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Middelburg, South Africa


A blendful set of various selection of Lounge Music & Sub Genre's in Lounge Music it can be Classic R&B,Jazz,Groove lounge & the list is endless providing you with Quality Lounge Music & Its Familiar sub genre's from the tastes of Old School,New School & a whole lot more from this line of timeline as the name says it all "The All Lounge Experience" .Your in the Experience of Lounge Music from different genres put in 1 combined to keep the mind relaxed & in a good mood of musicGenre Of Interest.Deep/chill-Out/EasyListening/Lounge/Nu-jazz/Electronica/DownTempo/Trip-Hop/Ambient/Spoken/Meditative/Classic R&B/Jazz/80's/_70's& familiar genres from Deeper side of House music etc a selection of All Genres in lounge Music ,mind relaxing, groove MaterialMore info on Spike Deep & "The All Lounge Experience"Facebook Profile: