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Saint Paul, MN


With over 20 years' experience in this highly specialized field, Todd's expertise in asset protection, debt settlement, bankruptcy & tax implications, real estate & mortgage options, comprehensive money management strategies as well as credit education & credit scoring, allows him to take into consideration all the complex issues a consumer could be facing, and map out a strategy that works. Todd grew up on a farm in Crookston Minnesota. He is the 4th generation in his family to serve with honor in the United States Navy. Todd has been in the financial planning industry for over 25 years. He teaches professional accredited classes in multiple states to Attorneys, Financial Advisors, CPA's, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Bankers and Realtors on the topics of: Foreclosure, Short-sale, Deed-in-Lieu, Loan Modification, Money Management, Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy as well as the tax and credit implications related to each of these issues and is a bona fide expert on Credit and Credit Scoring. So whether you are in a financially challenged situation or want to insure that you never are; Todd has the answers and the information you are looking for...he is the answer!







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