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Rochester, NY




Born and raised in LeRoy, NY, you might say that Chef Don is a homegrown success! For nearly forty years, Chef Don has been a student of the culinary arts, a passion he cultivated from his simple exposure to life in a close family where, as in most old fashioned homes, cooking and love abounded. Graduating from LeRoy Central School in 1958, Don went off to college to study for an eventual career in teaching. Not having the means to simply glide along with out a worry, nor were there student loans in those years, Don took a full time job as an apprentice cook while a full time student at college. After graduation Don taught for a few years, but still could be found in a kitchen during off hours, a place he claimed to be his "playground"! A place where he was 100% happy. Eventually, he abandoned teaching and took his honest passion seriously and began to cook for a living. His life long passion was then, as now, to be realized. Chef Don has never stopped being a teacher. He now shares his vast culinary skill and knowledge with those who look to this age old craft as their career. History plays a big part of what Chef Don gives back to his colleagues across this nation as he lectures, demonstrates and judges culinary events everywhere. Recognized and respected as an American Champion for cooks. Don humbly offers his time, talent and tenacity to his community as payback for the support and encourgement they gave him.



This show will be available on Sat, May 25 at 12PM.