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Australian Cryptozoology. Yowies ( Bigfoot / Sasquatch ), Bunyips and other Australian cryptid creatures. - Subscribers Yowie sightings and encounters. - First historical Yowie reports from 1700s. - My encounters with a Yowie at Limpinwood NSW Australia and my search for the Bribie Island Yowie. - Thylacine, Thylacoleo and Big Cat sightings, subscribers sightings , my sightings and historical sightings. - Subscribers and historical UFO sightings. - Historical Bunyip and other Creature sightings from early 1700s.- Aussie Bush Yarns. - has anyone got a story to share for my youtube channel ? it can be about yowies, bunyips, dogmen, big cat sightings , thylacines, thylacoleos, aliens, ufo's, even sea monsters, anything strange, except ghost stories. must take place in Australia. we can do an interview over the phone or i could read your written story , what ever suits you, everything can be kept confidential and private , it's totally up to you. - https://www.youtube.com/@wheresmyyowie/featured - contact me - wheresmyyowie@outlook.com