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Are you a newcomer to the pleasures of classical music or a longtime aficionado? Do you listen in the background or sit glued to the speaker? Whatever the case, Midday Music, Georgia Public Broadcasting's daily classical program, will help you discover more music to love. From celebrated favorites to less familiar gems, Midday Music brings a broad selection of moods, styles and sounds to the airwaves. The presentation is informative yet informal. And requests are always welcome. Midday Music is GPB's daytime classical radio show, airing weekdays 11:00am - 2:00pm across Georgia and online. We serve up beautiful works in fine recordings, from comfy old favorites to intriguing novelties, to help you focus, relax and enjoy that transition from morning to afternoon. In addition to the music, you get background facts, tips on concerts around the state and occasional interviews with music makers. Sarah Zaslaw hosts the program Monday through Friday on your local Georgia Public Broadcasting Radio Station.



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