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CLNS Radio is the offspring of the Original The Celtics Late Night Show, launched in March 2008. The very first sports podcast in New England, Brandon Paul (B-Paul) and Nick Gelso started their broadcast careers right here and you can relive it all in the C.L.N.S. Archive feed! Relive the "glory years" of the Boston Celtics from the 2007-08 season thru the 2012-13 season. Post-Game Shows, Pre-Game Shows, Fan Callers, Crazy Supah Fan Segments, the CLNShow was a sports circus and it's all caught right here in the "archives vault" on CLNS Radio. If you're a fan of CLNSRadio.com, Speed51.com, Beats and Eats, then watch these two podcasting pioneers in the VERY early years of their broadcast development. CLNS Radio is an Boston-based, online, sports radio station that broadcasts some of the most well known sports radio shows in the country.