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Most of the music in this Podcast is freestyle off the top on Free beats or beats with Mp3rights. Some of the beats I made Myself as I will most likely be doingn100 percent my beats in the future.. All day long he say. Bring it. Some days he's on some days he's really on whitespawn believes that your heart is a harp from the heart to the mouth of the strings and what comes out of the mouth is Overflow of the heart the double-edged sword being the tongue wish you could curse and love somebody in the same sentence making it a very unique tool for freestyle . Whitespawn eventually plans on taking other artists from across the country and put him on the show creating the 80d family however not all artists will be selected for such a great honor psych pitch I'm just playing displaying I need to check by ego. Whitespawn is big bag of the advocate of DMT and plant medicines and expanding I thought. You'll see if you listen long enough