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Working On A Masterplan: Dating Up

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To understand the art of dating is by loving oneself. To master dating and relationships you must understand that it is about connecting, giving, building and sometimes letting go. Once you understand these basic concepts you will know how to work on your own master plan. What is the master plan? Its you. Instead of focusing on finding the one, turn your focus to becoming the one. Working on a Masterplan is a show dedicated to an honest ongoing conversation for everything regarding dating and relationships. The difference between this show and others is that it deals with issues from the inside out. It will no doubt make you second guess what you thought you knew, forcing you to take a honest look at what you truly bring to a relationship. Its cool to know how and where to go to find a partner but what about keeping one.? The Working on a Masterplan show will guide you into finding your power, identifying your voice and creating a balance to allow you the opportunity to manifest meaningful and healthy relationships into your life. The host of Working on a Masterplan is author, host and life & dating coach LaTrina McDonald. To find out more information please visit



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