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Mindful Insights Podcast with Jen Johnson by InnerWorkCoaching.life

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Mindfulness, inner work, emotional understanding, spirituality, law of attraction, quantum physics... it's all connected. Topics will vary, but are based on the Mindful Insights Blog at InnerWorkCoaching.life.Mindfulness blogger, inner work coach, and author Jennifer-Crystal Johnson takes listeners on a journey deep into the individual and collective psyche and emotional body to explore the shadows of narcissistic abuse and the dark night of the soul during a spiritual awakening, as well as the beacons of spirituality, understanding, unconditional love, discernment, boundaries, and absolute connectedness.From time to time, I will also be posting original pieces of music I write, either in collaboration with other people or with my soul team/solo. Music is a massively important piece of my soul that I have neglected for about 17 years because I allowed the words of others to influence me, and I refuse to live without it any longer ;).Wanna follow the white rabbit with me?







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