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Join host David Fleming for a program dedicated to Arts and Entertainment in our region, as well as the people and places providing it. Interviews with authors, producers, visual artists and musicians, spotlighting a classic album or a brand new release. From musical legends and icons - to players at the local level, from Broadway tours to Community theater, from the Hollywood Bowl to the Redlands Bowl.


San Bernardino, CA


Join host David Fleming for a program dedicated to Arts and Entertainment in our region, as well as the people and places providing it. Interviews with authors, producers, visual artists and musicians, spotlighting a classic album or a brand new release. From musical legends and icons - to players at the local level, from Broadway tours to Community theater, from the Hollywood Bowl to the Redlands Bowl.




KVC-Arts 8/20/23 - Judy Tschann & More With "Romaine Wasn't Built In a Day"

David Fleming continues his conversation with Judy Tschann, and her recent book, "Romaine Wasn't Built In a Day - The Delightful History of Food Language." This is a tossed salad of etymology, mixed with puns, history, and storytelling. This is the second part of a wonderful conversation - fascinating at SO many levels. Check out the first part at kvcrnews.org/arts, also, more at judithtschann.com


KVC-Arts 7/2/23 - Ray Russell, Jazz Fusion, Movie Music and More

David Fleming welcomes Guitarist Ray Russell. They chat about his career and work in Jazz fusion, movie music and much more.


KVC-Arts 4/30/23 - Doug Levitt's "Edge of Everywhere" part 2

David Fleming continues his conversation with Doug Levitt, and an exploration of his new disc (out 5/12/23) called "Edge of Everywhere." The disc is a collection of songs which come from more than 10 years and more than 10,000 miles travelled, and the stories of (or from) the people he met along the way. More at douglevitt.com


KVC-Arts 3/5/23 - Cheryl Hodge - "Indigo"

David Fleming speaks with jazz singer and pianist Cheryl Hodge about her release, Indigo. Inspired in part by Miles Davis, and an exploration of different types of grooves.


KVC-Arts 2/26/23 - Charlie Thomas of The Drifters

One night at The Apollo in 1958, George Treadwell fired the entire lineup of The Drifters. He then hired all of the members of The Five Crowns to become The Drifters. Charlie Thomas (along with Benjamin Earl Nelson - better known as Ben E. King) was a member of The Five Crowns, and while the original "classic" Drifters produced some hits, some of the biggest came from the era when Thomas was in the group. This was also the time when Lieber and Stoller were writing for the group. On January 31st, 2023, Charlie Thomas passed away at the age of 85. David Fleming interviewed Thomas in late 2015 when he was about to perform in the region, and has re-edited the conversation for this edition of KVC-Arts.


KVC-Arts 2/19/23 - Benjiphonik - "Lazy Dayz" Video Release & Countdown

Ben Stewart AKA Benjiphonik speaks with David Fleming to talk about, and do a countdown to the next video release. The video is for "Lazy Dayz," from the "I Got Old" EP. This was written to be a cool Summer jam, with lyrics reflecting Riverside, California... and the video... shot in Hawaii.No. Really. It works. AND adds some deeper levels if you think about it.benjiphonik.com


KVC-Arts 1/29/23 - Charles Kelly & His New Release, "You're Not Alone"

David Fleming speaks with Charles Kelly - a professor on the campus of San Bernardino Valley College and a musician whose past includes working with say, Stevie Wonder, Joe Sample, The Pointer Sisters, Sister Sledge, the TV show Fame... He was on the program a little over a year ago talking about a single which had JUST come out called "Endangered Species." That single opens the now complete disc, "You're Not Alone." Contemporary jazz with a funk and drive through and through. We'll hear about the disc - and some of the ideas behind it... and we'll hear FROM it here and there.Great music and QUITE a few laughs. And this is only the first of two parts.


KVC-Arts 1/15/23 - David Arkenstone, His CD's, Soundtrack Work & More

David Fleming speaks with David Arkenstone once again. We heard from Arkenstone in December of 2022 when he was in the region with his Winter's Eve concert. He has under his belt, or is a part of 100 cd’s – let alone his soundtrack work, and his music – especially those under his own name – are designed to take you places – real… or imagined. We'll hear about his music inspired by Middle Earth, as well as his soundtrack work – including for WORLD OF WARCRAFT. We'll also hear of collaborations with author Mercedes Lackey.


KVC-Arts 1/8/23 - Sculptor Amy Robbins part 2

David Fleming continues his conversation with Amy Robbins, who creates beautiful works out of pieces of wood often discarded or avoided by others. The burl, the base of a tree or bush... Pendants, sculptures and more. See her works on Instagram - @woodnhart.phoebesforest or etsy.com/shop/phoebesforest


KVC-Arts 1/1/23 - Local Sculptor Amy Robbins

David Fleming speaks with local artist Amy Robbins, a woodworker who rather RESCUES pieces of wood, and really transforms them into something beautiful. Pendants, sculptures and more, Amy’s on Instagram - @woodnhart.phoebesforest, and you can see AND purchase works at https://www.etsy.com/shop/PhoebesForest.


KVC-Arts 12/25 - Holiday Tunes From Regional Artists

David Fleming presents music for the season… all from folks who’ve been guests on KVC-Arts in the past, and for the most part – who live here in this region, if not IN - The Inland Empire. We'll hear from Benjiphonik, Apryle Dalmacio, Peter Curtis, The Modern Gentlemen, Chris Thayer & the TCB, and Brian Hyland.


KVC-Arts 12/11/22 - Jazz Vocalist Jonathan Karrant, & His Holiday Release, Christmas Wish

David Fleming speaks once again with jazz singer Jonathan Karrant. We got an introduction to him with his release ON AND ON, and now – a look at his VERY recent holiday cd - Christmas Wish, which begins with one which is more for the Winter, than the actual holiday, and follows through with a wonderful variety of Christmas music, though for the most part, avoiding some of the tunes you here everywhere else, and also sharing with us memories of his childhood Christmas.More at jonathankarrant.com


KVC-Arts 11/13/22 - Chloe Agnew & Tara McNeil of Celtic Woman

This edition of the program revolves around Celtic Woman, in the region soon – with tickets at kvcrnews.org/events. The program begins with David Fleming in conversation with Chloe Agnew, one of the original members – and still in high school at the time. Later, David speaks with Tara McNeil, announced as a principal member of the band in 2016, playing both fiddle and harp.


KVC Arts 8/7/22 - Dennis Tufano part Two

David Fleming is joined once again by Dennis Tufano, former lead and original member of The Buckinghams. We’ll hear about his work with Bernie Taupin, known mostly for his collaborations with Elton John. We’ll also hear about the Buckinghams tune, SUSAN… A BEAUTIFUL tune… up UNTIL… right at the 90 second mark. Also - a VERY special harmonica.


KVC-Arts 10/16/22 Al Pitrelli & Trans-Siberian Orchestra

David Fleming speaks with Al Pitrelli, Music Director for, and one of the guitarists with, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We’ll hear about the current tour of The Ghosts of Christmas Eve, as well as touching lightly on a few other albums… including Savatage (thank you Devin Perkins). Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be in the region December 3rd, and KVCRhas tickets at a couple different giving levels as we go into our Fall Membership Campaign. kvcrnews.org/support for more.


KVC-Arts 10/23/22 - Al Pitrelli, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra

David Fleming speaks once again with Al Pitrelli, guitarist, music director and original member of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We'll hear a bit more about Savatage (the group out of which TSO was born) - specifically, Paul O'Neil, the main storyteller for Savatage AND Trans-Siberian Orchestra. A bit from and about TSO of course, and also touching lightly on some funk/fusion projects Pitrelli was a part of at one point - O'2L and CPR and/or The Randy Coven Band.Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be in the region December 3rd touring The Ghosts of Christmas Eve, and KVCR has tickets at a couple different giving levels during our Fall Membership Campaign. Listen - and give - at kvcrnews.org.


KVC-Arts 10/30/22 - Jazz Pianist Vijay Iyer

On this edition of KVC-Arts David Fleming speaks with jazz pianist Vijay Iyer. He’s received critical acclaim from past releases – including his most recent – called UNEASY. We’ll hear about several tracks from the disc, and the musicians he’s touring with, and a performance in the region soon. Saturday November 5th at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa with 7 and 9 pm performances.


KVC-Arts 10/9/22 - Comedienne Leanne Morgan

David Fleming speaks with comedienne Leanne Morgan. We'll hear about her current tour - at Morongo October 29th, and of course how she ended up in comedy (she was selling jewelry and was cracking up her clients to the point of one of them... embarrassing herself).


KVC-Arts - 10/2/22 Latina Fest in Downtown Redlands

David Fleming speaks with (as pictured) Janelle Guerrero, with Stronger Together Now, and Natalia & Darcie Rickert, from the organization ELATION. We'll hear about a Latina Fest coming soon to downtown Redlands, and also, the organizations making it possible.


KVC-Arts 9/25/22 - The Cowsills - Beyond the Early Years To Today

The Cowsill were the real-life inspiration for The Partridge Family. We heard about their early years a few months ago on KVC-Arts. Now Bob Cowsill and David Fleming speak about some of the recordings after they became adults... and the brand-new album just out.