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The Patron Saint of Suicides is a full-cast fiction podcast / audio drama created by ALEX DOLAN and produced by AUDIOHM MEDIA. Haven Otomo spends her spare time saving people from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. She also owns a private suicide hotline. Possessed with unnatural powers of persuasion, she’s always been good at talking people in and out of things. When a rash of suicides hits the city, a detective reaches out for her help on the investigation, and her insight into why people kill themselves. When the crime becomes more complicated, she must question the people she trusts most, and whether they are involved. For more on the show, visit For more information on ALEX DOLAN, visit or follow at @alex.dolan.writer For more information on AUDIOHM MEDIA, visit The Patron Saint of Suicides was written by Alex Dolan and Vincent Dajani. CAST Elissa Park | Haven Otomo Rob Schwarb | Victor Blossem Richie Ammons | Narrator Georgia McKenzie | Zoey Gibson AJ Beckles | Walking Sam, Turo Torres Jason Webb | Wesley Pope Paul Greene-Dennis | Leonard Pryce Dee Rosen | Kumiko Otomo ​Also starring: Luis Bermudez, Jona Lune, Mike Cueller, Blocker, Arianna Abraham, Kyle Stroud, Jason Arnold, Vince Dajani, Paul Gagneaux, Lily Kurta, Andrea Smith, Andre Johnson, Eric Howell, Rose Albelo, Stewart Moyer, Raj Jawa, CB Droege, Ray Snoke, Allie Goodell, Mike Cueller, Stewart Moyer, Scott Johnson, Stefanie Hazen, Enrique Garnica, Chroma Sikora, Blythe Renay, Bill Kernodle, CJ Krecsy, Robin Regelado, Jamie Mack, Morrison James, Akshdeep Singh, Erika Sanderson, Parick Conroy, Brenda Smith, and Alyson Shepard.