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Although we all know that forgiveness is good for us, life sometimes gets in the way. It’s true; hurts, abuse, neglect, abandonment, addictions, frustrations, financial issues, health issues and loss all get in the way of living a peaceful existence. But here’s the truth: YOU can still feel peace within, even when the trauma drama of the world is going on around you. These Forgiveness Lessons will teach you how. There is no better time to start building your forgiveness muscles than now! You will learn the simple 4-Step Living with Forgiveness Process taught in the book Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace You Deserve. You will learn how to really accept your situation and stop fighting it or wishing it were different than it is. You will even learn that there are gifts/lessons for everything that happens. If you have been hurt by past relationships, these podcasts, video links, and classes at will help you get back on track and find yourself again. Once you have forgiven your ex as well as yourself, you will learn how to create healthy boundaries so you can have healthy, peaceful and fulfilling relationships. As a Professional Relationship Coach and Divorce Mediator, Forgiveness is the cornerstone of all my work. I love to share the many insights I’ve gained over the years. Relationships serve as a tool for personal growth, and this growth is reflected in the way we respond to others and by who in turn is attracted into our lives. If you are not happy with the people you have attracted into your life, you can change that direction with education, coaching and some serious introspection. I am confident that each person who comes into our lives has a lesson for us, if we are open to accepting it. It is my job to help you recognize what looks like tragedy might just be the perfect gift for your own spiritual growth. It takes courage to face these profound life challenges. People love coaching with me because they feel safe. They can tell me their secret dreams and passions, and they KNOW I sincerely care about them. My secret dream and passion − the whole reason for my being − is to help others find their way back to love, peace and a joyful life. Are you ready to step onto this path? I am honored to be your guide. Visit Lori at