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Welcome to The Haunting, Unearthly, & Paranormal Stories Podcast. Each week will be a different event, whether paranormal or some other strange and unexplained happening, maybe even a haunting located near you will be examined and relayed to you. These events and stories, all based on true events, which almost all the stories you hear are from the actual person who experienced these events in their own lives. These stories will take you to the depths of fear and back again. You will learn of places haunted by spectrals and other shadows, you will learn about ghost investigations, the demonic happenings and possible possessions, dream homes taken over by paranormal or supernatural events. Within all these stories you will question yourself and locations you have been to, those times you caught movement out of the corner of your eye, or thought you did. You may just learn that it likely was some spirit from another plane of existence trying to get your attention. You may start questioning different locations you currently visit and begin to wonder if those slight noises that you are hearing are truly the building settling, or someone from a past life walking down the hallway toward you. These weekly journeys we take together will lead us down deserted roads, into the deep and dark forests and through the doors of buildings we should not enter. Pull up a chair and join me as we take a step into the unknown, here on The Haunting, Unearthly, and Paranormal Stories Podcast.Just remember:Believe in those that you choose or believe in none, it is your choice!!!!!!