hour 3: U.S. Grant nicked for speeding

President Biden signed an order to declassify report on origins of Covid. Cluster of crimes around the Puget Sound. Gov. Inslee wants billions to build housing for the homeless. // Trump wouldn’t be the first President to be arrested in U.S. history. A checking of the texting. // More school choice bills around the country. Democrat from Georgia wants less parental involvement in kids’ education. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Desantis says he could beat Biden in an election

Supreme Court hearing arguments about a dog toy that the Jack Daniel’s company says violated its federal trademark. Person who was served eviction notice and shot at police is identified. Members of the Democratic Socialists of America issue statement on shooting victim. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Fire near Ship Canal Bridge. 2) Shooting at Gas Works park. 3) Another Fed rate hike possible. 4) U.S. says it will send tanks to Ukraine sooner than expected. 5) Deadly Candida auris fungus spreading...


Hour 1: WBC ends in dramatic fashion

Inslee visits West Seattle homeless cleanup. World Baseball Classic final ends in dramatic fashion. Ron Desantis gives an interview to Piers Morgan. CDC scientists speak out about how Trump was trying to minimize Covid. // Officers facing more assaults while serving evictions, lawsuits, or summons. // More frustration over homeless situation in West Seattle. Russian soldier in Ukraine is accused of war crimes after audio files intercepted. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Ted Lasso at the White House

'Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey’ pulled from cinemas in Hong Kong. The cast of Ted Lasso appeared at the White House, yesterday. What will come of Xi’s meeting with Putin? Deputy in critical condition after being shot while serving an eviction notice. // Robin DiAngelo thinks blacks should avoid whites. A checking of the texting. // SEG3: Mental health plummeting in America and Seattle leads the way. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: USB bomb

Detective shot in Ballard while serving eviction notice. If Trump is indicted, what happens next? KNOW IT ALL: 1) Dr. Fauci visited D.C. to confront residents who are vaccine hesitant. 2) Bromance between Putin and Xi. 3) Dershowitz comes out and defends Trump over potential indictment. 4) Deputies charged with murder in Virginia. // Biden vetoed his first bill. // Journalist opens USB letter bomb in newsroom. See for privacy information.


Hour 1: Burgeoning bromance

Japan will face the U.S. in the World Baseball Classic final. Chaos in the White House press briefing room, yesterday. Trump likely to be indicted, but it may not be today. Alan Dershowitz says possible charges against Trump are dubious. Desantis attempts to thread the needle. // More layoffs at Amazon. Xi and Putin meet in Russia. // Great world powers firm up alliances. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: 20th anniversary of Iraq invasion

Bellevue police warn of crooks using trails to commit home burglaries. 20th anniversary of Iraq invasion. // A checking of the texting. // Xi is currently meeting with Putin to talk about the war in Ukraine. Trump says he might be arrested tomorrow. Bill Maher told some funny jokes about the financial sector on his show, Friday. Two paddleboards spotted near Mukilteo and persons are missing. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Inmates demand McDonalds

South Korea 69-hour workweek plan reversed after youth backlash. Xi and Putin begin talks in Moscow. KNOW IT ALL: 1) What China is trying to accomplish with Xi’s trip to Russia. 2) More financial sector problems. 3) Three arrested for driving stolen car, stealing thousands of dollars of Legos. 4) More homeless sweeps ahead for Seattle. // Echo Glen youth inmates armed with shanks, demanded McDonalds. John Bolton says a Trump indictment could lead to his re-election. // Bremerton School Board...


Hour 1: Xi and Putin sittin' in a tree

TSA deems peanut butter a liquid. Iraq invasion 20th anniversary. BBC talks to a migrant trying to make his way into Canada. China’s Xi Jinping arrives in Russia for talks with Putin. // Bryan saw firsthand how college sports is changing with NIL. // An untold story behind Jimmy Carter’s presidential defeat involving hostages in Iran. Texter writes the show about witnessing mass fentanyl use while driving through Portland. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: The Quiet Man

Bryan and Greg talk St. Patrick’s Day. Whoopi Goldberg in hot water for saying “gypped” on The View. // A checking of the texting. // Bryan plays some clips from The Quiet Man, set in Ireland. Janet Yellen appears before a Senate committee to talk about banking issues in America. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Taylor Haters

Most brackets busted after upsets during the first round of March Madness. The mayor of Kyiv is in New York City for the Global CEO Summit. KNOW IT ALL: 1) New study shows $100k is worth about $49k in the Seattle area. 2) ‘Nazi’ tweet from soccer commentator in England creates controversy. 3) Fake team featured in Ted Lasso sells more merchandise than real times in Britain. 4) Taylor Swift’s arena tour begins. // Woman killed in SODO hit-and-run. Toddler revived with Narcan in Oregon after...


Hour 1: Don't pinch

Origins of St. Patrick’s Day. Bryan saw that someone did a doody on a metro bus in Seattle. The Puget Sound area is in for some warm weather this weekend. Protests erupt in France over Macron’s retirement age push. // Biden administration says the TikTok app could soon be banned in America. RING doorbell security flaw. Senate takes first step in repealing Iraq War authorizations. // Bryan and producer Greg talk about their favorite movies involving the Irish. See for...


Hour 3: Tarantino's last film

Quentin Tarantino apparently readying his last film which he’ll shoot in the Fall. After Redmond killings, experts say protection orders are useful but limited. Mayor Lori Lightfoot criticized is criticized by a journalist who once had his media credentials pulled by her. Hearings in Congress on border security. // A checking of the texting. // Train derails in Anacortes, spills 5,000 gallons of diesel. Poland to be 1st NATO members to give Ukraine fighter jets. See


Hour 2: Avoiding the supermarket for 3 years

Tacoma escape room business recovering from fire after arson arrest. Roblox is being handed $150 million by government after bank collapse. Gavin Newsom hails SVB bailout but neglects to disclose that he is a client. KNOW IT ALL: 1) Video shows moment when Russian jet poured fuel on a U.S. drone. 2) Sunny Hostin of The View says she hasn’t been to a supermarket in 3 years due to Covid. 3) Brothers behind Smollett hoax reenact encounter for FOX NATION. // PETA has asked the White House to...