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The Dr. Jane Ruby show presents information on: medical topics and news, current trends in medicine, the medical-industrial complex, government involvement in the medical field and medical treatment, hospital policies during and after the pandemic, ingredients of pharmaceuticals and injections, strategies for staying healthy, environmental contamination, and related current events and news. Dr. Jane Ruby spent her career researching the medications, pharmaceuticals, and medical treatments our American doctors thrust upon us every day. Not long ago, Dr. Jane began to see the lack of honesty and transparency in the healthcare system. After her own doctors let her down and left her for dead, Dr. Jane resolved that she would find a way to help her American brothers and sisters never be fooled by the medical-industrial complex again. Dr. Jane Ruby is a licensed Medical Professional, Health Economist, Pharmaceutical Drug Development Expert, and Author. Before the start of the current Dr. Jane Ruby show, she was the host of her own online TV show, Dr. Jane’s DC. Dr. Jane also appears as a guest on many national radio and internet television programs.