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Behind The Headlines with Karyn Turk is an investigative series that takes viewers "behind the headlines" of the nation's biggest stories to highlight the inaccuracies of headlines to actual facts and present viewers with a different perspective. Behind The Headlines covers the biggest stories in politics, entertainment, finance and even scandal- uncovering the truth that the mainstream media tries to hide. "With all eyes on our phones and devices 24/7, it's all about views for most outlets. Fake News is created with salacious click bait headlines designed to promote a narrative often devoid of actual facts; headlines that are meant to intentionally mislead for the sake of viewership. I believe in getting to the bottom of the story, I believe in telling all sides and letting the listener decide what the truth is," explained Turk. "When salacious headlines about the politically motivated charges against my family and myself hit the wire, and the fake news about us was everywhere, I knew I had to do this show and bring viewers the real stories behind the misleading headlines. We can be aggressive and salacious in our own right, but we will actually bring the facts to our listeners," said Turk.