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In the trip of a lifetime, Edi Stark joins Glaswegian entrepreneur Amar Latif, 'the blind man who wants to show you the world' on a journey to Myanmar. He founded Travel Eyes in 2004, giving visually impaired people like himself the opportunity to travel independently. Sighted travellers describe the sights in return for paying a reduced rate. The diverse group of twenty meet for the first time at Heathrow and spend the next few days sharing the sights, smells, flavours, textures and sounds of Myanmar (formerly Burma) as it opens to tourism. Together they negotiate bustling markets, potholed streets, feel the atmosphere of mesmerising temples and pagodas, floating gardens and rural villages before taking the road to historic Mandalay. As this moving and celebratory radio programme demonstrates, you don't always need to see your surroundings to get the best picture.



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