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Did you know our primitive ancestors sat under dark, starry nights with faces lit by an open fire — kind of like a fireside chat? They would share inspiration, lore, battle decompressions, adventures, and most importantly... they would gain connection to one another. Creating cohesion and bonding is what builds the strongest of communities. I can’t wait to share my personal adventures (the good, the bad, the ugly with some humor and a dash of sass). There will also be some Norse mythological lore, education about fiercely navigating the great outdoors, and tips on how to level up your badass points in everyday life! So bring a horn of mead, a cozy blanket, and your wild ass heart! That fiery passion for life is about to get relit. I’ll meet you every Friday or shall I say Freyja's Day for that much needed big kid escapism right by the fire. After all, we need to slow down, be present, and have more fun! -Andrea, The Untamed Dame