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Heyyyyy!!!! It's Coach LockMarie and I am so exited to start my podcast!!!!. One day a few years back, my now- 2nd ex husband :) looked at me and said "you need to start a podcast" I was shocked I said "really?" he answered " yeah, cause you LOVE to talk" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - I couldn't even be offended because it's true ha. I LOVE TO TALK! so what better way to talk and not talk family and friends ears off, or continue to talk to myself ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ than to start a Talk Show yipeee! I want to invite you to tune in and -let's talk!- I'm pretty much open to all topics - Men topics and women topics even teens too - so no one left behind -- --- Relationships are becoming stale and outdated and it's time for some spice and some new beliefs to replace the old outdated ones - so sex and every thing in between is open for discussion- I believe men and women can live together in peace and harmony and love- I got you, and I understand - and we can talk about it - I'm daily evolving into an expert in a lot of things from personally experience, so I will definitely be discussing those a lot. Let's talk and let's change our families, our lives, our futures and current situations for the better - sometimes you just need to talk about it and Let it out!!! but I must say being a Coach of Women- I'm a big advocate for ladies of all ages being whole in Health and Fitness- that goes for every area of their lives- that is my number -1 goal. I want all women to be healthy and fit in their mind, their inner being, their relationships, their finances, their passion and purpose for life, emotions, socially aspects, beauty and Most importantly BODY!!!! Image is every thing and your body says a lot about YOU as a person. I know we empower women to love the body they in and be proud of who they are whether fat , skinny, tall, short, young, old, rich , poor etc. I get all that BUT I say make SURE you are HEALTHY in that self love mind of yours. Can you truly say you love yourself but you fail to take care of your health ? It's more than a chant, affirmation or phrase of empowerment- your Body is a visual of your inner being. If you Truly love yourself you make sure you are Healthy!!! Whether you are a size 0, 2, 8 or 18!!!! Be healthy !!! Be a healthy version of you- I never say you have to be a size 2 to be healthy or a size 6 but whatever size you are make sure it's healthy . That is the key to your life, your energy, your success. When you look in the mirror and can smile at her no matter what outfit you have on, how your hair is, whether you have make up on or not. You can smile because you feel good, you have energy, your mind is clear and you can then have healthy relationships with every one you come in contact with daily . From your spouse, kids, family members, ladies yes even your EX- and your baby daddies. Your BFFs, other women !!! - your Haters as you call them - your neighbors, co workers, church family, classmates, strangers in the store, mall , drivers on the road, and on and on- when you have yourself together- you see the world and others differently. That's health at its best !!!!! A healthy mind produces a healthy body and a healthy life. Ladies I am here for you - I'm here for you too men cause I know you need some clarity too - mentally y'all are just messed up !!!! Cause your baby mamas are tripping, dipping and hiding out with the kids and calling you a dead beat and she has been hiding the kids for years!!! I get it bro and I see you !!! I understand and we can definitely talk about it --See I told you I love to talk ha DM me your issues or problems or topics and your thoughts on it and I'll read it and discuss it on the Podcast- I am here for you -so Let's chat !!!! Can't wait to talk to you soon !!!!